Top Ten Weirdest Things Schools Have Banned


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101 Cartwheels/handstands

My school banned anything like that at recces but not in gym. - Spiritfall

102 Headphones

Okay I'll just blast my death metal for all to hear - emeraldfennekin

103 Hangman
104 Urinals

Because the boys kept "Showing off"



105 Running On the Field

Ummm... I thought the field was for running?

106 Beanie Babies

Especially the ones with MLP: FiM, Pokémon and Disney (including Olaf from Frozen). - playstationfan66

107 Wearing Hats
108 Slutty Clothes

Yoga pants are half the reason I ever got out of bed during high school

Yea, the only reason I go to school besides learning, is seeing girls bobles and ass in dem yoga pants - Gusbus

109 The Library

This applies to my school. How are we supposed to read when we can't go to the library?! - Pegasister12

110 Korn T-Shirts

Korn's not even that bad of a band.

111 Rubber Bands

My teachers would be in deep trouble - emeraldfennekin

112 Selling Things

Students selling really IS BANNED in my school - MLPFan

Why must they stop us from becoming entrepreneurs?
One of my hated teachers told about a selling licence...

113 Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards

The name alone gives you a reason why schools have banned these disgusting things. And let's hope they stay banned!

114 Evony

The CCISD had banned the online game from school grounds for being too risque. - playstationfan66

115 Oreos

Once a kid in 3rd grade came up to me while I was eating an Oreo and he acted like as if I murdered his best friend

116 Pre-Teen Students Saying "Dog's Butt"
117 Unhealthy Food

And what unhealthy food are you talking about?

118 Cars

Like the vehicals or the semi-decent Pixar films? - emeraldfennekin

What the heck they banned this.I want to see a Ferrari,lambhorghini,even a Volvo.

Cars are the best!

119 Holding Hands V 1 Comment
120 Dodgeball

This is going Insane so kinda needed - MChkflaguard_Yt

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