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1 MetroPCS

MetroPCS gets my nod for the worst it/communication company I have ever dealt with. They suck you in by pretty much giving you a cell phone for free, but that is where the benefits end. Customer service and technical help is virtually non existent and their web site is terrible. If you are lucky enough to actually speak with a representative, after waiting twenty minutes, don't expect any expert on the other end. Last month I started getting "Text message failed" error messages on about half of the messages I tried to send because MetroPCS can't handle what they promised. I could receive messages, but couldn't send any! what? The only thing that I can add is MetroPCS is soon to be part of the past, because at this time next week, I intend to have a new phone and new carrier.

The service doesn't work in any other state except for Florida, it sucks so bad!

Wheres xfinity - ikerevievs

I mean I’d agree if it was 2012 but it’s 2018 now and I have to admit they’ve actually improved. Their data is much faster and the unlimited data isn’t that bad eventhough there is crappy reception At someplaces

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2 Straight Talk

Worst customer service I've ever come across. Their website isn't what it used to be either. Seems I've had nothing but issues trying to get a phone activated I bought straight from THEIR website today. I've made 3 phone calls, and chatted with someone on their website that kept telling me to key in stuff, that wasn't working, but if didn't say something back in our chat box within 1 minute, he'd disconnect me. Just rude people, and it used to not be that way.

When I tried to switch carriers, Straight Talk locked my phone and lied about it. I will not use Straight Talk again. Also, the reception was crappy away from my home.

Absolute the worst. We are selves are thinking of switching out. The customer service is absolutely the worst ever they rip you off. I lost a month of service and theyrefuse to give it back. SERIOUSLY DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

3 Virgin Mobile

Not only is their service bad, their website is a complete cluster making it very hard to track you usage of hotspot minutes. And you can use A LOT of minutes screwing around with horrible network performance.


Speed is slooow

Worst ever. USELESS!

4 Boost Mobile

Just switched and nobody bothered to tell me that you can't be on the internet while on a call. Horrible!

5 Cricket

Bad service. Phone call connection very easily dropped.

Worst service, worst costumer service, no VoLTE (call quality is horrible) and a blazing "high" speed limit of 3Mbps makes Cricket "something to laugh about"

6 US Cellular

Great customer service, speed, coverage, and most importantly, price.

7 Sprint

The service is so bad the only thing I can compare it to is The slowest dial up Internet connection you can think of. Sometimes I think that smoke signals or carrier pigeons are more reliable.

Horrible customer service, trash coverage, overall just horse crap.

Just doing right terrible

LTE last for about 5 seconds at a time then it goes back to 3G

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8 AT&T

Overpricing; same goes with Verizon. A $20/month shared value plan will get you 300MB of internet data, which isn't even enough to post a photo of your dick on the internet. Okay, how about 30$ for 2GB? Cool, you should have fun getting about 10 YT videos out of that.

$100 for 15GB
$140 for 20GB
$175 for 25GB
$225 for 30GB
$300 for 40GB
$375 for 50GB

All this including the monthly access charges and optional charges for tablet, gaming, connected devices, connected wearables, hotspots, laptops, and so on. If you're concerned about the bill, a shared value plan is not for you, especially if you have a large family. Everyone uses the internet on their phones often, and if you go anywhere over the GB limit, you get a $15 charge for every gig over.

Unlimited data will cost $100 per month... including the $60 per month plan charge plus $10 to $40 per month access charge. Hot damn, guys. Okay, I understand that you're paying for quality cell phone service, ...more - Mcgillacuddy

Not to bad but not to good either if no home connection we just have and slow phone dates

Unlimited data runs $300+ a month for two lines; with second to lowest speed internet available from at&t and U200 for the cable, total bill is typically $498+/- per month. 6 GB data with second to lowest speed available and U200 is still $250 a month for 2 lines that are not contracted.

I work for them

9 Verizon Wireless

They will convince you that they have a better plan than your grandfathered plan but in fact the new plan is about the same with less capability.

They have garbage customer service. They outright lie to the customer.

Terrible service and they will tell you that you have service in your area them when you get home there is no service

T-Mobile for people who want to spend money. - QQ

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10 T-Mobile

Literally, the worst service provider possible. 90% dropped calls OR phone starts to echo and distort since they can't handle the transmit. Called and complained and was told to upgrade my phone so I did. Twice. On the newest Samsung galaxy note and the iPhone both similar problems plus similar problems with many people I talked to who have this service as well. Only way to get past is to use wifi calling which means I'm using my own wifi modem at home and not the phone service providers. That's not a valid solution. Have used AT&T, Verizon, Sprint before. Verizon was the best, AT&T runner up.

It's just. Horrible..

Are you sure this should be on the list? - QQ

Ok wifi connection/customer service but the hotspot on my tmobile phone won't work.

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11 TracFone

This works for me! And, the cost is between $100-$200 per year. I've thought about buying a new cell phone and buying into a plan, but it seems like such a racket, I can't take the plunge!

no - QQ

12 Lycamobile

Baddest ever

13 Republic Wireless

Why isn't this number 1? It doesn't even have unlimited data!

14 Xfinity Xfinity

They're comcast the worst company in america with awful customer service - Dvafan2

The worst - Dvafan2

15 Bell
16 EE
17 Vodafone
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