Top Ten Weird Ways to Die On TheTopTens

I'm not sure it's possible to die on TheTopTens, unless you're careless when it comes to the internet. May this be a lesson to those who tweet their PIN numbers and cry over petty cyber wars.

The Top Ten

1 You look at a new list so horrifically out of order that it slowly drives you to psychopathy, becoming determined to destroy the creator of the list, but eventually kill yourself, realising that your true nemesis: human stupidity, is, in fact, eternal.

I think it's thought-provoking how much thought was put into this. - Cyri

I like this item. But on an unrelated note, the description says "PIN numbers", which is like saying "Personal Identification Number numbers"... - keycha1n

The world is full of fools. If you can't live with that, this could be your fate. - PositronWildhawk

You've thought about this a lot haven't you? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

2 You make a list about weird ways to die online, get depressed by seeing people vote and comment the same thing over and over again on your feed, which makes your subconscience pick up on these ways to die, and you die that way.

So readers, be thoughtful and think of something interesting to say. Not just on this list! - PositronWildhawk

Well that's just weird!
p.s cats rule!

This list sucks and I never want to be on this site again. How was that? - IronSabbathPriest

3 You block a Knife Party fan on TheTopTens messages.

Oh now you're going to die - styLIShT

Seeing the video for Internet Friends will give you the idea. - PositronWildhawk


4 In urgency to keep your online anonymity, you hack into the government computers and erase all proof that you are alive, and are thus legally deceased.

I don't get how someone would do this. - cosmo

Well, this is confusing. - ToptenPizza

They think I'm dead but I'm still alive! - Neonco31

Um, why would you do this? - RockFashionista

5 You find that you are dangerously allergic to TheTopTens only after it has somehow disabled your immune system.

Haha! How can you be allergic to a website? - cosmo

Lolololol YOLO that's funny!

6 A rival TopTenner transmits a virus to your computer, which suddenly becomes a Transformer and blows you up in a cheesy Michael Bay style action sequence.

Man, that would be cool! I wanna see Grimlock

I could actually see people doing this. - ToptenPizza

7 The internal server at TheTopTens encounters an overload; in desperation to get your list published, you try to remotely override the server. This requires you to generate megavolts of electricity. You die when you spill your tea on the generator.

This is actually hilarious! - Neonco31

8 You develop a psychic power that makes things which you read aloud happen in real life, and laugh so hard at this list that you can't help blurt it out.

Except if you ignore all items but this one, you're safe. - PositronWildhawk

9 You read all of PositronWildhawk's lists and get brain damage to death because you can not understand his intellect

I get brain damage from seeing stupid lists. It's two equally powerful mutually exclusive weapons. - PositronWildhawk

This list is getting funny! - cosmo

PositronWildhawk is VERY SMART! - Neonco31

I'm gonna burst with laguther cause this is so funny

10 Having never heard any of the songs on the list of worst songs of all time, you decide to listen to all of the samples. You can't get Anaconda and All About That Bass out of your head and consequently shoot yourself.

Personally, I'm glad both of these songs shot up that list quickly after their mainstream release. But I guess we should just forget them as best as we can. - PositronWildhawk

How could people not have heard All About That Bass? That song was, and still is, overplayed. - Minecraftcrazy530

I'd be shocked if someone hadn't heard Baby yet. - Turkeyasylum

Don't worry, it's not. People had either LIKED Baby in its day (the idiots) or listened to it once to see how bad it was, only to regret it (the smart people). - Turkeyasylum

Lol! That's too funny! - Pony

The Contenders

11 You find a link on TheTopTens homepage that you've never seen before, click on it, and suddenly get a fatal heart attack.

Man, this list is so silly!

12 You become overwhelmed by how many positive singer and celebrity lists Jackie Evancho relentlessly tops.
13 You chat with your friend and your friend messages you a creepy message and you got a heart attack after reading it
14 Looking at the screen for too long
15 Thanos disintegrates you when you're reading a Marvel list
16 Read the 'Most Hated Countries' list and find your country on it and get a metal disease that can never be cured
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