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21 Goten Goten
22 Chris Thorndyke - Sonic X Chris Thorndyke - Sonic X

I don't know why they shifted so much focus from sonic to chris. But on top of it all that he's just annoying, whiny and the only purpose he serves to the show is to agree with everything Sonic says. I guess they wanted a character that other kids in the audience can relate to, but they make him a rich kid with a scientist granpa, president dad, and supermodel mother. Yeah, real relatable...

I didn't have a problem with chris nor Sonic X, Sonic X used to be one of my favorite shows until the most dumb thing happened the thing when the gang went to outer space and time when chris was exposed to be 18 and was stuck in his body from when he was a kid and that's when it got dumb for me

This one character ruined the show.

It should be called Chris X because every episode is about him. - LaST_LiGHT

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23 Serena - Pokemon XY Serena - Pokemon XY Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship more.

Completely, utterly useless, more than Sakura or Karin or Akane

She's a terrible role model. Pathetic, useless, stupid, selfish, obsessive about Ash...see worst Pokemon characters page. I don't have enough energy right now to write the five-page essay that would explain all the things wrong with this character. She has nothing going for her. - eventer51314

She's even worse now that she got her stupid haircut. And why does she look so much like Patty Thompson from Soul Eater now? Curse her haircut! Not to mention I heard she threw a tantrum against Ash! Does this girl have any control whatsoever?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She obsesses over Ash far too much and hardly pays any attention to Clemont, which is really annoying seeing how much more awesome and supportive Clemont is - she should know she's one lucky girl to have him around. - Entranced98

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24 Chi Chi - Dragon Ball Z Chi Chi - Dragon Ball Z

She's just really annoying and over all lame. Who tells their son to study while Earth is being attacked?!

I don't wanna make anyone mad, but Goku should've married Suno, the girl from Jingle Village. She admired Goku, and Goku wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for her. plus, she wouldn't turn her child into a nerd

Don't worry, no-one cares about Chi-Chi anyway. They won't be mad seeing her be mistreated. - Goku02

She forbade Gohan when he wanted to save Piccolo ( after the fight with Vegeta) and selfishly scolded him for wanting to do so, think he had turned into a brat, resulting in the two most peaceful and naive people in the entire universe - Goku and Gohan - mad, irritated and annoyed.

Remember when Chi-Chi was a cute, lovable, and sometimes badass the original Dragon Ball? Z and Super totally ruined Chi Chi and I now hate her with a burning passion. One episode that really made me despise her was the one after Goku vs Beerus. Didn't Goku tell her to save that 100 million yen and not spend it all in one place?! Plus, she has the stupidest excuses for Goku and his sons to not save the world. THE WORLD IS IN DANGER WOMAN, THIS IS NO TIME FOR WORK AND SCHOOL, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! - OnyxDash

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25 Kinkaku - Naruto Shippuden
26 Whis - Dragon Ball Super Whis - Dragon Ball Super

How is he annoying?

Boring and unflappable... A stark contrast to a set *once* full of vibrant and interesting characters who were inevitably reduced to mere "shells".

Whis? No. He's funny actually. - TwilightKitsune

Whis is strong why is he here

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27 Beerus - Dragon Ball Super Beerus - Dragon Ball Super Beerus is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Beerus made his first appearance in the 2013 feature film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.
28 Rem Saverem - Trigun
29 Light Yagami - Death Note Light Yagami - Death Note Light Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Everyone touts Light as an amazing villain, but he's terrible. He has no attachment to anything he's doing, he's incredibly generic, and, worst of all, he's an idiot.

Yes, I went there.

(Spoilers) (A lot of Spoilers)

Light had been given every single advantage that could be mustered. He had not 1, not 2, but 3 magic notebooks that could kill everyone over the course of the show, and he even had access to a horribly stupid and easily manipulated Shinigami that he used to kill L. He was in an easy position to get the names and faces of criminals, and people were throwing their names and faces at him left and right. And he still screwed everything up. He vastly narrowed down his position by falling for the most obvious trap ever by killing Lind L Taylor, and he (once again) only made it as far as he did because L didn't technically have any proof that he was Kira, even though he knew it. After L's death he basically sits around twiddling his thumbs all day instead of ...more

Why light? Put someone else here. - Number18

Honestly I don't hate the character but I need to leave a comment for who ever said he was a good person sure he thought he was doing good but he became a total power freak and as much as I don't want to admit it... I don't really think anyone deserves to be killed or at the very least I feel like if you kill someone it is horriable, sure I really don't like some people but at least I don't kill them... Also he killed a lot of innocent people even his own father... I mean what he did wasn't totally unjustified but still my opinion is it wasn't right.-.

An amazing villain bad protagonist

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30 Gotenks - Dragon Ball Gotenks - Dragon Ball
31 Akane Tsunemori - Psycho-Pass


32 Gendo Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion Gendo Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion Gendo Ikari is a fictional character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. He is the commander of NERV.

Who's worse as a father, Gendo or Shou Tucker? I dunno. But they both are horrible fathers. Gendo basically abandons Shinji when his mother dies, and after all thise years of neglecting him, he decides he needs him, and forces Shinji to do his bidding. You want someone to blame for Shinji's insecurities? Blame this guy. - Elric-san


He sucks lol

33 Ginkaku - Naruto Shippuden
34 Iris - Pokemon Black and White

She calls everyone "a little kid," Including adults

She doesn't realize she is 'a little kid' herself, which is very annoying.

She acts like she is better than everyone, and she is a lot like a hypocrite calling everyone "a little kid." She has got to stop insulting people

Iris is annoying, but I think that Pokemon Black and White was better than the original (don't kill me please just watch a couple of episodes)

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35 Nagisa Furukawa - Clannad Nagisa Furukawa - Clannad

Don't hate on Nagisa she's really nice

How on earth did Nagisa get on the list? She is very kindhearted and nice. She isn't a villain nor has she done anything wrong.

I don't hate Nagisa, but a dead fish has a more distinct personality than her...

She is nice but I'm sorry I kinda find her a bit annoying. Maybe its just me...

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36 Mako Mankanshoku - Kill la Kill Mako Mankanshoku - Kill la Kill

We all usually hate the characters meant to be the comedic relief (see Jar Jar as an example). Mako is the exception to the rule.

Mako is literally one of the best and likable comedic relief characters I've ever seen, get her off this list. - Rue

The ONLY comic relief character that I like. Everyone else is annoying

An annoying little brat - YourWaifuSucks

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37 Master Roshi - Dragon Ball Master Roshi - Dragon Ball

He's a pervert. I can't stand this guy.

The dragonball version of jiraiya

Funny old man he makes the women made quite often

Sure, Roshi's a perv
Sure, he's old

but, he taught Goku the kamehameha so yeah

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38 Shiba Miyuki (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)

If she is the reason why Tatsuya wasn't the best anime character ever, then I hate her! - SelfDestruct

Try kissing your own brother Tatsuya in front of my eyes, Miyuki. I DARE YOU! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

And I thought Leafa was bad. Miyuki is actually in a ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP WITH HER BROTHER. She is a bad representation of brother-sister relationships and promotes incest. I hate Miyuki Shiba. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She goes, "Onii-sama! " every two seconds. God help our bleeding ears... - Hybri

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39 Alois - Black Butler

Alois is my favourite character although I guess I can see why people would dislike him. :/

I love Alois, but I get why people hate him.

What?! How did Alois get in here? Alois is one of the sweetest, most adorable anime characters I know. And come on, his death was so sad

I cringe every time I see him

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40 Weevil Underwood - Yugioh
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