Worst NASCAR Tracks

This list is for some of the worst tracks on the NASCAR schedule

The Top Ten

Pocono Raceway

Why did NASCAR choose a double header here of all good tracks. There's such a gap between the cars, and it's won on fuel mileage. Now me, a NASCAR fan without a TV connection, I can't see fuel on my tablet or laptop. It just makes it so boring.

Boring and it's all fuel mileage. They're so hard apart and there are rarely any good wrecks. Not that I want to see anyone get hurt though...

Worst NASCAR track ever! You need binoculars to see the cars and they drive in a single file five seconds apart

Different angles corners and it's a triangle

Kentucky Speedway

They added this worthless track to the cup schedule over Iowa, Road America, or Gateway. And parking is a mess.

Pretty Boring track. This should be turned into another date for Las Vegas or Atlanta.

Home track is boring. Should be repaved. But there is some wrecks

Boring track, they should add some more short track racing.

Sonoma Raceway

NASCAR should build a track in the Sacramento area. There is plenty of available land and it will draw more race fans than Sonoma.

This track is a nice spot for vacation, it's just ovals are better. Road Courses are only good for T.V.

Martinsville Speedway

Shorter it is, the boring it is. AND this is the shortest and it's very boring. Even qualifying at Pocono could do better.

Worst track in Motorsports. No speed and they have to move cars just to pass.

Worst track, boring race.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Extremely boring. No characteristics. Just a somewhat oval with basically close to no banking. Even though it's an easy track to make for stop motions, basically everybody hates this track. Replace it with Iowa or Gateway.

Not much character in New Hampshire. The last chase race was good it's just they need some banking and a night race, then it will be off the list

That track is boring and kyle busch wins there a lot there too. On nascar heat 2 it is a pain to get around

There is no speed, no bankings, no action. there is nothing what makes NASCAR what it is.

Watkins Glen

Just really boring cause you have to wait a long time to see the cars again. Good on T.V. bad place to go to

Good track it's just its only good for T.V.

Kansas Speedway

Generic racing track.

Generic and boring

Chicagoland speedway

Terrible track! There is no character to this track at all. A dumpy track with grandstands and an oval. Even Gateway would be a better fit and they woulf be good but traffic is bad and parking spaces

It's okay but I would go to another track

It has bumps in the bottom grove.

Absolute garbage

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

I like how NASCAR is planning to do the Road Course version, but it's still kinda boring. I'm not completely against it though...

Not built for stock cars. Provides good racing for Indy car but not nascar. The 2008 tire debacle made it worse.

Can't see anything if you go to a race there, and the racing sucks

To narrow! poor race track for stock cars and it's a crowded mess...

Texas Motor Speedway

The Contenders

Dover International Speedway

Dover International Speedway is one of NASCAR top best track's

Awesome track

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

One of the most generic and boring tracks. Looks like the same thing as Michigan, Kansas, or Chicago. I know they're completely different for the drivers but fans aren't drivers so...

Hardly a caution. Not that I want to see anyone get hurt. Never. But let's have a little action.

Michigan Speedway

Just a long, uneventful race. The only action you see is engine blows

Track sucks! So boring and long. Only one race a year is needed.

Kinda boring. Rather not come here.

Richmond International Raceway

Like Bristol except boring. Brad Keselowski led almost the whole race last fall and you often fall asleep. Richmond should only get one race or get 1 day and 1 night

ISM Raceway
Auto Club

Great racing here but way too many empty seats

Man like nothing happens here

Darlington Raceway

Only reason why people like this track is tradition. There hasn't been a good race here since 2003 (I guess a case could be made for 2011) and the racing is generally pretty boring. Yet this is considered one of the crown Jewel races?

Darlington is one of the most well known tracks and the races are interesting, I have been to a race in person and it was amazing

Talladega Superspeedway

Good for T.V. not real life

Charlotte Motor Speedway
Charlotte Roval Speedway
Daytona International Speedway
Bristol Motor Speedway
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