Top 10 Words to Describe Your Parents

The Top Ten Words to Describe Your Parents

1 Loving

simple love give every thing help ,care ,work to best, incourge

Helps me in need, be by my side. Show that you love me.
Do things for me even if hurt or not,but you still can be loving even if you don't do anything.

My parents can be a little nosy and overprotective at times, but I still love them. After all, without them I wouldn't be alive. - Absolite

I agree with this one 100% my mom is the most loving person in the world and she loves me more than anyone I know.

2 Hard-Working

My dad gets up early every morning to go to work then when he comes home he helps my brothers fix whatever in the house needs fixing. He comes home with a headache a lot of days and that doesn't stop him from working hard at his job and at home. My mom stays at home with us kids and you might think that is easy till you hear their are eight of us at home without jobs (there was ten). She teaches us school she takes care of us when were sick and cooks for us of course she often has help but still she works just as hard as dad. After work they still have time to love us nurture us and teach us what is right and wrong. - Cornbreadk

My parents work every day for the whole day just to help us with our daily lives.

Both work full-time, and with three kids and a house to maintain... I don't know how they do it! - keycha1n

I used to think my parents worked way too much and that they should take some time off to have some fun, but really, it’s all for our benefit. The food, the clothes, the toys. Hard-working definitely describes parents.

3 Awesome

My parents are my cool buddies...They are just oo...Some

Parents are awesome!

the best

4 Wonderful

My parents are the worlds best parents... They r simply wonderful!

5 Strict

My Asian parents says: go do the extra work I assigned for u or I'll beat your ass up

My mom has enforced rules and regulations on when I am allowed to watch horror movies and paranormal T.V. shows:

-I am only allowed to watch those during the daytime.
-I am not allowed to watch them during the night and when it's dark outside
-I'm not allowed to watch them when my sister is at home
-I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED to watch those when it's "ghost month" on the Lunar calendar (my mom is Asian and she's EXTREMELY superstitious about that stuff)

Now whenever I want to watch horror/paranormal stuff during those times, I have to watch them in my room without her knowing so she won't catch me.

Eh,my parents are somewhat aren't really strict but they are more strict than the parents of most kids in my grade. - DarkBoi-X

Yes, my oarents are strict. This friend of mine has parents who let her to do ANYTHING she wants as long as it doesn't hurt her. I'm envious of her - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

6 Amazing

Yas! -LetsGoSwagger


Parents are always Amazing
Just look what the are doing for you


7 Arrogant

When I ask my mom something, she discourages me when she's angry or busy.

8 Irritating

Your parents lied to you they don't love you they stole you from your real loving family

My mom gets me in trouble for EVERY SINGLE THING that I do wrong, no matter how minor it is.

At times they are irritating but they are still loving - Arcxia

9 Narcissistic

The icremtiond of the women who gave birth to me and helped me lean in order that ef I had hero it will be them

It is very amazing to have such a long word

It vry good

This describes the woman who gave birth to me (I choose not to use the word “mother” because I believe you earn the title). 100%. Ever heard of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)? Describes her to a T! My sperm donor (same explanation as above) is the enabler. He would rather carry out the Queen of All Narcissist’s wrath on us children...I take that back...on ME (the scapegoat), than to take it himself. Sister is the Golden Child. Brother is the Lost Child (has special needs). Today is Mother’s Day. The evil sicko who has made my life a living hell planted lies in my own daughter’s head about me without my knowledge. I had no idea until it was too late. This Mother’s Day, I have NO family. ZERO. ZILCH. All because of the lies. Do you know why? every time she tried to hurt me, I just ignored her. Little did I know, that this small act enraged the narcissist MORE! It has come to the point now where I fear for my life over her pure evilness. Yet, to others, she is a ...more

10 Talkative

My parents talk a lot during parties and family gatherings and also whenever my mom talks to our CA relatives she would talk for HOURS and she sometimes would still talk even when it's like 3 AM in eastern time (We live in Philly. It's midnight in Pacific time). She goes to her room and talk and when I was going to bed SHE IS STILL ON THE PHONE.

Too talkative is what my mom is. My dad understands that I need silence. - Therandom

Yep. - HeyImAsher

Mom can we go? "No. I'm talking."

*insert SpongeBob transition here*

"Ok. Let's go! "

*sees someone else and starts talking*

The Contenders

11 Protective

My mom is ridiculously overprotective of me and takes it up to eleven. I'm 26 years old and she will not allow me to leave the house unsupervised, even if I just want to go to a store that's across the street from my house.

Have you tried confronting her about it? Because you really should. Your mom should not have that much power over your life at your age. - IFeedDogsChocolate

Protective parents are the best because that shows they truly care about you.

Except for when it comes to anxiety and depression, which is what can be fueled from overprotective parents. Kids need some autonomy. - IFeedDogsChocolate

Mine are ridiculously overprotective over what I do on the Internet. It's annoying, really. - RockFashionista

Mine are OVERprotective

12 Inspiring

My parents are a inspiration to me xo

Thanks yaar

13 Nostalgic

This is me, not my parents. I'm jealous that they got to live in the 80's and I didn't. - RockFashionista

14 Kind

My mom is super kind

My parents are very kid because the gave birth to me and didn't throw me away u should love your parents more than anything 🥺🥰😂😘😜

15 Ignorant

I rather not explain why just to save myself a headache.

Doesn't understand my perspective of things.

No, not all parents, mine are nice

It is true but not always

16 Overprotective

This is my mom.

She will not let me step out of the house for more than 1/2 hour during the summer from 1-5 PM in fear that I will get sunburned after only 1 second. It happened after I got a bad sunburn at Disneyland 3 years ago.

She won't let me use the kitchen stove to cook when I'm alone in the kitchen.

She won't let relatives drive me to parties.

The saddest part is that she will not let me go anywhere alone, AND I'M 26 YEARS OLD! She won't even let me go the dollar store THAT'S LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE alone!

This is just a small sample.

That sucks. My mom acts the same way about going outside, and I'm 28...

And I don't live at her house either! - KingSlayer93316

It's good to have protective parents, but overprotective parents aren't the worst. And no, that wasn't a typo. I'm not allowed to play Grand Theft Auto V, and I don't want to play it now since it has nudity. - cdxtreme

I was watching Parasyte, and my dad walked past and asked me, "You're not watching something involved with fights, hm? ". So I had to lie and answered with, "Ah, no, this is a series about a boy going on a child-friendly adventure! ". Seriously, it's not like I'm gonna turn into a heartless psychopath after watching something a little violent... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

My big sister use to have a friend who couldn't watch Adventure Time at 11 years old. - Lunala

17 Hypocritical

Yeah, my dad hates it when I flip out when I get mad but he does it every single day. - DrayTopTens

I actually agree with this one - MLPFan

I don't cuss with really bad things like I don't use the f word or s word or b word, I say heck crap Fri*k the*n but that's about it. If my parents found out I would be grounded.

I am Raghavery and you murdered me

18 Loud

YES! My parents constantly yell at me over every little thing, and when my dad is furious, he screams the house down! (We're Asian)

My dad is loud. He even looks loud! - Britgirl

Asian Parents omggg

Watch out when they’re Asian and angry

19 Funny

My mom has no sense of humor. mum... She is funny without trying. Today we took a taxi to a part of town we very rarely visit. The friendly driver asked "So where are we going, love? "
My mum, bless her, replied "I don't know exactly where this building is, but it's cream-coloured and has steps leading up to the door." She honestly didn't know why the taxi driver and I laughed. - Britgirl

I love these guys! - LetsGoSwagger

20 Weird
21 Superior
22 Cheap

I was at the store with my mom. She told me to find 4 AA batteries. I found 2 types: A 4-pack of Duracell Quantum AA batteries for $1.10, and a 4-pack of some random no-name carbon zinc batteries for $1. She made me get the one that was 10 cents cheaper, thinking that it will make no difference. She had to use 6 times as many batteries. She wasted lots of money, because she wanted to save ten cents. - Kaboom

Well parents usually have a spending budget they have to stay away from - 170253

My mom thinks that $10 for a book is is "too expensive"

Asian parents in a nutshell

23 Annoying

Very loving, but very annoying too - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

YES, sometimes!

It true she's always in my bizz 😫

24 Bitch

My mom don't want me anymore she says I'm too much for her to deal with

Don't you have anything good to say about your mom

Woow you gave birth to yourself... How did you do that?

Never never!

25 Nosy

Mine wants to know my secrets that I keep from EVERYONE

My dad always stares at my computer screen

The most privacy I have is my diary...on my tablet...where no one can see it.

26 Dramatic

"You'll never be successful! "
When they see I conquered Europe and the U.S.- "You're a monster! " - Therandom


Me: I got a B+ on my test
Mom: B+? (We're Asian)

Me: (accidentally drops/breaks something) Oops!

27 Gamers

My parents are extremely tech-savvy and practically everything in our house is run by some creepy device. They're actually SAD that I want REAL, PHYSICAL books for Christmas instead of buying them on my kindle. Don't get me wrong, I admire modern technology, but my parents must have been raised on 80's tech and no nostalgia whatsoever. - RockFashionista

Actually, my parents still live in the 70s, pretty much. They hate how the 'net is popular nowadays, and the only games they've heard of are arcade games. Not like the games thing is bad-it's just a mystery where I got it from. - Garythesnail

Yes, that's my Dad. He plays Dream of Mirror Online, as do I. He also plays Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind, as well as the Civilization games. My mom mostly plays hidden object games. Somehow they produced a child, known as me, that plays Daggerfall, the Sims, and Virtual Villagers. Of course all of these were introduced to me by one or more of my parents. - Merilille

My mom and dad love video games. When I got them a Wii U about 3 years ago, they went crazy. The first thing they did was download Mortal Combat X and played it for a long time. And when Mario Kart 8 came out, I bought it for them, and they got excited, and wanted to play it. We played for maybe 3 hours. I love my parents because they're just like me, lol - KingSlayer93316

28 Sexist

Woah! did not see this coming - KingSlayer93316

29 Relentless
30 Manipulating

Mom hides the cookies after saying I can have a few


In summer 2017:

Mom: we’re going to a Chinese Lantern Festival and you have you go too
Me: but mom I don’t wanna go it sounds so boring.
Mom: no you’re going and that’s final
Me (to Dad): do I have to?
Dad: yes
Me: fine >:(

At Disneyland 2015:

Me: can I ride Star Tours, Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion?
Mom: no the wait time is too long. We will ride it’s a Small World and Casey Jr instead cause the wait times are shorter
Me: I would rather wait over 1 hr for good rides instead of 10 minutes for baby rides >:(
Mom: no we are riding slow rides and that’s final
Me: fine >:(

31 Willful

My dad is so stubborn. He has high blood sugar like me, but unlike me, he lacks self-control over his sweets intake. He CONSTANTLY eats desserts and drink sweetened beverages while I enjoy desserts occasionally and avoid sweetened beverages at all costs.

32 Creepy

Only if they stare at you when they're mad

33 Everything

My family is my everything - Righteous

34 Rude

My mom always tells me to "move it! " instead of saying "excuse me"

To be honest, my parents are rude to me and are jerks - MLPFan

MLPFan, same, my mom slaps me and calls me a bitch, but I love my dad and step-mom - Swiftdawn

35 Idiotic

My dad constantly calls himself stupid cause he don't know basic things. For example:

-I'm so stupid I don't know how to update my phone
-I'm so stupid my english is so bad (we're Asian)
-I'm so stupid I don't know how to use a computer

He is NOT stupid! He just believes that he's stupid because he has no desire to learn new things. If he has the time and heart to actually learn stuff, he wouldn't be calling himself stupid in the first place!

My mom likes Disney, but can't recognize all the characters. For example, I have a Perry the Platypus pet mode plush, and when I first got it, she's like, "why do you love that duck so much, it's ugly, and why do you keep calling it "Perry"?

-first of all, it's a platypus, not a duck.
-the name of the character is Perry.
-ducks do not have flat tails, paws, or huge eyes.

I am 1000% atheist. I have an obsession with the Greek gods from Disney’s Hercules and my my dad thinks that I worship Jesus.

Me: *snapchat, Insta, Youtube, Spotify*
Mom: Oh are you listening to a Mozart tape on your big MP3 player?
Me: Mom, it's my iphone 7, and I'm listening to Cardi B
Mom: Is that Mozart's little sister?
Me: *face slap* - Swiftdawn

36 Moist
37 Stylish

Yeah, no. My mother has no idea what boys wear, and my father, actually, he knows how to dress, plain and simple. - Therandom

38 Evil
39 Boring

I swear that I have the most boring mom in the entire US, if not the world. She prefers to stay at home during the summer than go on any vacations :(

Mine are a little boring.

My parents would rather stay at home than go on vacations during the summer because they constantly complain that it makes them tired, they’re old, it wastes their time, etc.

They’re just making up excuses to stay home and watch T.V. and play the iPad.

40 Antidisestablishmentarianist

I'm laughing! Who added this on here, I wonder? - Luxam

Is this even English?! Lol - KingSlayer93316

I'm laughing as well

Floccinaucinihilipilification is a much better word.

41 Liars

We are Asian and our relatives say these CONSTANTLY:

-They tell little kids to not go upstairs because there is a dog. (We don't even own a dog)
-cheese+watermelon=stomachache (What about all those watermelon and feta salad recipes)
--eating watermelon seeds=bad and they will grow inside of you. (I swallowed them and nothing happened.)

Me: what's wrong?
Mom: None of your business! Nothing!
Mom: we are getting divorced and moving to Miami.
Me: wha... - Swiftdawn

42 Flatulent

My dad farts too much. Sometimes they smell horrible!

43 Badass

Sooo true

44 Rushing

My parents rush me for everything. Even my work but want me to get all A's like bish what?!

YES! My mom will tell me to do something and I will be like “OK give me just 5 seconds” and she will say loudly. “NOW! Not 5 seconds, you’re wasting my time here! ”

They can be so impatient sometimes

45 Difficult

My mom is so stubborn. I got sunburned too easily in 2016. My mom is so overprotective that she forced me to wear hats on cloudy days and during the sunset hours. Now 2 years later, my skin has dramatically improved and I haven’t had a single sunburn since summer started. I tried to prove it to my mom, but she still forced me to wear a hat during the sunset hours. I wish I could convince her to trust me :(

46 Transphobic

My relatives are Asian. I'm a female but I am more of a tomboy than a girly girl. While growing up my relatives always expected me to be and act like a girly girl because of my gender.

47 Ruthless

My mom giggles when she hits me and I cry my life away - Swiftdawn

48 Tech-savvy

My parents are Asian and they are HORRIBLE with technology. They don’t know how to use my desktop PC!

49 Brave

No my parents are scaredy cats. My mom is TERRIFIED of dreams, horror movies, the paranormal, and anything that involves ghosts and the dead. (We're Asian)

50 Frugal

This goes with “cheap”

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