Best Underrated YouTube Channels


The Top Ten

1 MPBudder
2 GreenDayFans2
3 BudderCrew GuineaPig
4 Kurek221
5 is a Canadian-based privately held video content producer, publisher, and syndicator. With nearly 10 billion all-time video views and 16 million subscribers, WatchMojo has one of the largest channels on YouTube.

Man I love this channel so much I watch it every day, they have so many videos and over 10,000,000 subscribers. And they even make 4-5 videos every day

Actually they're pretty popular.

6 Action Movie Kid
7 Cormac Budderkat
8 2013htoutlaws
9 VSauce
10 DavidSoComedy

Deserves way more views

The Newcomers

? UrinatingTree

Has great sports videos. I highly recommend watching them if you haven’t already - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Vinesauce
12 Vic Dibitetto

You should definitely check out his three Justin Bieber rants. They're worth checking out. Especially for people who can't stand Bieber.

13 DarkMatter2525 DarkMatter2525
14 Kai Kay

Kai Kay's channel is awesome! He's really funny, but, needs more subscribers. He will be very popular once more people know about his channel. His name is Kai Kay and he does comedy videos and does not cuss. There is more than one channel named Kai Kay, but, I am talking about the one that has an old pic of his head as his profile pic. His channel used to be called webejant, but he changed it cause it was hard to remember or spell. He made a video about it. He is really underrated and funny! - LeanneMcLee

15 PTPvideogaming
16 Thenagamerz
17 Shane Gamboa
18 TheThirdPew
19 BlazeTheMainGamer
20 PkGam
21 PaperBatVG
22 newLEGACYinc
23 NateWantsToBattle
24 Dookieshed
25 Numberphile
26 SciShow
27 PMRants
28 Dark5
29 Hybrid Librarian
30 Matt Santoro
31 Paul Wardingham
32 Silencewithinme
33 Wassabi Productions
34 Tyshawngibson123
35 Undertakerfreak1127
36 The Black Hokage
37 OGchan

OGchan deserves FAR MORE CREDIT than people are willing to give him.

38 I Hate Everything
39 TheAnimeMan
40 Social Repose
41 Hitler Rants Parodies

This guy is hilarious as hell, makes me crack up each time I watch his videos, and makes up a good handful of my life laughing.

42 Escapist
43 ralphthemoviemaker ralphthemoviemaker
44 YourMovieSucks
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