Top 10 Worst Pokemon Type Combinations

The combinations mentioned on this list were counted according to their number of weaknesses. And with that, Pokemon like Tyranitar, Aggron, Scizor and others do not suck, by any means. The list just points out the type combinations that aren't the best option in competitive battlefield.

The Top Ten Worst Pokemon Type Combinations

1 Grass/Ice

The good: It could destroy any Ground type

The meh: At least Grass is supereffective against Rock and Ice against Flying.

The ugly: A double weakness to Fire - thomwim

Weak to: Fire, Steel, Rock, Flying, Bug, Fighting and Poison. - TB2467

Weak and not very effective in battle

What a dumb combo

2 Fire/Flying

All I need to say is: rock

I think Charizard has recieved WAAAY too much hate for his 4x weakness to you-know-what.

Bad, but I think Ice/Flying is even worse

3 Grass/Bug

Weak to: Rock, Fire, Bug, Poison, Flying and Ice. - TB2467

Its pitiful defensively and offensively.

4x to Fire and Flying


4 Fire/Rock

Weak to: Fighting, Water, Ground, Fighting and Steel. - TB2467

Why are people forgetting fire is strong against steel?

Not weak to Steel, Fire resists that. Other than that yeah. - PageEmperor

4x weak to surf and earthquake. Resisted by many types. Absolutely no defensive pivot, everything hits this super effectively. - SinisterHoodedFigure

5 Steel/Ice
6 Flying/Normal

Weak to: Electric, Ice and Rock. And also, we got enough Pokemon of this type combination. - TB2467

7 Bug/Ice

I don't think Misty and Iris would approve...

As of gen7 there are no mons with this type yet. - PageEmperor

8 Rock/Ice

Sooo bad defensively. The most weaknesses of any type combo

Wow, sorry aurorus...

It’s no wonder why Aurorous became extinct with a type combo like this.

The highest cumulative type with 7 weaknesses. Two bad types combined to become the worst.

9 Dragon/Electric

Dargon/Electric is a horrible typing. Neither side protectse weakness, mediocre offensively as well, and is just lame overall. There is nothing good about this combination at all.

Electric cannot cover any of Dragons weakenesses and that cannot cover Ground by any means. That alone is quite bad. It was originally a flawed but still ok typing, but after gen6 it became a mediocre typing after getting an extra weakness. - PageEmperor

Such a bad typing. - PageEmperor


10 Rock/Dark

Don't make fun of Tyranitar...

Weak to: Grass, Bug, Water, Fighting, Fairy, Ground and Steel. - TB2467

But is any pokemon rock and dark?

The Newcomers

? Fire/Fighting
? Fairy/Steel

The Contenders

11 Ghost/Psychic

Is this bad? Sure 2 4x weaknesses but those are its only weaknesses. - PageEmperor

Weak to:dark ghost

2 4x weaknesses

12 Ice/Dark

Weak to: Bug, Fire, Fighting, Steel and Rock. - TB2467

Don't you dare make fun of Weavile.

13 Normal/Steel
14 Grass/Normal

Weak to: Fire, Flying, Fighting, Poison, Bug and Ice. - TB2467

15 Bug/Grass
16 Ground/Rock

Weak to: Water, Ice, Grass, Ground and Steel. - TB2467

17 Bug/Flying

Types of lot a to Weak It's

Umm only makes sense for bees and flies

Double nerfed for bugs like why

18 Fighting/Ground
19 Rock/Steel

Weak to: Fighting, Water and Ground. - TB2467

20 Fighting/Ice
21 Steel/Bug

How dare you scizor is amazing (this is coming from someone who got interested into pokemon at gen 8) - xXIMABEASTXx

You gotta be kidding me. Scizor has this combo and he's only weak to fire. - Hellohi

22 Fire/Poison
23 Ice/Fire

Weak to water,fighting,rock and ground

24 Fighting/Dragon
25 Dark/Ghost
26 Psychic/Dragon

Has So many weaknesses

Don't you dare make fun of Latios and Latias! - InfinateSuperstorm

27 Fire/Steel

I like the idea but bad armor wow sry hetran

28 Fighting/Steel
29 Electric/Fire
30 Fire/Fairy
31 Ice/Bug/Steel


32 Water/Flying
33 Psychic/Rock
34 Normal/Flying
35 Poison/Steel
36 Ice/Bug

It sucks

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