Top Ten Warrior Cats That Should Be Leaders

The Top Ten
1 Graystripe (Graystar)

Graystripe is also one of my favourite characters, and in a way he turned out like Whitestorm but not in death way. They both became deputies (also my favourite characters) yet didn't get the chance to be leader. Graystripe (in my opinion) would be a way better leader than Bramblestar. I'm very happy Graystripe got his own book. Re-reading some of his past and present features was quite an adventure. Even though he never got to be Graystar, he will always be Graystar in my heart
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

don't get me wrong, I love Graystripe, but I cannot see him as a leader. He is an amazing developed cat, and I don't want that to change for him to be some bossy mean cat, (brambleclaw to bramblestar).
I don't really think he has the skills either for leadership, he is indecisive and often his heart leads him before his head. He even stated he didn't want to be leader

I love Graystripe! I think he is the best! I have every Warrior book and the first book I read (into the wild) I liked Graystripe from the start. I think without Graystripe, Firestar would have never been able to as much stuff as he did. Graystripe helped and he broke the Warrior Code only because he followed his heart to be with Silverstream. Anyway he would have made a great leader! He is funny, easygoing, and loving. I think he is also one of the bravest and strongest. Look what he went through to get back to his forest home and his beloved clan. Graystripe has earned his place as leader. Yeah Graystripe!

Graystripe, the first clan cat we ever met. He was Firestar's first friend, and Firestar's closest friend. He was deputy long before Brambleclaw was, and yet, somehow we ended up with Bramblestar. When Graystripe "came back from the dead", Brambleclaw remained the deputy, though if you think about it, Graystripe was technically still the deputy, since he never died or gave up his position. On the other hand, though, currently Graystripe is an elder. If he had become leader, for all we know, he may have lost his lives very fast because he was older and weaker. Then if you look at Bramblestar, he is young, strong, and everything that a leader should be. Do you think that Graystripe could really be leader? Maybe he should have been, and he has more than proven his loyalty to ThunderClan, but I feel that things are better with Bramblestar instead.

2 Whitestorm (Whitestar) Whitestorm is a fictional character in the Warriors novel series by Erin Hunter. He is a long-haired, sturdy, white tom with green eyes, and is known for his loyalty, wisdom, and calm demeanor. Whitestorm is a senior warrior of ThunderClan and has served as a mentor to many young apprentices. He is respected and admired by his clanmates for his courage in battle and his unwavering dedication to the warrior code. Throughout the series, Whitestorm plays a crucial role in many of ThunderClan's battles, often serving as a deputy or temporary leader when needed. He is a beloved character among fans of the series and is often remembered as one of the most honorable and respected warriors of ThunderClan. more.

I think Whitestorm was an excellent deputy. He was one of my favourite characters and it was a pang when he died. If he stayed to be leader, I believe it would be quite interesting. I think Whitestorm, even though we know quite a bit of him (especially from Bluestar's Prophecy), needs one of his own books, and if not a Super Edition, than just a Novella. Even a graphic novel would be great.
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

I think Whitestorm should have become leader. He was wise, intelligent, and thought about things more than once. (If you have read The Broken Code) if Whitestorm become Whitestar, we didn't have to worry about Ashfur going koo-koo and possessing Bramblestar.
-Featherfrost of Riverclan

There was almost no cat I ever respected more than Whitestorm. He was a conscientious apprentice, like Brackenpaw (fur), he was a great hunter and fighter, and he had a very good temperament. He was one of the noblest cats ever to exist. I can't compare anybody with anybody else, because I'd feel bad saying Whitestorm is superior to Firestar, Bluestar, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, etc. I'm saying that he was so wise, respected, calm, fair; he would have been a legendary leader. He wasn't jealous at all when many cats were made deputy instead of himself, and he died as he lived, battling to save the clans from the dreadful BloodClan. His last noble words chose Graystripe as ThunderClan's deputy, telling Firestar to trust his heart. He would have led nine lives out in peace, nobility, and respect for everything: the warrior code, other cats, their opinions, and wise judgment. When Whitestorm died, I cried like a kit wailing for its lost mother because I respected and admired him so much. He ...more

No offense to Firestar lovers, but I always thought that Whitestorm should have been made deputy, after Tigerclaw had been driven out, instead of him. Yes, Firestar was a GREAT leader, but he was young, and not everyone in the Clan accepted him yet. I think that Bluestar should have chosen Whitestorm and then when she died, Whitestorm should have chosen Fireheart as his deputy.
Whitestorm was brave, loyal, kind, strong, not to mention respected by warriors from every Clan. I was SO sad when he died, but I was happy that he was a deputy. Though he deserved more, he earned everything he got.
He wouldn't have led the Clan into mindless battle like Thistleclaw or Tigerclaw, and but wouldn't cower in the face of danger. He was brave, and intelligent, but he wasn't rash and thought about the good of the Clan. But the thing that made me like him even more was that he was modest, and wasn't mad when Lionheart, Tigerclaw, and then Fireheart were deputies instead of him.

3 Brackenfur (Brackenstar)

Okay, why did Bramblestar (claw) become deputy instead? Brackenfur was much more level-headed and didn't have a bunch of drama with the other clans. He also was older and more experienced. Plus he wasn't so desperate and power hungry for the position like Bramblestar (claw) was. And even though Firestar did choose Bramblestar (claw) as deputy, Brackenfur was his 2nd choice and so he should have been made Bramblestar's (claw) deputy instead of Squirrelflight (don't have TOO much angst on her tho) Brackenfur was EXTREMELY loyal and he wasn't visiting the dark forest when he KNEW he shouldn't be. I'm just saying...I mean an amazing pair would've been Brackenstar and Dustpelt as deputy. Or Sandstorm but she was getting older. I mean Brackenfur was always a determined and decisive warrior and had been there since like book 2! So, in my honest opinion I believe that Brackenfur would've been the better choice of leader.

-Thanks for reading, and please don't take anything ...more

Brackenfur. Brackenstar. He is a noble warrior, and was trained by noble warriors and trained noble warriors. He screams NOBLE! If I looked at him, just walking by, his fur would shine gold and it would literally scream NNOOBBLLEE! It would hurt eye yes and my ears would it would warm my heart forever on. NOBLEFURSTAR!
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

I am still trying to figure out why and how Squirrelflight became deputy, like what the heck. Let's compare the 2.
Brackenfur- Loyal, hard-working strong senior warrior who would do anything for his clan and he's so caring to his clanmates, he's hot too and good at fighting. He's noble and smart and knows how to handle things and he's an amazing father AND mate. Not to mention he won't complain about anything even when he wasn't getting trained by Graystripe. He is just in all ways perfect.
Squirrelflight- Most annyoing cat EVER. Complains about everything. She may be good at being loyal and fighting but she is not a good mate. Heck, she made poor Ashfur lose his mind by playing with his feelings. Oh your my mate Ashfur. Wait nevermind I'm gonna be mates with Brambleclaw instead and make him crazy too. She is not a careful cat and doesn't know where her place is. She threatened Brambleclaw to go on that mission with him which was not ok at all. Does not deserve her rank.

Why is the fourth on the list, and why is Graystripe number one? Graystripe would make a bad leader because you can't really trust him that well. He isn't straight on his priorities. And Whitestorm? Whitestorm, he would be a senior warrior, and a bit old. If he were still alive (I dunno if he is) then we would probably be an elder, and once an elder, forever an elder. And then Hollyleaf. If Hollyleaf were still alive, then she'd be a medicine cat, and in Clan law, once a medicine cat, forever a medicine cat. But Brackenpaw, Brackenpaw would make a fine leader! He has tested his knowledge of a warrior throughout the series. It is uncommon that he makes silly mistakes. He is a really good fighter, and from what I've seen, he can lead patrols well, so he's up for being leader for me!

4 Hollyleaf (Hollystar) Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan.

Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost and spent her last moments with her mother Leafpool saying her last words ”I couldn’t bear to… to leave without knowing my mother.” more.

Hollyleaf is one of my favourite characters. When she came back she seemed so understanding and so mature. She was better than all of the Three (Four) combined. She understood what Ivypool was going through and helped her, she was more of a sister to Ivypool than Dovewing, that's for sure! She also helped out with border patrols, I agree with some other people that Bramblestar would have probably chosen Hollyleaf to become deputy. He chose Squirrelflight to say 'sorry,' what better way to say sorry than to choose Hollyleaf his fake daughter! It would not only be saying sorry to Squirrelflight, but also to Leafpool and Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf. Hollyleaf was one of my favourite characters and one she deserves her wish to come true, she wanted to be leader! If you have read the Power of the Three then you would know that Hollyleaf wanted to become powerful, not in an ambitious way, but to help her clanmates and to follow the Warrior Code, she tried to be a medicine-cat but ...more

I hate Holyleaf, to be honest. But she would make a good leader. She even wanted to be, but she thought all she-cats were only expected to be queens and have kits. She was loyal to her Clan. Although she ran away, it was mainly because after she had killed Ashfur and she pointed out to like, everyone, that Leafpool is her mother, she was loyal. She thought she would get exiled anyways, so instead of being escorted by cats she'd known forever, and for them to hate her, she escorted herself to save herself from that pain. Then she came back and helped the Clans. Like, fighting in the tunnels, and she showed them the tunnels before, whatever Clan it was, was able to attack. She helped prepare them for that battle.

I agree with most of your that it's a pity that Hawkfrost killed her in the battle with the Dark Forest. She didn't deserve that death! She valued StarClan and the Warrior Code more than anyone, and followed it, unlike almost every cat in the canon. She would die to protect her Clan, loved ones, and the Code as well. She was loyal, forgiving, brave, and helpful till the end. She helped cats escape the tunnel and trained them to fight in there as well, not to mention she saved Ivypool from Hawkfrost. Plus, she was obviously going to be considered as deputy if she didn't die in The Last Hope.

*SPOILERS*! to be honest... I agree in a way. She had good intentions, except maybe killing ashfur. Plus, when she was around an apprentice, she always wished she could be leader, to help her clan in the best way possible. But, I disagree that running away was the best choice either, and maybe if she didn't she wouldn't have been caught in the cave-in. Although, it did end up helping in the end! She helped when windclan tried to raid them, and when dovewing and ivypool forgot how to get back up. In the end she showed herself to be a worthy leader, by sacrificing herself for ivypool.

5 Lionblaze (Lionstar) Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle. However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest. Lionblaze is a broad-shouldered, muscular, bright, golden tabby tom with amber eyes the color of the sun. He has thick fur, thick fluff ringing around his neck, a nicked ear, and massive, pale paws with fur that bunches at his claws.

For those that say Lionblaze is too "overpowered to be leader, he really isn't. He is NOT, invincible. Before he knew of the prophecy, he was injured, and he can choose to take injuries. My guess is that he is probably less resistant to other forces of nature, because nothing comes and goes without balance.

Enough of that rant, he's brave, loyal, fearless thoughtful, kind, caring, and other such traits. He really developed during the OOTS arc, taking more of a leadership role in things. His strength in battle means he will always fight alongside his clan.

Yes! I'm Lionblaze all the way! He should definitely be leader, ugh I can't stand that people are voting for ivypool, she is the one that got jealous of dovewing, so when she is leader and gets jealous of dovewing for say having a mate, then what is she gonna do? Kick dovewing out of the clan?

Lionblaze is a brave and loyal cat, and he would make ThunderClan the strongest clan ever. He invincible, so that proves that he could defend his clan better than any other cat. He is brave and loyal to the very end, and a smart, noble cat willing to give his life for his clan.

IF you have read the last hope or Bramblestar's storm you would think that if Bramblestar dies Squirrelflight will become leader and probably make Lionblaze or possibly brackenfur deputy. Brackenstar, Lionstar.

6 Oakheart (Oakstar)

Nah, I'm not a big fan of Oakheart. He broke the code, and I feel that is reason enough. Sure, Bluefur broke the code too, but think about it. Her mother, her sister, Sweetpaw, and Mosspaw died. She was basically forced to hand her kits over to him! Then there were all of the evil cats! Thistleclaw, Brokenstar, Tigerstar, and many others.

Oakheart should have been made leader he would a wise and great leader, why? Because then his family would all have been leader his deputy stonefur then stonestar then his deputy mistyfur/star and bluestar already a leader the whole family would be a important part of the clan

Oakheart would've been a great leader. He was a great mate to Bluestar and they should've been together. Also, he was really kind and supportive to Crookedstar, who was hated by their mother.

Why isn't Oakheart like 5 or something? He would have been an amazing leader if Tigerclaw/star didn't kill him. He was always supportive to Crookedstar, even though their mother sort of disowned him.

7 Stonefur (Stonestar)

Stonefur died saving two lives. Thinking about it, without him, there would be no Feathertail, no Crowfeather, and no Jayfeather. Leopardstar just stood back as he defended Stormpaw and Featherpaw. In my opinion, he'd have been one of the greatest leaders in Clan history. Better than Leopardstar or Mistystar. He deserves to rest forever in StarClan, as Stonestar!

Stonefur was wise, noble and courageous! He gave his own life to save Stormpaw and Featherpaw. I hate Tigerstar for telling Darkstripe and Blackfoot to murder him! And hate them for doing it! And I hate how Leopardstar watched but said nothing and let it happen! Stonefur would have made a way better leader than she was! Who's with me?

Stonefur never should've died beacause,have you seen Mistystar's life? Right now all I now is that Reedwhisker is her only son and she suffered a lot of pain with Stonefur, like for instance their mother, sister, father, and many relatives died. If Stonefur never died Blackstar a.k.a. Blackfoot wouldn't be leader now.

Stonefur is awesome! He shouldn't have died! It was an unfair fight and Tigerstar just killed him because he was 'half clan' but the real reason was because Tigerstar needed an excuse to kill thw only brave, strong, and courageous cats.

8 Dovewing (Dovestar) Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has pale gray fur with green, pr sky-blue, or pale gold eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things very far away, farther than any normal cat could ever do. Her parents are Whitewing and Birchfall, and her sister is named Ivypool. She has three kits; Lightleap, Pouncestep, Shadowsight, and a mate named Tigerstar. (The second)

I think she would make a great leader! I don't why every one hates her...
I was knew that everyone hated Dovewing before I read OOTS and I thought I would despise her. But when I read about her, I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with her at all. Ivypool was the annoying one actually. But she grew on me so now I like both sisters. Dovewing a bit more though-
Everyone hates her because she "replaced Hollyleaf" well guess what. I hate Hollyleaf. She was a coward and a jerk. Also she was way to obsessed with the warrior code. This is my opinion please don't hate. Also she did not play Bumblestripe. I'm not going to bother to explain it all, but if you want to here my opinion I made a post about it, so you can look on my profile. Anyway, I thought she was adorable, and in Dovewing's Silence she was nothing but nice. I love her and I think she would make a fair and just leader. Please this is just my opinion, no need to lash out. But my vote goes to Dovestar!

Flameheart how would you feel if your sister is getting so much attention from the person you look up to but he barely even speaks to you? Ivypool should have had Dovewing's power because at least she wouldn't have used it to spy on her ex and his life. What a drama queen. All she cares about is "Oh god! Two cats love me and I shouldn't even be with one at all! I'll choose the one who I shouldn't love! " I wish Mapleshade could just come back and rip out her intestines and slowly unravel them so I could hear her screaming...actually just kill her, I couldn't listen to her whining any longer. Ivypool or Hollyleaf should have got the power! Ivypool and Hollyleaf were more helpful than any of the three! Who got killed saving 'poor little dove's' sister? Who was the one who knew the dark forest cats plans already? Hollyleaf and Ivypool. Dovewing just cares about love and whining. I hope Erin kills her off soon. Such an immature little brat doesn't deserve any powers. Ivypool was just ...more

Dovewing is a good warrior, people! Just imagine: she's not even a warrior and Lionblaze and Jayfeather just smash prophetic destiny onto her. She has too many things to juggle in her life: Tigerheart, Bumblestripe, the prophecy, her sister's relationship (Ivypool should have been WAY more sympathetic) and she couldn't do that, she was just an apprentice! So, person who wishes for Dovewing to die, she was NOT a drama queen who just cared about "love and whining! " She was just overwhelmed. Ivypool's also great, but rather unsympathetic when it came to her overwhelmed sister. She was immensely helpful to the prophecy. Personally, I consider there to be five cats in the prophecy. Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Dovewing, Hollyleaf, and Ivypool. (go away Firestar, you already have a prophecy.) Remove any one of them and the Dark Forest would have won. My point is, Ivypool should have been more sympathetic, but was amazing anyway, and Dovewing was vital to the prophecy and wasn't a whiny kit who ...more

I really like Dovewing, I know her love life is a little to dramatic and contrived, but over all she's a good cat. I kind of hate the author for making her seem shallow and self-centred around toms. She struggles with the prophecy and really wants to let Ivypool in on it, so it's actually Jayfeather and Lionblaze's faults for forcing her to keep secrets from her sister and make her jealous. She's make a good leader, she's fair minded and rational, she has a few faults just like everyone else sure, but she's a great cat in general.

9 Ivypool Ivypool is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the Book series named Warrior Cats. Ivypool is a common silver-and-white tabby. She spied in the Dark Forest and has dark blue eyes. She is the sister of Dovewing and the kit of Whitewing and Birchfall. Her mate is Fernsong, and she is the mother of Flipclaw, Bristlefrost, and Thriftear.

Ivypool is way better than Doweving. She shows herself as a brave, strong warrior that can defeat powerful enemies and her jealousy and other bads. She deserves to be a leader to walk away from her sister's shadow and rise above it as a great Thunderclan leader, who can not only protect and train her clanmates, but also morally guide them through personal problems, that she successfully defeated in her life.

How is this number 30? And how is she lower than Dovepoo (Dovewing)? She would make a good leader because...
1. She understands that some things are more important than living like the welfare of all the clans
2. She is smart
3. She can fight
4. She doesn't have a mate for the same reasons a medicine cat doesn't have a mate
5. She knows who she is, and doesn't pretend to be all noble,
6. She's good at making good choices

- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

Ok, this has taken a lot of thought as I couldn't decide who I wanted to be leader more, ivypool or lionblaze. So my final decision is Ivypool, she would make a great leader as she is kind, brave, determined, and loyal. Ivypool would show cats that just because you did something wrong, doesn't mean you can't make it right agian, Like this if your with me! Go Ivystar!

Why is she #7? She literally risked having a slow, torturous death every night just to help her clan. She knows what it feels like to be jealous of another clanmate or to have your closest friends betray you. Also she's not a Mary Sue or Gary Stu like Lionblaze, who's a mindless fighting machine with boring narration, mind you

10 Crowfeather (Crowstar)

Despite how some people might see Crowfeather as a grumpy, difficult cat, I strongly believe he does not deserve that kind of stereotype.

Crowfeather, at his best, is a loyal, brave, considerate cat who would put his life on the line for those he cares about. After the journey, after he went through all the hardship regarding Feathertail's death, he still really contributed to his Clan, like when he took down that huge bird while hunting.

He also is a cat to take charge in controversial situations such as Onestar's leadership, where he stood up and spoke his opinion and supported not just his leader, but Brambleclaw. He also speaks his opinion very much and is not afraid to say what he feels, which could become useful as a leader in a way. He is a logical cat, in situations also.

Crowfeather has also faced a lot of adversity and hardship that gives him experience. His littermates had died, and Feathertail, the one cat who really knew him, just suddenly died, which ...more

Crowfeather is definitely the best choice for the next WindClan deputy. He's been through so much, and suffered more than most other cats. He's smart, brave, loyal and has had to sacrifice a lot for his Clan. He also went on the journey to the sun-drown-place and he's trained like three apprentices! He may not have the kindest outward personality, but he has a truly good heart. As deputy, it would be kind of like what Leafstar said about Sharpclaw - he's stubborn and would be a "challenging presence" at his leader's side, unafraid to speak his mind when he disagrees. As leader, he would be wise and thoughtful, though obviously stubborn, which can be a good trait!

Definitely Crowfeather. When they were picking cats to go on the new prophecy quest the WindClan cat chose crowfeather, or paw as he was at that time. When the other cats protested against chosing an apprentice, he said that although he is an apprentice, he is a brave cat and should be leader of his clan someday. Ever since then I wanted Crowfeather to be leader. And he is a brave and loyal and strong cat who deserves it

In the New Prophecy book when starclan was choosing cats to go on great journey cats didn't want Crowfeather to be picked. But they said that he is a great and noble cat and will be leader of his Clan someday. I AGREE! Ever since then I've waited for him to be leader. Plus he learned the warrior code the hard way, so he should never forget it. And he helped discover WindClans new home. GO CROWFEATHE

The Contenders
11 Redtail (Redstar)

He would have lead them through so much and been so good. With him as leader Swiftpaw might have been a warrior and Brightheart wouldn't have been injured.

Redtail was loyal to his Clan until the end, I think he deserved a chance to prove himself as a mighty leader on the highrock. It's a shame that Tigerclaw had to claim his life so early in the books.. He would have been a leader worth waiting for. If I was a ThunderClan cat under his rule, I would have served him until the end..

HE was fiercy and loyal, as far was Bluestar's said Redtail was very noble and mould of made a great eader but I don't blame Tigerstar. Redtail was loyal to his Clan until Th e eb end. HE would never has died he was was loyal deputy and would make an outstanding leader if that jerk Tigerstar never killed him.

He should never had died he was a loyal deputy and would have made an outstanding leader if that jerk Tigerstar would have killed him. I kind of wish Ravenpaw would have said something to Bluestar about this topic...

12 Ashfoot (Ashstar)

Onestar is a terrible leader, and I think some would agree. Ashfoot would make the clan great, and wouldn't fight ALL THE TIME to show independence from ThunderClan. Am I the only one who thinks that Onestar caused so many issues. Tallstar's biggest mistake, but Ashfoot would make WindClan the strongest Clan by the lake.

I agree! I heard online from Vicky Holmes Facebook that the sixth series will be back to the normal Clans... Like ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan... And so maybe Onestar will die, not that I have hate in Onestar, but ash foot would be a great leader, she is peaceful like Mistystar

She would've made an amazing and legendary leader, at least way better than Onestar. Also, why the heck did Onestar choose HAREFLIGHT as deputy, wasn't he apart of the Dark Forest?

Umm we are talking about wind clan ashFOOT, not thunder clan ashFUR. But I am kinda with you, squirrel flight did ruin everything. Still, I wouldn't trust him as leader.

13 Cloudtail (Cloudstar)

Cloudtail would've not only be great to the plot, but he was loyal and cared about his clan. After he got stolen by twolegs, he listened to everything Fireheart/Firestar said. Also, I would've loved to see Princess's reaction to this. He was also great when Fireheart/Firestar, Sandstorm and he encountered the riverclan warriors in forest of secrets. During the fire, he recommended that he buried one of the elders that died in the fire. I think that he should've also become a warrior earlier than he did. I also love this because of the line in Fire And Ice "Maybe someday he'll become the leader and earn 9 lives" Princess said this when she brought cloudtail out when he was just a kit. Maybe Erin Hunter will make another series and Cloudtail will become leader! I hope she does.

Cloudtail becoming leader could impact Thunderclan in good ways and maybe some bad ways.
I think that his distrust in Starclan might make it hard for him to get his nine lives, though. But maybe Brightheart will soon teach hime to believe in the ways of Starclan. Only maybe, though. But from the start,he was strong, and left his kittypet home with Princess to be part of the wild. A good trait of his is that he's loyal. He did break the code when he went to live the life of a kittypet (unwillingly, of course) and toke food from the twolegs. But now, Cloudtail is very loyal to his clan, and was from the start, even if when he was younger, he was a troublemaker. ;P

I don't know. He didn't care for star clan, so he couldn't really visit the moon pool/stone to speak to star clan to get his 9 lives, or any othere reason for that mater. I like cloudtail and I thinknow he's very loyalty his clan, (I love how he trained brightheart to be a one-eyed warrior. ) but he'd never be able to communicate with star clan the way a leader should be able to.

Sure, as an apprentice he was quite disobedient to the warrior code, but once the fire struck he became a very loyal cat. He was such a courageous warrior in battle, and so skilled... He defiantly should've ruled ThunderClan by now!...I think that Cloudtail should've been one of the first deputies that Firestar chose.

14 Feathertail (Featherstar)

This would've been interesting. She was a kind and understanding cat. I love Feathertail too, despite hating Crow X Feather. She would've lead her clan well. It makes me sad that she died. Although, she died for a prophecy from cats she didn't even know existed. She would sacrifice herself not just for her own clan, but for whatever clan needed her. Also, Featherstar sounds pretty cool.

How is moron Dovewing higher than Feathertail? This RiverClan warrior is hot, smart, epic, and kind! I mean, I can't believe that Dovebin has TWO toms chasing after her with her fat and ugly body, and Feathertail only has Crowpaw.
If Dovewing became Dovestar, I would:
1, Run off to another Clan
2, Scream to all the other warriors
3, Become deputy, fake my loyalty and attack her during her sleep
4, Fight back
5, Go crazy

This would be interesting. Although Feathertail is like my FAVOURTIE cat I don't think the job would suit her. She was my favourite! Most amazing cat out of the Warriors series.

She was my favourite cat! It was so sad when she died. RIP, Feathertail! She even was in love with with Crowpaw and brought out his sweet side. I'm not into CrowXNight CrowXFeather Was the best. Pretty much, Feathertail is an awesome cat, and shed be an even more awesome leader. Go Feathertail!

15 Mapleshade (Maplestar) Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with a scarred white muzzle, and white patches throughout her pelt. She is thick-furred, and her pelt is ragged, patched, and scarred. Her fur is thick around her neck, like a mane, and she has a broad muzzle and face. She has amber eyes. she is mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

Best leader ever! She would help the forbidden code thing be fixed for her clan unless ( smiles happily ) she doesn't go with appledusk at all! Then she'd literally have a perfect life... But thistleclaw would still be evil. Darn! I feel bad about somehow EVERYONE in Thunderclan and Riverclan forgot a about her! Doesn't that seem weird to any of you peeps?

For those who think she's evil, if she was still in the CLan when she became leader she would actually turn out an amazing leader, with compassion and the lives' skills. Maplestar would change the history of Crookedstar as well so he didn't have to go through so much pain. This would change SO MUCH!

Personally; Mapleshade would have made an incredible leader, but she was kicked out of Thunderclan by Oakstar for... having half clan kits? Really? How was she to know that her mate killed the leader's son? She shouldn't have been blamed.

Maplestar sounds absolutely glorious, and she would have been one of the greatest Thunderclan leaders in my opinion.


I think it was unfair for her being driven out of the clan. I mean, why her? If mothers and kits of half−clan cats go in to exile, leafpool, Bluestar, Gorsetail, Mistystar, Stormfur, etc... Would of gone in to exile. I think it was too harsh. She would of been a fierce, loyal leader.

16 Cinderheart (Cinderstar)

She is always supportive and sweet. She was balanced and fair, and would never lead her Clan into needless battles. When she broke her leg, she was determined to heal.

Other potential leaders

I do not want Lionblaze, Dovewing, or Squirrelflight to be leader.

Lionblaze has too much of a temper, and he is overconfident. With nine lives and invincibility, he would probably be very unfair.

Dovewing because she is such a drama queen, and didn't even realize when Tigerheart was using her. She is far too gullible.

Squirrelflight because she has a sharp tongue, and might accidentally start a fight with another Clan.

If she wouldn't have gone to the thunderpath when fireheart told her not to she would have been a warrior and when Bluestar had her death if I was Firestar I would pick her.. Really you can't see that she likes you fireheart..

Vicky said that she would personally like Cinderheart to be the next clan leader, and Leafstar had kits when she was leader, so Cinderheart could do that too.
-Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

She deserves it after all that has happened to her. She'd be a GREAT leader, come on, don't deny it.

17 Tawnypelt (Tawnystar) Tawnypelt is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. She is a pale, mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. She is devoted, sassy, blunt and tough. She belongs in Shadowclan, and has recently stepped down of her position as Deputy to be a Warrior once again. She was orginally born in Thunderclan, but left to go to Shadowclan as an apprentice. Her mother is Goldenflower, her Father is Tigerstar (The Propheces Begins), her brother is Bramblestar, her Daughter is Dawnpelt, her sons are Flametail and Tigerstar (A vision of Shadows/The Broken Code).

I know! I was totally thinking this. Tawnypelt has proved she is loyal to ShadowClan over and over, and she still wonders if people will doubt her. She's a hard worker, a strong fighter, a great mother, sister, and mate, and she's pretty nice too. She's cool, and can keep her head in dangerous situations, which I think would make her a great diplomat, being unlikely to attack other cats, and instead talk it out. And she forgave Rowanclaw even though he was rude to her before. Go Tawnystar!

YES! She should be WAY higher on this list. I mean, Mudfur? Jayfeather? their MEDICINE CATS! Tawnypelt is extremely loyal, brave, bold, clever, fair, calm, fierce sometimes, a bit stubborn, and PLAIN awesome. She was a great sister to Brambleclaw/star, a wonderful mate to Rowanclaw/star, and a pretty good mother to Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, and Flametail. I love you Tawny, but HATE your kits. Anyways, she would do anything for her Clan and had to prove over and over that she was only loyal to ShadowClan. She was respectful of other cats and most of the time would talk things out before rushing into battle. She has youth (kinda) and leadership qualities, so she should DEFINITELY be leader. I was so upset when Rowanstar picked Crowfrost as deputy, Tawnypelt would make a far better one AND she's your mate. TAWNYSTAR! TAWNYSTAR!

TawnyStar all the way! She would make an awesome leader! We need girl leaders in the series. She's loyal to her clan, and knows how to show mercy when needed. She does not let her friendships and siblings blind her. Cough cough: Bramblestar. I think it would be interesting to have a sibling rivalry in the series, and see how itl work

Tawnypelt is the obvious choice here. She left her birth clan so that she could be loyal to Shadowclan, as she felt like an outcast. She has all of a leader's characteristics, and would have made a much better leader than Rowanstar.

18 Mudfur (Mudstar)

You guys are thinking of Mudclaw, the former WindClan deputy. This is MudFUR the former RiverClan warrior-turned-medicine cat.

Mudclaw would have been a better leader than Onewhisker because he is more strong and Onewhisker relies to much on Thunderclan and it seems like he can't live without them.

Uh...Mudclaw was power-hungry and Starclan had no intention of letting him be a leader. A cat can't be a leader without Starclan giving them their name.

I think you guys are thinking of Mudclaw. Muddier is RiverClan's old medicine cat.

19 Jayfeather (Jaystar) Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds, emotions, and walk into other cats dreams, He was born blind. according to the Warrior Cats Wiki Jayfeather is a lean, mottled, pale gray tabby tom with blind, pale blue eyes like a jay's wing. He has thin and silky fur, and a scar running down one side. In fanart Jayfeather is depicted sometimes with his "beloved" stick that he uses to go back in time to become jay's wing.

I strongly agree with this. If it wasn't for Jays wing( Jayfeather ) the clans would be nothing. He still has the same mind set as his old self. Even though he's blind, he still deserves to be leader of TC. He's done so much as Jays Wing and Jayfeather. True, he probably wouldn't be able to fight. But would you pick a blood-thirsty leader who went into ever battle thrown at him, risking cats lives 24/7 then a cat who actually has a strong, smart brain, who can make upmost amazing strategies to win battles?

Jayfeather is a flawless character. He wanted to be a warrior but NOOO there was a prophecy that changed that. It's like the Erins felt bad about the Snowkit thing and tried again with disability cats. Jayfeather would make a great leader. He always knows how to tell others they're stupid. He represents the best sarcastic, pessimistic, and cranky parts of all of us.
I think he lives by the philosophy: If I agreed with you we both would be wrong.

He was forced by StarClan to abandon his dream of becoming a warrior, and pushed into the life he wouldn't want. I wouldn't say he should have been a leader though, because of his blindness. He wouldn't be able to move around on enemy territory because he couldn't use scent or memory as a guide. Some clanmates wouldn't be able to even take him seriously, because honestly, if a blind cat stood on a rock (that he would have a hard time climbing), was facing the wrong direction, and shouted to everyone some orders or news, would you be able to take him seriously? - Cherryfur

Even though he is blind, he can still sense his surroundings and emotions. Even though he refuses to become a warrior, he wouldn't have to join in the fighting. He could give them instructions and some advice! He would probably make a great leader! The deputy might need to do more work though, with leading cats into battle, etc.

20 Russetfur (Russetstar)

Russetfur- RussetSTAR- deserves to be higher! She was the best out of all ShadowClan cats to be leader! She was strong, loyal, and knew what was best for her Clan and how to do it.
And when she died, and when I found out it was because of Lionblaze, I suddenly felt like tossing him out the window.

But anyway, RussetSTAR is awesome!

Russetfur should be a bit higher. I didn't really know her, but I just knew she'd be great. I paid attention every time Russetfur was there, I always looked for her in the guide to Clan cats in the beginning of the books. I waited AGES for her to become leader of ShadowClan. Then she died.

And all my hope

for ShadowClan

got thrown out

the window.

When I heard from a friend she dies because of lionblaze, I literally grabbed a piece of paper, printed out a picture of lionblaze and chucked it in the fireplace. She was the best cat to be the leader of Shadowclan. She had the perfect personality to lead her clan. She was strong, independent and knew how to get what was best for her clan. If that meant getting more territory she would do her best. Lionblaze needs to be killed off for revenge.. *evil smile*

Russetfur would have been the best leader ever! Yes, she once lived outside of the Clans, but so did Firestar! Russetfur should have been leader. If she didn't die then ShadowClan would probably not go become SkyClan cats. One thing, though. In the book it said she was trying to KILL Firestar. Does ShadowClan need a leader that tries to kill? Except for that she would have been a AWESOME leader.

21 Lionheart (Lionstar)

He should hve never died he was loyal, caring, funny, hard working deputy and he should have never died. Infact he should of been the leader of StarClan. He was the best mentor, warrior, apprentices, deputy and should have been the greatest leader that should have lved and if you don't agree with me I'm sure the one you're supporting is brilliant!

@Below No offense, but how can you have a crush on a fictional cat character? You're a human being, not a cat or any other animal.

It is sad that he dies. He was the wisest, bravest, loylast and very caring cat that could have made one of the best leaders of the forest. It is Tigerstar"s foult that he dies.

I don't need to say why. I think we all know how great he is. I wish was leader. He would be almost as great as Bluestar.

22 Birchfall (Birchstar)

Brought joy into Ferncloud and Dustpelt's lives after Larchkit and Hollykit died. Great mate to Whitewing and sired two great warriors, Ivypool and Dovewing. Strong, wise and kind, would make a great leader.

I've never been fond of Birchfall (I don't know why), but even if I was, he would make a pretty bad leader. Even though he was tricked, he trained in the Dark Forest and his clanmates wouldn't respect or trust him and they would probably disobey him and get into a lot of crap. Second of all, while his heart is loyal, he never really showed any leadership qualities. Please don't bash me, this is simply my opinion.

Birchfall was amazing. If I have to say something, he was a noble and courageous warrior. Putting his clan first was his idea and his only.

I agree with birchfall being leader but then I want graystripe to be leader too! I can't decide can you guys help me?

23 Brightheart (Brightstar)

Brightheart is just what a Clan needs. Also, her face shows people that you don't need to be pretty to have a beautiful heart. And she's not like Leafpool, who is just depressed. She has a good life and stays positive despite her disabilities.

YES! My fave cat. She deserves to be a leader, She got through the the passing of her best friend and she got offensively called LOSTFACE by darn Blue(poop)star! She thinks being cruel to a cat is what a leader does! I don't like cats that give up their dreams or don't move on from a dark time, and Brightheart moved on from Swiftpaw, and moved over to Cloudtail! She deserves to be a leader, BRIGHTHEART SUPPORTERS SAY YEAH!

If she was never attacked by dogs and scared for life she would be a great Leader even if Swiftpaw would be great.. Why is Tigerstar so mean..

I would think that she is not a good leader, she treated Jaypaw all different just because he's different?! No way I choosing her!

24 Reedfeather (Reedstar)

@Hawkfrost Actually he did break the Warrior code, he was in a forbidden relationship with Fallowtail, the mother of Willowbreeze and Garypool.
And to the person @Hawkfrost responded to:
So what if he broke the warrior code? Bluestar did. Firestar did. Many other leaders did.

No. Reedfeather from Crookedstar's Promise? From that, a mother should be with her kits! And he would have war! Fallowtail must've been so sad!

Talking about Reedwhisker who was mentioned as Reedfeather few times, or Fallowtail's mate?

Are you talking about Reedwhisker of RiverClan or Reedfeather from WindClan?

25 Sandstorm (Sandstar)

I'm going to say what I want to say and here it goes:
I don;t really like Sandstorm but she was there to support Firestar when he had to battle BloodClan. She was also there to support Firestar in Last Hope.
She fought hard and was a loyal warrior no matter what so she also should have a chance to be a great leader that she already is!

She is Firestar's mate and is kind (most of the time) and would make a great leader. She is also kind and wise and fair. She is good at speaking in front of a large group of cats and if I were Starclan I would probably think she was a great choice for a deputy (if she were one.) I would defiantly grant her nine lives!

She just seems to have lots of authority. It would definitely be an interesting story. If you'll excuse me I'm going to write fanfics about all of these cats as leaders. Except bReEzePelT. Nobody like bReEzePelT.

She would have been a absolutely wonderful leader! She is loyal to the clan, a great fighter and hunter. She is also very caring. Please vote for her she would be awesome as sandstar!

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