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At first I liked katara but seriously I'm a little tired of her. There are way too many episodes about her when there are other good characters that deserve some spotlight too.

The single most annoying character ever created for the series.

I just find her personality extremely boring and bland. Sure people say 'Aang and Toph are annoying! ' (personally I find them awesome). But Aang is funny and strong... And at least toph is different from other girls! Katara... Ugh! Such a typical personality! She's really boring, I only like her when she fights. Otherwise she bores me to death.

I hated her in the final Agni Kai. It was supposed to be between Azula and Zuko and she could've jumped out of the way of the lightning. Katara's been in many situations like that but suddenly she just freezes up causing Zuko to take the hit for her. It would've been poetic justice if Zuko finished the fight. I get that he technically won when Azula shot the lightning, but I wanted to see Zuko beat Azula in a battle at the end of the series to show how much he developed.

She is the most hypocrite character in the series by far. She blamed Zuko for sending pirates to attack Aang when she was the one that stole the scroll and put the whole team at risk. If she had not stolen the scroll, the pirates would not have had a personal reason to go after them.

When Zuko joins the team. Even Aang (which is the character that should hate him the most) agrees with his integration. Zoka is ok with Aangs decision, but Katara? she goes ahead and threatens Zuko's life like if she was the center of the universe. She's a nobody but thinks she has the authority to get into everyone's business.

Wow...after reading this, I'm safe to say she's the main antagonist in the series. Has anybody felt the same (whether you all saw the series once or more)? - wariolady

I vote for her... Cause yes, she DOES belong on this list. She thinks she should be in charge of everyone, including her OLDER BROTHER. But really, she can just stfu and stay out of everyone's business.

She's a static character throughout the entirety of the series, and even though there are perceived changes they seem forced onto her character. Each interaction she has with the other characters around her could easily be written in as problems they face themselves. (e.G. Toph's last scam could have just as easily been Toph's idea. )

When there're moments that seem to have a good flow of the plot, Katara seems shoehorned in at moments where she just isn't wanted by the audience, and ultimately degrades the experience that a well planned plot twist can use to impact a viewer. (e.G. The last Agni Kai between Zuko and Azula. )

If a character can be completely left out of a story and literally nothing be different, then that character has no real changes and leaves little impact on the viewer, Katara could have been completely written out and nothing but Aang's love interest would be different.

The moment she threatened zuko's life, any likability I had for her went away ( by that I mean tossed out the window).

Now, I like Katara at her best, but at her worst, she's easily my least favorite character.

She's blatantly hypocritical during the episode where she steals with pirates (made even worse by the fact that Aang encourages her for it.)

If you do something to offend her, or inconvenience her in any way, you'd better believe that the entire episode will be about her being mad at you for something that is usually very small.

She has this infuriating smugness about her whenever something bad happens to someone she's mad at, and isn't above making some absolutely VENOMOUS comments out of spite.
(Ex. "The stars sure are beautiful tonight...too bad you can't see them, Toph! ")

She is by far the most angsty character in the series, talking about her past and being disproportionately upset about it in pretty much every episode where she's the focus. I've heard of a good term for undeserved angst: allow me to present Wangst! (Waah! + Angst.)

Oh boy, where to start? She's one of the biggest hypocrites in the show. She often insult or offend others and never faces consequences but if someone does the same to her it comes back to bite them in the ass. She's controlling and bossy, but gets mad if people tell her what to do. She criticises her friend for being childish when she herself is not much different.
Then there's the Agni Kai. She refused to trust Zuko second time for so long even after he explained himself, but apparently has no problem trusting PSYCHOPATHIC Azula to stick to the rules enough to stand in plain sight the entire fight.

Katara is so boring and dumb, I hate it when she acts like the so-called mom of the gang, she is so stupid.

Why is Katara up here? She's one of the most developed characters in the show! Most people complain about how she mastered water bending too quickly but it took her ONE SEASON to do it, that's a third of the entire show!

And her being mean to Zuko? Seriously?! This is the guy that used her mother's necklase to track her down, the guy that raided her village, the guy that tried to kill her and her friends multiple times and even helped Azula KILL Aang! Tell me again about how her actions aren't justified.

She can be rude and she can be selfish, but that only makes her more human. She was the first person to trust Zuko in the crystal catacombs, and what did he do? KILLED THE AVATAR WITH AZULA.

And if you haven't realized, Katara isn't the person to 'forgive and forget' like Aang, Sokka or Toph. She holds grudges. Remember what happened when she met Jet again? Her trust with him was broken and she kicked his ass.

So in conclusion, she's just a normal human ...more

And not to mention most of her fans are overstimating her and are easily offened...

I just don't like her in "The Firebending Masters" when Zuko lost his firebending and Katara had the nerve to say, "Maybe you're just not as good as you think you are.". How would she feel if she suddenly lose her bending and when she'd tell people they would just say, "Maybe you were always bad at it.".

She's not my least favorite character and I don't think that any Avatar character is "badly written". It's just that some characters may have personalities that you may not like. I don't really have a problem with Katara it's just that I think there's too many episodes centered around her. I would much rather prefer an episode about Toph or Azula and her friends before they betrayed her.

I also do feel Katara is a fake ally to the team (if you all think jeopardizing the team's goal counts). It's so obnoxious how people think she shouldn't be punished for all the awful things she's done (i'm looking at you painted lady and southern raiders episodes), like she deserves a free pass when clearly she doesn't deserve it. She also doesn't deserve a boyfriend (Aang) since she clearly has no clue what the meaning of true romance is - wariolady

No way should Katara ever be on this list. I know that she isn't perfect. But no one else is.

Now I know that sister of Sokka has said and did things that I wish she never said and did. But she's still cool. Besides, I can relate to her even though my gender's different from hers.

Too be honest... I don't really hate her, it's just the zutarians... Most of them are too damn rude and idiotic, they really like to bash a character just because I think mostly it's because it get on the way of their ships (Aang, Jin, Mai) and it lead me to hate Katara, I know it's not her fault but I still couldn't help to hate her.

She is too annoying and complains so much and was very mean to Zuko at first

Just because character's aren't perfect doesn't mean they aren't good characters. Weaknesses are what make characters seem real. If Katara was perfect and strong all the time, she wouldn't be a very good character.

I like katara sometimes but other times she can be very annoying

I don't think Katara deserves to be on this list.

Yeah, her speeches of hope can be a little annoying and she was a jerk to Zuko but... COME ON! The dude helped Azula KILL Aang (the last hope for peace), has repeatedly attacked her and her friends and tracked her down using her mother's neckless.

It's just part of her character...she is someone who holds grudges and doesn't forgive easily.

Why does it seem like all the female characters in avatar are feminists? Katara, Toph, Suki, even Azula!

When criticizing Katara, why do people always say she "complained" about her mother's death? What if your mother died? "Stop complaining about it, there people in the world who have it worst off than you".

All of you Katara haters just shut the hell up!