Best Ways to Jump Out of a Moving Vehicle

Most B.A. (Excuse my french but, BAD ASS! ) ways to jump from a moving vehicle, I didn't go NerdMode (I could've) but if you want you can base it off Sci-Fi... DO IT!


The Top Ten

1 With an explosion behind you

The coolest but most unlikely! - HezarioSeth

This is my personal Favorite - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

2 Without pants on

This is best when jumping out of either a Benz or the Seahawks' Cheerleaders' bus - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

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3 Flipping the bird and screaming the word that follows it
4 With Snoop Doggy Dogg

I'd like to add that Snoop is holding a boom box that is playing the album Doggystyle on an old cassette tape. Good list, HTML_RuleZ_D00D

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5 Holding a big bag of money
6 On fire

That's a hot way to escape. - HezarioSeth

7 Playing Van Halen's "Eruption" on guitar

This is best out of a airplane, but... If you wanna be really B.A. Then youd be able to play the full thing jumping out of a car... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

8 *Screaming* Oops!

I vote this one, Most Likely To Happen To Me.

9 With your pet wildebeest
10 Saying the alphabet backwards

That way everyone knows your not drunk, so its even more B.A. then before - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

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The Contenders

11 While fighting Chuck Norris
12 While fighting Jackie Evancho
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1. With an explosion behind you
2. Without pants on
3. Flipping the bird and screaming the word that follows it



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