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Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail. Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world. She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing more.


Lucy in my opinion, is the most whiny, most annoying, most conceited and most selfish character in anime history ever. She has attitude and is really rude to Happy and Natsu even though most of the time they do nothing wrong. And she says "lame" and "pathetic" when Natsu or some other fight character messes up! Um, Why not try fighting yourself girlie, if you think all the other people fighting are lame?! She is annoying and is constantly whining about something. She's coldhearted, disses other characters and has this big fat attitude about EVERYTHING! She's useless, annoying, whiney, pathetic, selfish, rude and very, very conceited!

I don't get why Lucy gets so much hate. She's an extremely nice character, and just because she's not as strong as Natsu doesn't mean she's weak. She has come so far and gained so much magic power. In the beginning she could only summon one celestial spirit and now she can summon three and use star dress. She's saved Fairy Tail multiple times. She's clever, kind, and very heartwarming. Lucy is no doubt one of the best Fairy Tail characters.

Lucy is by far the most annoying character in Fairy Tail. Like seriously everything about her just screams "I'm a little 5 year old girl that's going to be a burden on everyone". UGH, the series would be so much better without her being on the screen. I don't care about her or her stupid celestial spirits. Just take this atrocity of a character out of the series please

*Ahem* Lucy lived in a mansion with no magic until her mother died and she gave the Aquarius' key to her. WAIT A MINUTE. SHE WAS LIKE 8 WHEN SHE WIELDED ON OF THE MOST POWER FULLEST KEYS. Then her father started to neglect her. NOT AS HORRIBLE AS ERZA'S BUT SAD. Years later her father died and he gave her many presents on her birthday. GETTING MORE SADDER. She saved Fairy Tail a lot of times even though people say she's weak. SHE'S STILL SAVING FAIRY TAIL IN THE MANGA.

To be honest, there is no need to be rude and not care about others' opinions, but overall, Lucy is a slightly flawed character, in some definition. She has been a bit of a typical female character in the entire series, and didn't get as much development as I hoped. Overall, don't get me wrong: she's not the worst character, but simply just more of a nonunique, bland character... But I still respect all of your opinions (good or bad), so that is all.

She's one of those typical dumb blonde bimbos and it pisses me off how she literally gets in trouble everywhere and always gets saved due to (drumrolls) FRIENDSHIP. BECAUSE FRIENDSHIP IS BLOODY MAGIC. ONE TRUE MAGIC. LOVE FOR YOUR FRIENDS. I cannot anymore

Lucy gets so much hate, and to be honest, it annoys me to no end. "She's too weak" or "She has no purpose". I LOVE that she's not INCREDIBLY OVERPOWERED AND INVINCIBLE like everyone else! She's REALISTIC. Sure, she does do some stuff that makes you facepalm, but what character doesn't? Hmm? Lucy is the one character where you can honestly say that she WON'T win every fight she's in by friendship power - which gets SO old. She's got flaws. She's not perfect. And THAT makes a good character.

She gets in the way of fairy tail members and she is not needed. she and natsu do not seem to hold any romantic feelings for each other so I do not think they are meant to be together. I have tried covering her face of the fairy tail cover and she can be excluded because she is not needed at all she is the extra one. She should have been someone else working on the streets instead of going to fairy tail just because of her stupid dream.

OK people Lucy is a bad character but not the worst like makoto ito for example ruin 3 girls hearts by cheating on all of them, having sex with 2 of them, and acting innocent to all of them and of course many more and Pico for example do I really have to explain HIM? But Lucy is a flawed character done. Thanks for reading

Why would you hate her? Because is is not heroic like Natsu and the others? Come on... She has the most wonderful heart ever. She stands together with her spirits and helps them. Seriously?

2nd worst anime character of all time, she appear practically in every episode even when it 's other characters turn to shine ad some how they always makes it about her, like this entire world revolves around her, she's considered one of the main characters,but and it my opinion after they introduced her in the first episodes they should've moved on to other characters or made another quest characters

I really hate her she's weak and oh god she use's her looks to get what she wants( life lesson kids don't show off you're looks ) I never ever liked her from the start and please stop yelling at Natsu and Happy. Shen is the reason why I stopped watching fairy tail

Even though I like Fairy Tail, I hate Lucy. She always relies on her celestial spirits to help her. Besides she's pretty annoying. Erza is 1000 times better than her hands down.

I have no problem with her being weak but it's just the clothes she chooses like from the kid section and she use her sex appeal to distract her enemies so that her friends will have the upper hand and still she's main character and to all those people saying that celestial spirits only as powerful as their mage you're talking as if her spirits strong huh they're just as dumb as lucy I mean yukino is better...

Such a horrible and annoying character, she is absolutely worthless to the continuity of the story. Add that to the fact that she is the main character, oh lord save this series by taking out this crappy main character lol. It's always a breath of fresh air whenever this crybaby isn't on the manga panel lmao.

I feel like most of the time Lucy is useless. I'm not going to say I'm correct just yet, because I am still watching the show, but her power just seems pethetic compared to everyone else's. It's not my least favorite person and the show would be different without her, but sometimes she can really bother me, and I can definitely see why she's on this list. Seriously though I don't know why but I think a lot of Cherami Leigh characters annoy me. (Some not all)

All these people saying she's weak and useless, yet she's done so much to her guild. If Lucy never joined Fairy tail then Juvia and Gajeel would have never joined. There are many reasons why Lucy isn't useless, but you clearly are blind and stupid that you don't see what Lucy being here has been a good impact on the story.

I hate to say this but my theory on the future of Natsu beating Zeref is by Zeref or someone killing Lucy Heartfilia which got Natsu to unlock his true form. OBVIOUSLY if that happens Lucy somehow is resurrected by Zeref or something else if not she probably is somehow alive. Trust me after seeing Gajeel and Juvia's death it might happen. If that happens hatersgonnafeels

Lucy is so much weaker than all of the other characters in the anime. I wonder why they even put her in there. She's really too weak.

Do you actually know why is lucy is involved because she's so loely I never like her she's not strong only the strongest is Erza she always wears slippers always wear earings and the fact that I hate about her is that she isn't strong she always smile even if they're almost dead and the fact that I wanted her to be like erza to be strong that I don't like her crying ALL the time because you know I get annoyed when somebody cried on a anime show.

Lucy Heartfilia is one of the reasons I don't watch Fairy Tail. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

! I hate this girl! She is always sticking her nose EVERYWHERE! My god, would it kill her to get a life and stay out of other people's business? She also kinda acts like an airhead sometimes...

She is weak, she is dumb, she is incredibly annoying, and she should be dead. Now would you shut up about it and face the truth of the matter, you imbeciles?!

She thinks that she has such a bad past, but compared to people like Erza, her life was cake.

They should've named the anime "lucy" and done with it, she ruined the entire series that and the fan service