Top 10 Ways to Piss Off Yuri on Ice Fans

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1 Say that it sucks

What's so bad about this show? I haven't watched it but it's getting good reviews - TwilightKitsune

Nothing really. I actually quite like it. It's cute and I recommend it. I'm not gonna deny that it has flaws however. - Absolite

Wont any obsessive fan get mad when you say this

2 Constantly remind them that the name "Yuri" is anime porn
3 Say that it's gay
4 Say that it rips of a certain character
5 Say that it rips off another anime plot or just another anime in general
6 Say that it's overrated
7 Say that Victuuri is not canon

When people or even fans of the show say that Victuuri is not canon:
"Victor and Yuuri did not kiss, the show is just queerbaiting, and they do not love each other because is not explicitly said in the show. And, of course, they definitely did not get engaged, it was just a joke that Victor made. He did not mean it that way."

Even though they do not say that they love each other with those exact words, the looks and affections they share and the actions that express their feelings should be enough to convince people that they are indeed in a relationship.

8 Say that it is the worst anime ever
9 Say that it's for annoying fangirls only
10 Say that one of the characters are ugly

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11 Say you hate it

Side note: This does NOT mean I’m homophobic. I actually do ship some yaoi couples from other anime I’ve seen. I’m just not interested in figure skating. I’ve always found it awkward to watch. So, unless someone explicitly states that the reason they hate Yuri On Ice is because it’s gay, DON’T assume they’re homophobic.
If you read all of this, thank you ❤️

12 Spell Victor's name wrong

This annoys me so much...

13 Say that it was a hug, not a kiss

They censored the kiss. So that means it was just a hug. Just forget the numerous signs that point out that yes, it was in fact a kiss and just forget that the writer confirmed that they did in fact kiss.

14 Say that Boku no Pico is better.

Well, everybody hates Boku no Pico.

15 Say it didn't deserve those Crunchy Role Awards

It’s true, though. Yuri on Ice only got all those votes because it was “popular”. I bet the people who voted didn’t watch anything besides Yuri on Ice that year. Plebs.

16 Make a show similar to Yuri on Ice

Love on Ice is made by Hallmark and then some fans got seriously salty about it because of how similar the stories are but the makers of Love on Ice never heard of this anime.

17 Say it's a ripoff of Free!
18 Tell them it was just fanservice for gay fetishists
19 Hate on Yuri Plisetsky
20 Praise Haikyuu!
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