Most Underrated SpongeBob SquarePants Season 1 Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Texas

Texan TopTenners hate it. This episode triggered most conservatives (ngl I'm a conservative), if this was made in 2019 Fox News would call it woke trash and it would be banned

People only hate this episode because they're Texan and offended by Spongebob and Patrick making fun of Texas! Despite the fact that it's JUST A JOKE THAT'S NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

2 I Was a Teenage Gary

It doesn't deserve the hate it gets. It's pretty funny and it's a good theme for a Halloween special (or an episode that is paired with a Halloween special). This and Texas deserve their respective rankings on this list.

3 Ripped Pants
4 Naughty Nautical Neighbors
5 Sandy's Rocket
6 Tea at the Treedome
7 The Paper
8 Reef Blower

This one was pretty good - Turkeyasylum

9 Jellyfishing
10 Karate Choppers

The Contenders

11 Jellyfish Jam
12 Bubblestand

This is my favourite Spongebob episode yet no one ever talks about it. They focus on Band Geeks or Chocolate with nuts or KKTV. by the way I HATE KKTV!

13 Squeaky Boots

One of my favorite episodes of all time.

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