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41 Wind Rider
42 Gloriosa Daisy
43 Filthy Rich

I was looking for his wife but I forgot her name. I hate diamond tiaras parents because they want their daughter to be a bratty bully

This character is just here as a plot device. Also boring in my opinion.

He needs merits... and a personality! - Thifer20

44 Bon Bon
45 EG Shadowbolts
46 Iron Will

Iron will should be much higher in the list and not be a person (I don't care if your a minotaur) who exists.

Finally why is he 43 he should be 2 not who was it again? I think it was twilight

47 The Sea Serpent

What do you mean the that hilarious sea serpent who helped the donkey on his moustache in slice of life he funny

48 Plaid Stripes V 1 Comment
49 Big Macintosh

I love Big Macintosh. He is so delectable, nice, funny, and adorable. I believe he is a wonderful male character and I would love for their to be more of him in My Little Pony: Friends are for Losers. He is my favorite stallion cowboy.

I think he's funny and nice and shy like me...

I hate you so much he's the best most hard working pony ever

I can't write he's just so dumb why Flutters x Big Mac its Flutters x Discord

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50 Cheese Sandwich

He's just a rule 64 pinkie pie... That's it

Pinkie's better. Why he's is on 57th place and Pinkie's on 49th place? It doesn't seem right to me. I hate this character, I hope Hasbro won't put him in 6th season. - rirepink

No cheese is awesome I made a cool ponypasta for him to he lost boneless two so he murdered th filly who stole boneless and ripped out the filly bones and an used the blood to paint a three. I just wanted to share ps cheesy pie

I honestly hate this brat, he is stupid and tried to take over pinkie pie's place.
YADA YADA YADA he got apologized but do I care? NO He and Starlight are the WORST

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51 The Mane-iac

The Mane-iac is fine she's just loopy.

52 Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon

Naw Nightmare Moon is cool!

Baby your so beautiful

Love nightmare moon - Mynewaccount

She's evil

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53 Daisy

I don't know who daisy is but I am sure she isn't stupid because 50% of your characters aren't even terrible

Why is daisy on the list? She rocks!

54 Pipsqueak

I like Pip. Good thing 0% voted for him to be higher on this list. Wait, if 0%... would that mean that no one wants him here, and yet he's on here? Who designed this website?

Yeah who designed this website

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55 Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer

She was a bad one then in rainbow rocks sunset shimmer went to a good one so don't hate her

Sunset Shimmer: please, get me off the list. Why? I love you guys. You're all my friends. But just think for a moment, dose it make sense that someone stupid as Twilight sparkle out there, dawdling behind us? I think it dose.

You guys are mean to put Sunset Shimmer here she rocks.

She is nice now not mean

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56 Suri Polomare

Agreed. Suri is a cheat and super rude

Seriously, she should be number 10 - Catscatscats

Why is she on this list? - fangirl

She hurted raritys fellingse even though I hate rarity I still have feeling suri polomare just cheeted and I feel like punching that girl on the butt triple times arghh she makes me so angry when I saw her cheat I don't like her at all she is so stupid:(

57 Twist

I don't know she just isn't that fun - VinylScratchplaysminecraft

Her cutie mark is about making sweet treats

I hate that girl cause she is so ugly what is her cutie mark about

58 Snowflake V 1 Comment
59 Spike

No actual character depth. He's arrogant (For those saying 'Well RD is too' well, she is, but at least she's important.) I don't remember Spike doing anything but save the Crystal Empire, which he wouldn't have done if Twilight didn't tell him to go save The Heart. Last thing, I'm not sure if he notices, but Rarity knows by Celestia she can do better, so much better. He needs to be written off.

Laugh out loud! Did you know that the voice of Spike the Dinosaur is played by a woman? It be not a wonder he is so feminine.

Noo spike is the best - SushigirlO6

Most overrated character in my opinion

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60 Hoity Toity

All he cares about is dressing up

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