Ways Adults are Sometimes Hypocrites

Don’t get me wrong, I respect parents, teachers and others as long as they’re respectful back, but I can’t help but notice how hypocritical many of them can be, so this list is about that.

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1 They yell at kids for doing something that they most likely also did as kids

If parents were going to yell at kids for doing something, then they should talk firm but very calmly instead of yelling. Plus, patents should also set a VERY WELL BEHAVED EXAMPLE for their own kids by admitting their mistakes and tell their kids nicely about NOT making the same mistakes like they (parents) did when they were younger because what I have just explained can help all ages of kids to understand better. Parents should be a very good role model to their kids.

Yep. - Camaro6

Then they try to cover it up with the “when I was your age” bull. “When I was your age, I was perfect”, “When I was your age, we didn’t have (insert thing)”. We get it. Your life sucked. Stop blaming it on our generation because your generation was the one that created it. - 3DG20

2 They say kids are wasting their lives on their electronics like they’re not always on their phones

At least I can go more than 5 minutes without being on my phone, hypocrite! - 3DG20

My parents are boring and don't like vacations, so I use my electronics to cure my mega extreme boredom. If you don't want me to waste my life of them, then TAKE ME ON MORE VACATIONS! >:(

3 They tell kids not to smoke, but many of them do it themselves

It’s kind of funny in a way too because finding someone born before the 90s who doesn’t smoke is pretty much a miracle. I think I only know 2 people between the ages of 20-70 who don’t smoke. - 3DG20

4 They tell kids not to swear when they do it themselves

My parents are the biggest hypocrite in the world!

Growing up, my mother told me not to sat "ugly words", yet practically used those same words as punctuation

A children that is swearing is not an issue unless if they're directing it at someone.

Not to mention that most parents swear in front of their kids, so the kids most likely got it from them. - 3DG20

5 They tell kids not to do drugs, but sometimes they do it themselves

Okay yeah, this isn’t as common with parents as the other items, but this is another thing that comes to show that your parents probably aren’t as good of role models as you think they are when you’re little. It’s great that you’re trying to discourage your kids from using drugs and all because every parent should, but that doesn’t automatically make you a good role model when you do the drugs yourself. - 3DG20

6 They tell kids not to lie, but to them, it’s okay if it’s vice versa because they’re adults
7 They almost never respect kids, yet they expect to be respected because they’re older

Yeah, this ticks me off. - Camaro6

Listen, I don’t care how old you are because physical age means absolutely nothing. If you’ve been nothing but an a** to me, you’re going to get that same treatment back. - 3DG20

8 They can yell at you as much as they want, but even just explaining yourself to them is “talking back” and therefore not okay

That is a very bad example to their kids.

9 They tell kids not to go to college when some of them didn’t even graduate high school


This is supposed to be they tell kids to go to college, but they get kids in trouble for dropping out when they most likely did too. I don’t encourage anyone to drop out of school because although parents do exaggerate a bit, it is usually harder to get a good job, so you definitely wanna stay in school, but what I’m saying is they treat you like a bum for the rest of your life if you do drop out and act like you’ll never achieve anything for the rest of your life, and it’s especially funny if they dropped out themselves. - 3DG20

10 They always nag at kids to do assignments when they most likely weren’t that dedicated to their own assignments when they were the kids’ age

Maybe the kids parents got an autism, or something like that.

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11 They’re allowed to yell at you as much as they want, but when you yell back, you’re “a psycho”

Parents may be a hypocrite, but calling your parents a psycho sounds very mean.

But my Dad is a bigger psycho!

My Mum is a psychopath!

12 They tell you to get ready, but then when you are, they’re not

My Mum and Dad are both very slow!

My Mum and Dad always does that. Parents who tell kids to hurry up, but take more longer themselves are setting a very bad example for their kids.

My mom takes forever to leave the house.

13 They complain that you don’t spend enough time with them, but when you do try to talk to them, they interrupt or ignore you

If my Mum don't want to spend time, then I can't do anything about it. I still truly love my Mum no matter what.

This is why I don't want to talk to my STUPID parents!

Every time I tried to spend time with my Mum, she keeps me fully isolates me and rudely screams at me to "F*** off" for no reason. This is why I've lost so much respect for my Mum because she is very rude to me of no reason. I'm always nice to my Mum and she screams at me a lot. But if I start to scream she think that there is something wrong with me: What a Hypocritical Mum! Then all of a sudden my Mum is acting like she's the victim of everything when it's clearly her fault. My Mum always on my Dad's side when he harasses me a lot.

14 They’re allowed to bitch as much as they want, but if you even get the slightest bit upset with them, you’re “playing the victim”

That was extremely horrible (to that user who said that their Mum is mentally I'll).

My Mum is mentally ill!

15 They can complain as much as they want, but kids can’t be anything other than happy, even if their feelings are reasonable
16 You get in trouble when you skip when they most likely did it too when they were your age
17 It’s only bad when it’s their kids doing something bad, but when it’s someone else’s kids, it’s “cute”

I cannot stand this at all! I never would’ve gotten away with doing a lot of the things the kids from these dumb *ss vlogging channels do every day and get praised for it 24.7, not even at their age, so why is it suddenly cute when they do it? Because “they’re famous and rich”? - 3DG20

18 They tell you to always come to them if you have a problem, but they almost never listen or try to help when you do
19 Complain about sports, yet watches the next game.

Ever since at least Golden State losing the finals, he always say that the games are entertainment and the player are the ones who provide that? Wouldn’t watching the games make that point invalid?

20 They tell you to control your anger but they can scream at the top of their lungs when they are mad
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1. They yell at kids for doing something that they most likely also did as kids
2. They say kids are wasting their lives on their electronics like they’re not always on their phones
3. They tell kids not to smoke, but many of them do it themselves


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