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1 Shadestrike

Black she-cat with amber eyes and one dark grey paw.

Desc.-Very, very dark gray short-haired tom with yellow eyes. Covered in scars, with one ear gone and the other so ripped up that it flops over like a dog's, one eye, and a bent tail. Mauled by a badger in his later years of being a warrior
Mate-Plumetail (Formerly, left Shadestrike when he was mauled).

2 Moondust

omg people stop hating on this name its beautiful who cares about the sacredness of the moonpool or whatever its an oc name so it can follow its own rules

Stop hating - what about Bluestar's mother Moonflower? Huh?

Gray and white speckled tom with big bye eyes

3 Dewdrop

"Cool, sounds like a pale blue-grey tabby tom with a white underbelly and bright amber eyes! "

Sounds like a pale grey she-cat with green eyes and a white underbelly!

4 Cragtooth
5 Snowfire

White she-cat with piercing amber eyes.

6 Icestorm

This is my OC's name.
-white tom with blue eyes, looks shockingly like former mentor, ( who is NOT his father), Iceclaw
-has a secret love intrest in apprenice, Cherrypaw
-lives in FernClan with his family and other ClanMates, plus leader ( duh! )
-(Mother) Frostfoot, silver-and-white cat with icy-blue eyes
-(Father) Falconwing, dusty gray tom with green eyes
-(Sisters, no Brothers) Swiftriver, grey she-cat with white paws, blue eyes
-Swanwing, white she-cat with green eyes

I actually used this name before in my warrior stories.
Name. Ice storm
Mate. Vixenleap
Daughters. Frostflight
Sons. Rabbitleap
Mother. Dapplesky
Father. Brackenstripe
Pelt. An extremely pale grey Tom, almost white with bright Amber eyes

White she-cat with pale gray eyes,

Mother, Brightwing, ginger and white she-cat
Father, Cloudfang, white tom with amber eyes
Sisters, Snowberry, white she-cat with berry blue eyes, Fogmist, gray and white she-cat
Brothers, Splashfur, ginger tom with blue eyes, Flashstrike, ginger tom with white chest
Mate, Stormfall, gray tom
kits, Frostkit, Graykit, Cinderkit, Sunkit

7 Rainstorm

Sorry, already exists. In Omen of the Stars 1 (The Fourth Apprentice) he is rescued by Lionblaze and a few other cats from the mud because of the shrinking lake. But if it was original I'd totally vote for it!

Already a name.

8 Ravenfrost
9 Morningleaf

Pretty (but not mary sue) orangeish-yellow she-cat with green eyes

Ginger-and-brown she-cat with green eyes.

10 Cindersky

Dark gray-and-white she-cat with sky-blue eyes. Open-minded and adventurous but reckless and speaks before she thinks.

Silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

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11 Nightfang

Black tom with yellow eyes.

12 Silentsong

A ginger and brown she-cat with gleaming green eyes.

13 Snowfeather

Snowfeather is a white she-cat with amber eyes. She is a RiverClan she-cat. Her mate is Lionstar and her daughters are Goldenstar and Silverberry the medicine cat.
A female called Pebblewing was in love with Lionstar at first, but is angry that Snowfeather took Lionstar from her. In the elders den, while ThunderClan is attacking, Pebblewing kills Snowfeather out of jealousy. Lionstar kills Pebblewing because of his grief. Snowfeather lives a happy life in StarClan.

14 Talonflame Talonflame is a dual-type Fire/Flying Pokémon introduced in the Pokémon franchise's sixth generation. It evolves from Fletchinder and is known for its swift and graceful flight. Talonflame's signature move, Brave Bird, showcases its daring and fearless nature in battles. Its fiery plumage and aerial... read more

Talon flame used sense of humor!

Thetoptens users used frustration!

15 Echofire
16 Stagsong
17 Willowmoon
18 Acornwhisker

Pale brown tabby tom with green eyes.

19 Blueshade
20 Morningrain
21 Featherstream
22 Poppymist

Gray-and-white she-cat.

23 Dewsong

Gray she-cat with amber eyes.

24 Shadehollow
25 Leopardlily
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