Worst Nascar Drivers of 2013


The Top Ten

1 Josh Wise
2 Michael McDowell

Some say he has no sense of direction, and calls the wall a way to get better traction. He's called Michael McDowell!

He isn't that bad. He might have had those 17 DNFs, but how many were his fault? 2! The other ones were tire or mchanical. Don't make fun of him, nor put him on this list.

Mcdowell has 17 DNFS IN THE 2013 SEASON has bad luck like at qualifying 2008 texas he went strait in the fence and tumbled down the track and his car was in fire he survied but shock people and I think was in the news I belive

3 Scott Riggs
4 Timmy Hill

Brian is supposed to be third, and JJ Yeley is supposed to be fourth, and Mike Bliss is supposed to be fifth - Purplecupcakez

5 Danica Patrick Danica Patrick

In equipment that won a championship in 2011, she is a 25th place driver at best. If she were a dude, she wouldn't have a ride. If Tony Stewart wants a good female driver in his car, put Johanna Long in there. She is good and she EARNED her way into NASCAR, not by being a GoDaddy supermodel. - mister83e

I really do not like how people treat Danica like she is a piece of trash. Well guess what she is a good driver and she will prove all the people who do not like her whose boss and I also bet that she can drive better than most people so yeah she knows how to drive a racecar I give her a lot of credit - michaelwalton

All she does is wreck the damn car!

Biggest piece of rubbish that was scavenged from godady - HATOOTEH

6 Joe Nemechek

This guy can't finish above 44th

7 Travis Kvapil
8 David Reuitmann

He just can't perform with BK Racing. Too underfunded.

9 Robby Gordon

Did he Evan race?

10 Dave Blaney

The Contenders

11 Victor Gonzalez, Jr.
12 J.J. Yeley
13 Brian Keselowski
14 Jeff Burton
15 Landon Cassil
16 Kyle Busch Kyle Busch
17 Jeff Gordon

Good driver just bad luck

18 Tony Stewart

Who put Tony on this list?

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19 Kurt Busch Kurt Busch Kurt Thomas Busch is an American professional stock car racing driver. He currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
20 Austin Dillon
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1. Scott Riggs
2. Timmy Hill
3. Josh Wise
1. Michael McDowell
2. Josh Wise
3. Danica Patrick



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