Top Ten Toughest Mario Kart: Double Dash Tracks


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1 Rainbow Road

Not only the hardest one in the game, but maybe also hardest Rainbow Road of all time (excluding SNES Rainbow Road) - darthvadern

All R.Rs are hard.

This track is very floaty for some reason

Obviously - Randomator

2 Bowsers Castle

I actually found it suprisingly easy - darthvadern

3 Dino Dino Jungle

The bridge is what makes it hard - darthvadern

The turn at the bridge is brutal. - Entranced98

4 Mushroom City

All the cars and wiggler buses, enough said - darthvadern

5 Sherbet Land

Well it wouldn't if it weren't for the ice physics - darthvadern

6 Wario Coliseum

Not too hard actually - darthvadern

7 Yoshi Circuit

All the twists and turns... - darthvadern

8 DK Mountain

Mainly due to the horrid controls of Double Dash! honestly - darthvadern

9 Waluigi Stadium

It's in the middle of the pack - darthvadern

10 Baby Park

More like the easiest - darthvadern

Only because of items - Randomator

Item luck is the only reason for this to be considered hard. Otherwise it has no place here - it's just an oval, for heaven's sake! - Entranced98

The Contenders

11 Mario Raceway Circuit

This not in double dash - trains45

The one fake item on the list - darthvadern

12 Mushroom Bridge

The only really hard part is geting up on that bridge - darthvadern

13 Daisy Cruiser

That pool is a pit, good thing 7 made that pool driveable - darthvadern

14 Dry Dry Desert

Quite hard for a Mushroom Cup track, mainly due to the sinkhole - darthvadern

15 Luigi Circuit

More confusing than hard - darthvadern

16 Peach Beach

Those cataquacks are the only challenge - darthvadern

17 Mario Circuit

All because of those bumps - darthvadern

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1. Rainbow Road
2. Bowsers Castle
3. Dino Dino Jungle


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