Top Ten Worst Mario Theories

Mario is a genuinely enjoyable franchise for a theorizer. There are some great ones out there, and then there are these.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Is Mental

Cliche yes, but cliche for a reason. Slandering Mario, it spins a tall tale about him being an abusive drug addict whose an absolute player. I can't really say much here, because everything that could be said has been already. - Luigi888

Mawio is mentull
senz is nuss
gaem theeri is reel theeri
Seriously, the evidence kinda paired itself together, but let's be honest; 1/2 of the evidence can also be taken as if Mario and Luigi were just having brotherly rivalry and didn't really mean anything by it. Heck, nothing even says Mario + Peach was official around the time that Mario saved Daisy. - mattstat716

2 Rosalina Unmasked

Literally debunks itself half way through. - Luigi888

..this theory was incredibly stupid.. - mattstat716

3 Mushrooms are Drugs

Completely misinterpreting the gameplay mechanic of mushrooms, this theory ignores key facts, like that Mario obviously isn't imagining being bigger. - Luigi888

More of a meme, to be honest - mattstat716

4 Bowser Is Dead And Possessed

It's obviously a suit in Luigi's Mansion. Don't even try me. - Luigi888

I thought it was a robot. - mattstat716

5 Coins Are Souls

By the same logic Sonic's rings are souls. - Luigi888

The boos are souls! Goombas are souls! The hills are souls! EVERYTHING'S A SOUL- - mattstat716

6 Wario Fart Rocket Physics

Using SSBB for accurate measurements is the worst part for me. - Luigi888 this a theory? - mattstat716

7 Mario Is Dead

...those 1-ups bring him back to life again, though. - mattstat716

... Not even sure on the logic of this one. - Luigi888

8 Luigi Is Dead In Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion; Dark Moon. Case closed. He's alive. - mattstat716

Ignores the fact that this is the introduction to E Gadd and we see him afterwards. - Luigi888

9 Mario Killed The Toads in SMB1

They were turned into bricks, not brick blocks. And it's player choice to break them anyway. - Luigi888

They're bricks stuck together, I thought? - mattstat716

Just gonna say this theory was a bunch of people jumping to conclusions, then. - mattstat716

10 The Mario Timeline (Game Theory video)

Assumptions and flawed logic are never a good mix. - Luigi888

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