Top Ten Types of Students We Have to Deal With at School


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1 The One That's Too Cocky Because of Their Grades

I have to admit I get some pretty high grades for most subjects since Elementary School, and even got the highest grade In Chemistry at one point. But why do they have to be such show offs because of their grades. I mean, NO ONE Is interested. "HEY GUYS! I GOT A 100 IN MATH! I'M SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU GUYS! " Well guess what, No one cares. It may seem like some plain proud feelings that everyone else also feels in the outside. But these type of students do It all the time,treats everyone else as If that they got held back a grade a lot and as If they're the youngest mensa members. Also, no one likes arrogant people who expects others to treat them like they're the president and would polish their shoes - MLPFan

Oh yeah! I HATE THESE JERKS! Show off, I guess. I'm not a weak student (in fact I get pretty good grades). But I don't like these kind of students. I prefer to hang around with my own friends not belonging to this category. They think by getting good grades, they're on top of the world. - Kiteretsunu

They think they are smart because of their grades but grades don't show how smart you are and I am smarter than people who get better grades than me not to brag but you get the point

The problem is when they are so selfish they don't want to help you and when they bring you down for being inferior. That sucks. - keyson

2 The One That's Too Cocky Because of Their Athletic Skills

There are many of them. And they waste their time. Do something useful. - PositronWildhawk

Not everyone Is good at sports. So stop bragging about how "amazing" you are - MLPFan

Even across the whole court?
Can you try it?

3 The One No One Knows How They Passed

They lie about grades

4 The Late One

I'm so close to being late but the thing is I make it just in time

That would be me

5 The One that Never Speaks

Hey AJ is my friend love KB

I'm sorry, but most of the time, that's me. - Haumea

This is me (I'm really shy) - idontknow

I'm always this one In real life. Shocking twist, huh? - MLPFan

6 The One that Never Shuts Up

There was this kid in my class named earl. He was so annoying and he plays around too much and nobody in my class or fifth grade like this blabber mouth! I'm glad I'm finally away from him and going to middle school.

Holy crap, I HATE these kids so much, I literally feel like SLAPPING them. If no one wants to talk with you, shut up and deal with it and leave them alone. - TwilightKitsune

There was a kid in my class that would NEVER shut up. He was always talking and he still got good grades, and no one really cared so he always talked. We go to the same highschool now and have some classes together and guess what? He doesn't say a word in class. These people need to relize that they have to eventually shut up.

This would be me. No really. I could talk all day if you gave me the chance to. - RiverClanRocks

7 The One that Doesn't Show Up
8 Teacher's Pet

I am a teachers pet, a nerd and a geek! #nerd4life

9 The Drug Dealer

Wait, what kid would sell drugs at school?! - MLPFan

10 The Horny One

Almost all of the kids in my school are like this especially during lunch which usually goes wrong quickly.

Just admit this is over half the kids. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Almost all of my male classmates are like this - MLPFan

I think this is rlly weird. Hope I don't see student like that


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11 The One Who Tries Way Too Hard to Be Friendly

It's not fun when you have to sit by the kid who goes out of their way to try to be your friend. Last year, I had to sit by this kid who would bust up laughing if you said "butt". This year, I sit next to a tomgirl who has long hair and an annoyingly squeaky voice. If the teacher tells a story about how her neighbors' pet died, he will pipe up and say, "Aww... that's so sad..."

You may get manipulated

12 The One Who Lies
13 The One Who Annoys Everyone on Purpose

I have a friend who is like that - Pegasister12

Gosh, that kid is so annoying

That I think is exactly me - Aleksei

14 The Metalhead

He/She is a very awesome person but due precustice it's really hard he/she can make friends. - Fretto

15 The Popstar

Always with hordes of people surrounding them like Papparazi.

16 The One Who Doesn't Try and is Surprised to Get Bad Grades

In my history class, I've had to sit next to this annoying girl all year. She doesn't make any effort to earn good grades. Sometimes, she doesn't do her work because she "doesn't feel like it." Instead, she just talks to someone across the room. Once, instead of doing the starter, she wrote "I'M SASSY AND CAN'T BE TAMED" in the box. When grades came out, she was surprised that she didn't have an A.

17 The One Who Mimics
18 The Annoying Bad Kid

One punched me, but didn’t mean to though. They disrespected everyone but me. They even said sorry to me!

But I feel bad for the others

19 The One Who Gets Mad with Everything

One student I know gets mad of things, he even threw a tantrum because someone asked for help of him. He helped but got angry and screamed and yelled and threw a tantrum, again.

20 The Student Who Always Snitches

In Spanish class the whole class had planned to sing a Spanish song we had learned as a prank at exactly 1:30. Some kid heard us planning it and then he snitched on us. - FireFemale13

21 The Patient Person

I think this is me because I can handle any argument by keeping my cool and patiently waiting for the person to quiet down before realising that their argument is not valid haha

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