Most Wanted Third Party Super Smash Bros. 4 Characters


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121 Android 18 Android 18
122 Baby (Dragon Ball)
123 Halo Hunter
124 Candice
125 Evil Ryu
126 Master Roshi Master Roshi
127 Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, as well as its associated media. The character was created by writer and editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance more.
128 Hulk Hulk The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1.
129 Sheep Man V 1 Comment
130 Angry Birds

Why are they so low?! They could be from Angry Birds Epic - a trio - Red, Chuck, and Bomb but not all at the same time that would be crazy! I even made a moveset for them!

ANGRY BIRDS Launch into battle!

131 Hikaru

Please Nintendo add Hikaru and Akane as Third Party Characters for the next Super Smash Bros game I really miss them.

I am a Big Parodius Fan, and really want Hikaru, and Akane from the Parodius Series into Super Smash Bros. They 1st appeared in Gokujou Parodius, and Sexy Parodius as Playable Characters, and Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius as Bosses. I hope those 2 Bunny Girls will be added into Super Smash Bros soon.

132 Tiny Tiger

Please have Tiny Added in SSB4 because Tiny Is a strong Tasmanian Tiger for a Third Party Character.

Tiny is one of My favorite Characters from Crash Bandicoot. The reason I want Tiny Tiger in Super Smash Bros is because of his Strength, and Power. He 1st appeared in Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back as the 3rd Boss. He also appeared in Crash 3: Warped as the 1st Boss, and Crash: The Huge Adventure as the 3rd Boss. I also want Tiny in Super Smash Bros because of his unintelligent Nature, and the ability to speak in 3rd person.

133 Suika Ibuki

Suika Ibuki is one of my favorite Character even through I am taking interest in the series of the Touhou Project. The Reason I want Suika Ibuki in Super Smash Bros is because of her ability to control Destiny as well as her size changing powers. Her 1st appearence was in the Touhou Project game, Immaterial and Missing Power as an Antagonist, and Final Boss. I sure want her in Super Smash Bros.

134 Bubbles

Bubbles may look like a cute Powerpuff Girl, but the Reason I want her in Super Smash Bros is because of herself going Hardcore only when someone calls her a baby. She is the Only Powerpuff Girl that Mojo Jojo, the one 1st listed on this list feared the Most. She is also a Psychopath to Crash Bandicoot.

Bubbles of the powerpuff girls should also be playable for ssb4 please Nintendo - zachman1

135 Travis (No More Heroes)

He would be better than JASPER!

136 Jack

I'm talking about Jack from BioShock.His moves could be:Normal:Wrench.Special:Electro Bolt Plasmid.Side Special:Pistol.Up Special:Sonic Boom Plasmid.Down Special:Incinerate! Plasmid.Final Smash:Big Daddy! - Lord28

137 Curly Brace
138 Lara Croft Lara Croft Lara Croft is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Square Enix video game franchise Tomb Raider.

How is she not on the list but sheep man is sheep man - ikerevievs

139 Sans the Skeleton Sans the Skeleton Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult more.
140 Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.
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