Top 10 Ways for Parents to Improve Generation Alpha

It's bad enough that Generations Y and Z are very flawed so I've decided to make a list of ways to help Generation Alpha (2013-2025) be the best generation there is. It would be awesome to see the kids of this new generation grow up to be the best people possible in the 2030s or 2040s or so.

Note: I know that Generation Alpha is way too young at this point now so I decided to make this list for any parents right now who have any Generation Alpha kids.

The Top Ten

1 Raise Them Better

Right now these babies and toddlers are being raised by very entitled millennial parents who give them tablets and phones at birth and make them watch crap like Peppa Pig. Raise them better! Sincerely, a 13-year old zoomer.

Don’t be afraid to punish them. Obviously don’t abuse your kids but teach them right from wrong. And don’t have that “participation trophy mindset” push them to succeed and to be the best. And don’t be afraid to let them fail or lose. - Randomator

2 Educate Them With As Much Information as Possible
3 Teach Them Good Manners
4 Teach Them to Be Polite
5 Have Them Wait Until They're 13 to Use the Internet

Why not? I am a millennial I didn't use the internet till I was a teenager.

Don't totally agree but the internet is they to find info about anything you want to learn about or interested in but maybe have restirctions - BreakFastBeast2005

The internet has a lot of things both good and bad. Even when they’re 13 you should be careful. - Randomator

6 Don't Sexualize Them

It's a good thing got shut down but we really don't want any more kids under 18 looking sexy. Seriously don't do it.

7 Don't Encourage Them to Do Dumb Things

We shouldn’t have to tell people to not eat tide pods. That should be common sense - Randomator

8 Let Them Know That Anger Leads to Consequences

I get that anger is natural but we really shouldn't strive to be angry. We have different ways to control our anger and you'll eventually hve to teach some of those ways to your children.

9 Don't Have Them Take Things Too Seriously

I get we have to be a little serious sometimes but there is such a thing as taking things too seriously.

Young kids now take everything seriously and strive to be know-it-all. Why

It seems like the younger generation gets offended over literally anything nowadays. Hate to break it to you but this world will offend you. There’s nothing you can do but deal with it. This world doesn’t give a damn if you feel offended. Also we need to stop being offended over things that aren’t offensive! - Randomator

10 Have Them Go Outside More

Yes there’s more to life than social media. Don’t be afraid to force them to go outside and do stuff with friends. - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Have Them Dress Properly

I guess it depends on what you mean by this, but I honestly don't agree with this at all. You're not hurting anyone by wearing something that's generally considered unconventional or "improper". - tgbhj

12 Have Them Have a Healthy Diet
13 Make Them Go to Church
14 Teach Them Common Sense
15 Stop Them From Playing Fortnite as Toddlers
16 Don't Let Them Use Tablets and Phones For a Long Period of Time

They are using mobile devices the day they are coming out of their millennial mom's bellies. Never have I seen a 2011-2019 born without a smartphone or tablet in their hands. I could only imagine how they will be like as teenagers. More addicted than gen y and z.

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