Top 10 Ways to Tell If a Boy Likes You

If you're a girl, see if the guy you like does any of these things. He really might like you!

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1 He stares at you and when you notice he is staring he quickly looks away

In all my entire life, I have only had one major crush. It started in 6th grade with this guy who sat next to me in my Math and Designs elective. He always tried to make me laugh with his designs and math jokes (which were lame, but it was super endearing). He was a major dork who loved classical music, playing the piano, and was completely quirky. He practically did everything on this list to get my attention. We practically both knew we liked each other because my not so secretive friends dropped major hints to him. And his not so secretive friends dropped major hints to me, too. I was too shy and my social anxiety practically just stopped me from telling him. I don't know what was his excuse, but he never told me either. We both knew, and were in deep denial that either of us liked the other more than friends, but we just never told one another. This practically continued all through middle school, with his and my friends trying to set us up. It never worked. We were too awkward. ...more - Supernatural

Oh no no. That would be way too sweet

One time the teacher in my math class was looking for people to volunteer for math problems on the board. Since I was sitting on the side, I noticed my friend (a boy) was just fidgeting with something and not paying attention up front. There were like 6 problems and for 5 of them he never payed attention. But on the 3rd problem when no one raised their hand to volunteer, I raised mine just to help the teacher and be nice. Right when I was starting to get up, the boy shot his head right up and payed attention to what I was saying the whole time. When I went back to my seat, he stopped paying attention.

Yup! In 6th grade during science, my two partners and I were finally done with our project. Everyone else was doing their test inside the classroom, but our science teacher let us do our project first then our test. So we brought our project back in and placed it at the sink since it was all wet. We went to get our test, and when I turned around, my guy teammate was literally staring into my soul. But after a second or two he went back to his test. I just thought it was because we just came in and began talking to the teacher for our test which disrupted him from focusing and just wanted to listen. Cause I would do that too.

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2 He teases you but doesn't tease other girls

Me and my crush is a separate class in school so he comes up yo me to talk at home time while I wait for him and the first few weeks he starts teasing me by taking my lunch bag and keeping in another place then taking my bag I knew he liked me and I really like him ( he might like me )

Yeah so if the SmoothCriminal is doing this to you yeah he's Flirting with ya because it's the you Make me feel you really turn me on and my lonely days are gone - SmoothCriminal

Some boys tease girls my mom says they like you.

If she would talk to me, I might

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3 He always tries to be with you

He always tries to get closer to me

This happens to me

4 He smiles at you a lot

Yes so true I know from experience

so when I do this ":)" it means I'm smiling at you - SmoothCriminal

Yep he does this

5 He asks you out

Oh I thought asking someone out meant that they hated you /sarcasm

well na shizz i think when the guy asks you out it proves that he likes you duh!

Yeah, wasn't the smartest move on my part; especially the fact that I did it twice and got the same answer:no

Well then no crap it means he likes you he wouldn't be asking you out it just makes it SO obvious

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6 When you walk near him and his friends, his friends start to tease him about it

This is seriously a big tell

7 He always tries to make you laugh or smile

Well, what else can that mean? And if he only targets you, like he does to me, what can that mean? I think the kid would like you if constantly tries to make you smile and laugh.

He was doing a Donald Trump impression, "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! " And I snickered a little bit. Then he looked at me and smiled.

Sometimes my crush manages to make me laugh when he does something stupid or says something funny. He does this because that’s the way he is. Almost every time we talk though, I manage to make him laugh

I have a vote that dose that to me

8 He tries to be friends with you

There's a boy an my school today he was making faces to try to make me laugh but we both do that cause I call him A funny nickname but he likes it its not mean

There's this weird boy at my school that used to flirt with me and now he only smiles at me so he likes me yea! The reasons why he's weird :
1. He dies his hair brown, but he's a natural red head.
2. He has an earring in his right ear.
3. He's weird. - funnyuser

9 He puts his hands on your shoulders when he talks to you

Well not really he wouldn't put his hands on your shoulders that would be weird!

That would be creepy, unless he was actually your boyfriend.

Kind of. - Fandom_Lover

10 He is nervous when he talks to you and he stutters

Yeah this sounds like me, yeah I'm crushing on... - SmoothCriminal

If he could even talk to her
(I'm talking about myself)

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11 He stares at you
12 He invites you to hang out or something

hey foxrocks wanna hang out? , LMAO, - SmoothCriminal

13 He tries to bully or tease you to hide his true feelings

Yes so true he does that all the - RylinB

. Wow I just found out the boy tat used to bully me likes me. But I don't know if I can forgive them for bullying me

That's how my mom and dad met and fall in love. - Fandom_Lover

That has happened a lot to me...

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14 He tries to act all cool around you

! A boy does that to me all the time when I am around πŸ˜†

15 He always picks you if you guys are playing Heads up 7up

He's so funny

I don't necessarily agree with this one because he could just be weird/shy and relying on you as a friend

16 He always makes you smile

Uh the kid I like does that to me all the time and when I'm around him I'm always laughing

This boy always make me smile and always makes me laugh

He's always makes the cutest faces

17 He tries to stay away from you because it is embarrassing
18 He imitates you

Ugh he does this all the time, sometimes its annoying but still rlly cute and funny

19 Always makes you laugh to just see your smile

A kid who likes me does this a lot. I cheered for him in football and we txt each other. Also tries to put his arm around me. He is a good friend but I don't feel the same way about him at all.

20 He plays with your hair

Relatable. - Userguy44

, he always plays with my hair! It’s so annoying!

21 He looks at you all the time and never looks away

This kinda gets creepy to me πŸ˜’

22 His friends tell you he likes you

Yeah this happened to me once lol I just about died

23 He tells everybody he likes you but you

Wait, how do I know? He never told me. - Fandom_Lover

He does that all the time

24 If you drop something he picks it up but not for other girls

This boy does that to me

25 He listens to whatever I say

Even if I've repeated it more than once

26 He tries to play fight with you
27 When someone says that you like him he says "I don't care" and "shut up".

Yes this is true

28 He is protective
29 He stays completely away from you but hangs out with other girls

He does this to me, but it's kinda annoying.

30 He talks about himself

He tries to imprese you so he talks about things that make him cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎

31 He always sits with you at lunch

He always comes over and says

32 He texts you almost everyday
33 He will get super embarrassed if he messes up around you

In advisory orchestra we had a test and I sat next to my crush for the playing part and he messed up a few times and eventually cried, but I don't know he might just be shy too

34 He agrees with everything that you say

This is true, everything I say he agrees with

35 He runs his fingers through your hair

A boy does this to me

To be honest, I’d get mad if someone did this to me

36 He always tries to impress you
37 He tries to make you jealous to see if you'll react

If a boy likes you, he will try to spend a lot of time with other girls, or try to make you jealous to see if you react, if you do, then he'll know you like him and ask yup out

38 He blushes or smiles when you stare at him
39 You tell him that you are going somewhere and when you go there he magically is there and thinks it is a coincidence!

This happens to me all the time. My crush did this to me and 2 months later, we are dating now!

40 He brushes his legs with yours

He brushes them with yours instead of hugging you because he may be shy or just to give you warm love πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

41 He ignores you
42 He makes a fool out of himself

"He always falls, trips, or bumps into me and it's annoying, but cute"

43 He always talks to you or always tries to show you cool things.
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