Top Ten Weirdest Things People Do In School

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21 Ask the teacher if she likes smoking weed

People actually do this? -Facepalm- - LemonComputer

Teacher: smoke weed everyday B)-~

22 Wear Makeup

I wouldn't say wearing makeup is weird itself, but when girls break out the big Old Lady Bag with the entire kit and the little prop-up mirror IN CLASS, that's when it's weird! - theOpinionatedOne

I never wear make up.
It's pointless - Lunala

23 Ask if you are going to eat pie

I ask that to my religion teacher. *wink wink*

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24 Start erasing the board

A strange new craze in my school (')_(')

And vandalize it. - nko32

25 Forget to do homework and lie saying it's at home

Never needed to do this myself but in one of my classes there's these three guys who use this excuse every single time we're due to hand homework in. It baffles me how the teacher's never caught on. - Entranced98

Sometimes it works for my class, depending on the teacher and their mood. Often, the teacher goes on about "NO EXCUSES! "

Do this not a lot of the time. But some people do it every week

I actually leave mine at home a lot. WHY IS PUTTING HOMEWORK IN BAG SO DAMN IMPOSSIBLE TO REMEMBER?! - LemonComputer

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26 Ask if algebra wouldn't mind if you dated the ex

That IS damn weird. - LemonComputer

27 Watch a movie

I relate - LemonComputer

28 Make a giant tower of erasers

One day, the english teacher was absent so we were allowed to do anything we want. I tried with my erasers and my partner's erasers who found it interesting. we got 8 erasers and when we were keeping the last eraser, the tower fall down like a very long building after the base was broken. LOL

29 Rip up your test

My whole class did this one time.

30 Take a phone call
31 Take a selfie

What if the teacher joins?

But first let me take a-
Teacher: Sit down and stop taking selfies! - RiverClanRocks

Lemme take a...
Teacher: no child don't u know I GOTTA JOIN IN

32 Yell "666!" in front of the popular kids

Even better: "If you're 555 then I'm 666! " in front of Christian kids. - NikBrusk

My locker is two away from being 666.

I shall do this soon lol

33 Twerk
34 Hoping a teacher would die at some point

Really? Nobody does this, surely. If you do, you're a PSYCHO. GET SOME MENTAL HELP! - LemonComputer

Okay. That's pretty cruel... - Powerfulgirl10

35 Talk about Trump

Doesn't everyone already do that?

My class had to talk about him a few times. And one of my friends calls him Tronald Dump. Hilarious! - Powerfulgirl10

All the kids in my class think calling out "DONALD TRUMP FOR PRES" every five seconds is funny.
Once or twice it's funny, but after that it gets old. - Lunala

36 Count other pupils to know which para we have to read

Laugh out loud! I do that all the time just to be prepared.

And the feeling you get when the bell rings before it's your turn.

Not weird, I do this every time I can

37 Play football V 2 Comments
38 Try to make a pyramid
39 Flick a paper ball at the teacher

Kids throw paper balls in trash cans, and sometimes pretend they're playing basketball or something. - Powerfulgirl10

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40 Stack glue sticks on top of each other
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1. Ask if you are going to eat pie
2. Start erasing the board
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1. Constantly look at the clock
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3. Walk down the hall singing Sexy and I Know it

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