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1 Loving

My mom said I'm her favorite because I'm special and she says I'm "the prettiest daughter I have" even though my lips are bigger than a miniature candy bar and she says I'm very smart and artistic. - PrincessKiana

My parents can be a little nosy and overprotective at times, but I still love them. After all, without them I wouldn't be alive. - Absolite

I agree with this one 100% my mom is the most loving person in the world and she loves me more than anyone I know.

My parets love me

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2 Hard-Working

I'm not going to continue throwing shade at my mom but she does work hard to feed us and pay the bills. - PrincessKiana

Both work full-time, and with three kids and a house to maintain... I don't know how they do it! - keycha1n

My parents work every day for the whole day just to help us with our daily lives.

3 Ignorant

I rather not explain why just to save myself a headache.

Doesn't understand my perspective of things.

It is true but not always

My dad only... the drug and alcohol addicted person who never pay child support and neglected his children. - Lucretia

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4 Narcissistic
5 Talkative

I ask my mom "can we go? " and mom is talking to someone and she says "in a minute! " 15 minutes pass and we're still here! - PrincessKiana

Too talkative is what my mom is. My dad understands that I need silence. - Therandom

To talkative is neither of my parents, my dad maybe - Lucretia

Mom can we go? "No. I'm talking."

*insert SpongeBob transition here*

"Ok. Let's go! "

*sees someone else and starts talking*

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6 Awesome

Parents are awesome!

My parents are my cool buddies...They are just oo...Some

7 Loud

My dad is loud. He even looks loud! - Britgirl

My mom knows that I don't like loud voices or sounds but she speaks loudly anyway grr... - PrincessKiana

8 Irritating

Your parents lied to you they don't love you they stole you from your real loving family

At times they are irritating but they are still loving - Arcxia

9 Annoying

Very loving, but very annoying too - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

It true she's always in my bizz 😫

10 Hypocritical

My mom says "No cussing! " but she cusses at everyone though! My dad doesn't care if I cuss. - PrincessKiana

I actually agree with this one - MLPFan

I don't cuss with really bad things like I don't use the f word or s word or b word, I say heck crap Fri*k the*n but that's about it. If my parents found out I would be grounded.

My pa

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11 Overprotective

It's good to have protective parents, but overprotective parents aren't the worst. And no, that wasn't a typo. I'm not allowed to play Grand Theft Auto V, and I don't want to play it now since it has nudity. - cdxtreme

I was watching Parasyte, and my dad walked past and asked me, "You're not watching something involved with fights, hm? ". So I had to lie and answered with, "Ah, no, this is a series about a boy going on a child-friendly adventure! ". Seriously, it's not like I'm gonna turn into a heartless psychopath after watching something a little violent... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

My big sister use to have a friend who couldn't watch Adventure Time at 11 years old. - Lunala

Although I love my parents very much, sometimes they are too overprotective but I do understand why. - ivylee

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12 Wonderful

My parents are the worlds best parents... They r simply wonderful!

13 Protective

Mine are ridiculously overprotective over what I do on the Internet. It's annoying, really. - RockFashionista

Protective parents are the best because that shows they truly care about you.

Indeed. Mine won't even let me use the MICROWAVE when they aren't home. - Garythesnail

14 Strict

Yes, my oarents are strict. This friend of mine has parents who let her to do ANYTHING she wants as long as it doesn't hurt her. I'm envious of her - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

My parents are strict

No Instagram
No snapchat
No Nike shoes (apparently they are bad for your feet? I don't know lol)
Clean your room
Do chores all day

ugh but they are still cool - Lunala

15 Arrogant

When I ask my mom something, she discourages me when she's angry or busy.

16 Dramatic

"You'll never be successful! "
When they see I conquered Europe and the U.S.- "You're a monster! " - Therandom

17 Creepy
18 Nosy

Mine wants to know my secrets that I keep from EVERYONE

19 Nostalgic

This is me, not my parents. I'm jealous that they got to live in the 80's and I didn't. - RockFashionista

20 Cheap

I was at the store with my mom. She told me to find 4 AA batteries. I found 2 types: A 4-pack of Duracell Quantum AA batteries for $1.10, and a 4-pack of some random no-name carbon zinc batteries for $1. She made me get the one that was 10 cents cheaper, thinking that it will make no difference. She had to use 6 times as many batteries. She wasted lots of money, because she wanted to save ten cents. - Kaboom

My mom hates spending a lot of money but if I see something good and it's about 20-30 dollars, she's like "Oh hell nah, get something else! " I seriously think she's just as cheap as Mr. Krabs. But my dad just straight up will get it for me, that's why I ask my dad for everything lol! - PrincessKiana

Well parents usually have a spending budget they have to stay away from - 170253

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