Ways/Things to Produce Liberal Tears

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Hang A Confederate Flag

Its history, you get rid of history of the flag and all the statues of Confederate generals and soldiers because its 'offensive'. Christ. We still learn about Nazi Germany, that was way worse than what the south did to blacks. Its history and it represents being a southerner, freedom. Also SJW's, this wasn't the main flag, it was the battle flag, if you actually knew the history about what you were protesting, you'd know that... - RustyNail

THANK YOU! Someone finally says something about the Battle Flag. - Stalin

I know the history, I got a 95% total on Social Studies, and I live in Georgia. - Maddox121

Well the confederate flag is a hate symbol if you think about it(CSA left because they wanted slavery.THey cared very little about states rights) so learn some history before saying "muh southern pride" - DarkBoi-X

States seceded not because they wanted slavery, but they disagreed with states rights on slavery. - Nonpointed

Play Baby It's Cold Outside

I actually love this song & I'm Liberal. - RoseWeasley

Call Them Whales
Call Them Guys

Have you seen that one video of the person in GameStop? - Randomator

Bruh,real liberals aren't easily triggered snowflakes that think that there is more than 2 genders.Those are SJW's who are fake liberals. - DarkBoi-X

ITS MAAM - Maddox121

Join 4chan
Raid Tumblr
Whitewash Fan Art
Vote For Trump 2020

Lol he won't go to jail or get impeached - Maddox121

Liberal tears in vain, he's a lock for 2020.

Compare them to Big Chungus

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Tell them The Boy Scouts is for boys, not girls

It is for boys. Girl Scouts doesn't allow boys so why should Boy scouts allow girls. - Nonpointed

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