Top Ten Essential Household Items

The Top Ten

1 Refrigerator
2 Bathtub
3 Bed

Mine is so comfy and I have the best sheets in the world.

4 Computer
5 Air Conditioning
6 Food
7 Couch
8 Water
9 Vegetable & Fruit Purifier Vegetable & Fruit Purifier

Kent Vegetable & Fruit Purifier is based on Ozone disinfection technology that kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens.

I don't have one of these. My family is Asian and they would rather save money so they wash them by hand instead.

KENT Table Top Vegetable & Fruit Purifier and KENT Wall Mounted Vegetable Purifier

Top best essential household item - KENT Vegetable & Fruit Purifier

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10 Dining Table

The Contenders

11 Heater
12 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner

Kent Vacuum Cleaner - The suction power is good and the performance is good as a dry vacuum cleaner.

Best Vacuum Cleaner in India - Kent Vacuum Cleaner - anoopksrivastava1

KENT Bed & Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner.

KENT Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner - KENT RO SYSTEMS INDIA

13 Chairs
14 Cold Pressed Juicer Cold Pressed Juicer

KENT Cold Pressed juicer yields more juice than conventional juicers. - anoopksrivastava1

Essential Household Items in India 2017 - Kent Cold Pressed Juicer Machine

Best Cold Press Juicer in India, 2017

15 Stove
16 Sink
17 Internet Access
18 TV
19 Doors
20 Cabinets
21 Microwave
22 Toaster
23 PS3/Xbox 360
24 Fan
25 Mirror
26 Dressers
27 Fork
28 Dishes
29 Blinds
30 Windows
31 Lamp
32 Water Purifier

KENT Grand+ - World’s Most Technologically Advanced Water Purifier.

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