Erza Scarlet

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Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail . Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her friends' calls that they want more.


I have mixed emotions on Erza. I mostly find her character just boring and she's a bit overpowered. I wish she would have a little more flaws and have some better development. But I hate when people bash Lucy to praise Erza.

The biggest Mary-Sue in anime. She has no development, whatsoever. She also gets so much credit for her fights. Let me guess, her tragic past is supposed to make her feel bad for her.

Erza isn't even a bad character. It's how the mangaka handles her fight that makes her terrible. She's not a badass, she's not super strong, she's not inspiring. When a fight reaches its conclusion, she becomes a gag character. She becomes as powerful as the mangaka can imagine. It's never outright said that she has limitless strength, but for the sake of Nakama, she becomes stupidly powerful with omnipotent strength, displaying just the right amount of power needed to overcome the impossible task and performing insane feats in a nonsensical manner. It's always the same recipe. Fight an enemy, start losing, recite speech about friendship then do the impossible ignoring all semblance of reason and breaking the plot(often times while she's weighed down with a huge handicap). Lately, she just tanked a meteor, shattering (not cutting) a meteor with her sword and as she falls down, strikes a dragon forcing it to revert into its human form. This made even more ridiculous by the mention that ...more

I expected her to be higher on this list for some reason. I guess people like her because she is so strong and is the resident "badass", but I find her to be quite weak as a character. All of her "struggles" and her fights are pretty cliche and boring in my opinion. Oh no! She is going to lose a fight and die or let her nakama down... *proceeds to give some stupid speech and one-shot her opponent with no effort*. Do people still enjoy seeing these types of "fights"? At the start of the series, she wasn't so annoying since it seemed like she could fight well, but her main strength was in her defensive abilities and her loyalty to the guild and protecting her guildmates. However, she somehow became some ridiculously-powered character who can defeat anyone unless they needed to move the plot along and let Natsu do it. She is one of those characters, like Natsu, who I just skip thru their battles because you know they won't lose and they will pull some stupid ...more

I hate Erza because she has not personally and basically the meaning of Mary-Sue. What makes her a Mary-Sue is she is clearly overpowered and has a tragic past that we're suppose to pity her! I

I use to love her but now she's boring to me I know she's strong and noble and all but she's always winning and she gets to much credit for her fights don't get me wrong she's a great character but she really has no character development she doesn't grow in power for example Lucy she started off weak then got stronger an now (spoiler alert if you haven't read the latest chapter) can transform in different armors to help her fight (I know it's abit like requipt but it's not its star dress) and lucy got more stronger and has over grown her childish, whiny behavior but Erza she's been the same from the start.. She fights, gets on the brink of losing, gives her classic friendship speech and wins.. In my opinion she's to predictable..but all in all I don't hate her I just expected better that's why I like characters like Lucy

I don't think Erza is a mary sue like what I hear a lot of people calling her. I have read about many mary sue's so I should know. People call her over powered but A LOT of the characters are strong, (except for Lucy who is weaker then dust oh and yes I am caught up with the manga), so that's not a good reason. Plus to me Erza is pretty bad at everything else, think about it. When it comes to handling arguements she beats them up, she can't cook, she said she doesn't know much about relationships, etc.
Plus you shouldn't hate her she is awesome, has development, and a hilarious sense of humor. (i guess everyone thinks differently)

don't hate me, IT'S MY OPINION ANYWAYS.

She ALWAYS wins her fights. And her armor is really skimpy. She has a tragic past. And she's overpowered. AND SHE DOSNT EVEN TRAIN! She is loved and praised in the anime community and most people don't even see what's wrong with her character. People say that Lucy has fake boobs or has done plastic surgery but Erza has the exact same body as Lucy does! At least we can kind of relate to Lucy. Erza not so much.

People compare Lucy to Erza. Kinda obvious who's the better one: LUCY! Because Erza is overpowered AND at some parts she purposely "weaken" men! I've rewatched Fairy Tail and I have seen many times! Also she doesn't hurt Jellal at the second he touches her but when its someone else or by accident NOPE YOU ain't TOUCHING that!

You idiots at first I also thought Lucy is not good. I am a girl and I don't like weak girly anime girls. I hated misa amane, sakura, chi chi. But I think Lucy is quite strong. She tries her best, never gives up and is a genius. About juvia when I was on the episode 22 of fairy tail season one. I read on Wikipedia about juvia and I read she likes gray and calls him gray same. But gray doesn't give a care. At that time I hated juvia. I like blue haired girls caused they are strong willed and my favorite element is water. So I thought juvia doesn't deserve blue hairs and water. And I thought gruvia was the worst couple. Now I understand couples are supposed to be opposite so juvia is a girl with lots of feelings and gray is a guy who doesn't care about anyone's feelings ( being tsundere) so they are perfect for each other. And now I kinda like juvia. My favorite hair colour and element and she is sweet and has a bad past. It's not that I extremely love juvia but know I don't hate her. ...more

Wow you hate my 3 of my most hated anime characters! Misa, Sakura and Chi Chi are certainly the disaster trio and the 3 worst anime characters in my opinion. But what are you talking about? You're commenting on Erza yet you didn't say a single word concerning her. - Goku02

"Why is she on this list? " EXACTLY because of what you said. She's a mary sue, too overpowered, too cliche, TOO BORING. And by the way don't call people idiots because they don't have the same opinion as you, you're the only one here who is an idiot because you can't even see that we have our own opinions we'd like others to respect as we respect their's. - Hanah_Ant

So overrated. She is only ever there to lecture the villain on feelings and bully the other characters around.

I personally hate Erza. Her character is so boring and has no development. Erza is also very overpowered; no development whatsoever.

To overpowered and she practically wins all her fights. No character is that strong especially being able to fight with a broken body. So far fetched.

Terrible character, which fits because fair fail is a terrible series.

No offense, to you Erza fans but I deeply hate her. She's overpowered. I've even heard that she can take Nastu out with her strongest blow. And I kinda see her as a Mary Sue...

She WAS a pretty good character, but now she's way too overrated

If the newest chapter wasn't enough to change your mind then I don't know what to say. She forces her friends to participate in a game that involved her humiliating her friends. - MadameSeagull

She to be saved a lot... Even though she's meant to be strong? What?

One of the biggest Mary Sues ever. Mirajane and Kagura are way better in my opinion

Why is she no 13? She's easily the worst one on the show. She's too OP and Her plot armor is so bad. She should be dead but ofc, "she's erza". Her flame pants are so bad. She's perfect and has her "tragic backstory". She's a mary sue. You people complain about lucy? Lucy is human! She's relatable! Erza's not. - parisinslame

So people relate to being an arrogant, cry-baby, lazy, annoying, whiny, hypocritical scumbag ass. - Cwawissa

Why do people hate Lucy for fanservice when Erza provides even more of it?

She is the very worst character in Fairy Tail! She is way to over powered, STUPID and a big fat loser!

Erza is quite powerful to the plot if you ask me, great character. Hiro just had to mess it up... still think she's great though

She used to be a good character but ever since tenrou island her character has slowly downgraded her fights are boring and predictable.

Erza is the female character. Well haters going hate.