Worst Moves by 4kids

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1 Making Bad English Dubs of Good Shows

Example: One piece. They got the license taken away because of the voice-overs.

2 Making Bad Shows Based On Great Franchises

They dub shows, they don't make shows. Prove me wrong, please!

Yeah, You all remember "Sonic X" & "Kirby: Right back at ya! "

Sonic X was not the bad! Sonic X was one of the few Animes that 4kids did not edit much. 4kids had strict guidelines, they tried their best. Sonic X is probably one of the most underrated shows based off of the video game series. Ironically, the cast that was chosen for the main characters and have been voicing the characters in the game series are more popular. If this had never happned then Mike Pollock would not be voicing Dr. Eggman right now.

3 No Reruns of Good Shows They Made

Where were the reruns? Unlike CN, This Channel did not air reruns (I don't think, Anyways. I could be wrong.")

4 Making Toei Animation Very Angry

One piece's 4kids dub made Toei Animation Pissed Off. They revoked 4kid's license of that show.

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5 Making One Piece Fans Angry With Their One Piece Dub

Yet Again, One Piece Was a Terrible show with the 4kids dub, because that happens.

One Piece Fan #1: Hey! It's One Piece! I'm gonna watch it -
Retarded 4kids One Piece Theme song: Thr Wonce Wess A pirat kin!
One piece fan #1 : What The Hell?
One Piece Fan #2 And #3: Oh My God. What is Wrong With One Piece's 4kids dub?!?!? It sounds like Yin Yang And Master Yo Making friends with Glady Sharps!

Yep! I'm done with this list. Add more reasons, Please!

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6 Shutting Down Littlekuriboh's Channel
7 Canceling F-zero GP Legend

I can't believe they cancelled F-Zero Gp Legend! Please bring back that show!

Put it in Saban, Toonami or Disney or something and make it a good one

8 Butcher Dramatic Scenes
9 Censorship
10 Cancellation of good shows

Shows such as Sonic X and Teenage mutant ninja turtles were the best! They did not deserved to be cancelled, they were actually two shows that 4kids did not really ruin, 4kids did not have to reduce the episode count for Sonic X at all. - Jeff35133

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