Top Ten Worst Mario Theories

Mario is a genuinely enjoyable franchise for a theorizer. There are some great ones out there, and then there are these.
The Top Ten
1 Mario Is Mental

This is EASILY the worst theory, this is what brought so many annoying Mario haters on this site. He HaS a BlAnD pErSoNaLtY. He is heroic, brave, and kind.

Cliche yes, but cliche for a reason. Slandering Mario, it spins a tall tale about him being an abusive drug addict whose an absolute player. I can't really say much here, because everything that could be said has been already.

2 Rosalina Unmasked

Literally debunks itself half way through.

Do I have to explain this one?

3 Mushrooms are Drugs

Completely misinterpreting the gameplay mechanic of mushrooms, this theory ignores key facts, like that Mario obviously isn't imagining being bigger.

4 Bowser Is Dead And Possessed

It's obviously a suit in Luigi's Mansion. Don't even try me.

5 Coins Are Souls

By the same logic Sonic's rings are souls.

So those this mean Rings, Lums, and Wumpa Fruit are souls to?

6 Wario Fart Rocket Physics

Using SSBB for accurate measurements is the worst part for me.

7 Mario Is Dead

1up Mushroom = Revive

... Not even sure on the logic of this one.

8 Luigi Is Dead In Luigi's Mansion

Ignores the fact that this is the introduction to E Gadd and we see him afterwards.

9 Mario Killed The Toads in SMB1

They were turned into bricks, not brick blocks. And it's player choice to break them anyway.

10 The Mario Timeline (Game Theory video)

Assumptions and flawed logic are never a good mix.

The Contenders
11 Jumpman is Mario's granddad

I I'm kind of sick of this theory, Nintendo used Jumpman's same sprite from the first Donkey Kong and putted him in DKJR, and he was named MARIO, is this clear.

12 Mario killed the Toads
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