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1 Let's Play Bart's Nightmare

Yeah. A lot of people hate this but when I watch it, it wasn’t horrible but I mostly found it to be boring.

2 Top 11 Nostalgia Critic F*** Ups Part 3
3 Ernest Saves Christmas

The Autism Joke Made Me Quit Watching Him Until His Apology Came Out.

4 Full House

Nostalgia Critic's final thoughts are similar to mine. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who sees NO APPEAL AT ALL TO FULL HOUSE! >8(

I Love The Nostalgic Critic But I absolutely Hate This episode because I Love Full House it's a little Corny & Chessey but it's wasn't like it back in the day. So Yeah I Love The Nostalgia Critic But This Episode SUCKS In My Opinion

5 Master of Disguise

I actually think this is one of the best. Why all the hate? - nickdoritosyum

6 Jurassic Park III

Why was he so worked up over the T-Rex losing to the Spinosaurus? I thought that scene was awesome. The way the Spinosaurus crunched the T-Rex's neck was epic. And he had to make a big deal over it? He really doesn't know how the animal kingdom works.

The Spinosaurus's neck and jawline was made more for catching fish. It certainly wouldn't be powerful enough to break the neck of a T-Rex like the movie made it out to be.
A better complaint though would be his over-usage of the "Alan" joke.

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7 Hocus Pocus

This was the most boring episode he ever made, and I usually love all of his videos. Sadly,this one dragged on a little way too long and sort of isolated fans who were unfamiliar with what the movie was even about. And the songs that kept getting too much focus weren't that entertaining.

This wasn't even a review, it was just basically low budget parody of the movie. Hell it was basically him saying "I hate this movie and it;s stupid", but it never really gave us an idea WHY he hated it.

First Jurrassic World, Then this, Then Mad Max, then Pixels, then Star Wars, has he still not caught on that we don't like these kind of reviews?

8 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

He doesn't learned anything for the hocus pocus review?

9 Eight Crazy Nights

It was basically just half an hour of him complaining about Whitey's voice and the poop jokes. There wasn't anything insightful about this review.

While he has criticized other films that I've enjoyed before too, those reviews were at least insightful and funny. For example I love Space Jam, but I also enjoyed the review of it. It was insightful, he defended his positions and was hilarious.

The Eight Crazy Nights review was the equivalent of him just sitting for a half hour saying "this sucks, this sucks, this sucks".

The sketches dragged on for too long, and it relied on shock humor which really is in no way classier than toilet humor. An irony I don't think was intended.

What? This was a hilarious episode!

10 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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? Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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11 Nicktoons Nicktoons

No matter how much you love Classic Nickelodeon as a whole, I will admit that Nostalgia Critic was so right about Nickelodeon's flaws, even back then. Doug isn't that terrible. Its animation is traditionally breathtaking, yet it looks amateurish. I at least see where the crap jokes from Rugrats comes from. Ben T. Looney said why he dislikes Rugrats. And about Mrs. Bighead... OH GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS HER PROBLEM?! And about these girls commenting Arnold in the theme song together... - The Ultimate Daredevil

12 The Lorax

Ass-hole, it had strong heart

The movie was good, why did he get super mad at it

Since I Like This Movie
I Got Really Pissed At Him

13 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Stop with making Alvin chipmunks movies

One of the best reviews. - 445956

The critic is a complete jerk in this one.

14 The Lost World: Jurassic Park

I along with many others thought that this was a good movie and Nostalgia Critic here wasn't really thinking it through and seemed to just harp on the movie for the sake of harping on it.

I agree on some of his points in this review but this was better then jp3. The only one he should have done a review for

15 Gordy

It's not THAT terrible. It at least has heart and catchy hip-hop in it!

16 Disneycember: The Aristocats

This was not a Nostalgia Critic episode, Doug was reviewing this movie as himself and not as NC. - MegaSoulhero

17 Last Action Hero
18 Dreamworks-uary: Shrek

Nostalgia Critic actually does not hate Shrek. He does not like Shrek, but he gave it a generally mixed reception.

19 Frozen - Disneycember

Nostalgia Critic was wrong. The whole story of Frozen was rushed. I NEVER HAD TO PUT FROZEN ON MY LIST OF BEST DISNEY MOVIES! EVER!

20 Bridge to Terabithia

He says that the only good part in the movie was the leslie's death, and when she or jess sunshine, he say that isn't nothing to sunshine in every moment

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