Yeah sport is by FAR the worst. I get that the teachers want us to be fit, but you can still be fit and unhealthy. Why don't they change sport to cooking and teach people how to eat healthy because not only will we not get skin cancer, but we can learn more and lose weight if you're fat!

We have this thing called a Fitnessgram every year, where you have to see how many push ups and curl ups you can do, and you have to do this thing called the PACER, whisk is running back and forth across a court until you can't make it to the other side. Unfortunately, I can run far, but not fast, and forget push ups. Look, I like playing some sports like baseball or badminton, but I'm really bad at a lot, so I'm useless half the time in PE. Luckily, I don't have to take it again until 12th grade. But seriously, what's wrong with playing sports and exercising after school? - Elric-san

Horrible. I mean you're mixed in with other unathletic kids and the really athletic kids. You are almost always (well I am) picked last on team sports such as kickball, whiffle ball, and soccer. Then when you aren't playing games you're doing unnecessary exercises. I mean exercising is good for you but does the fattest kids have to run 25 laps around the gym? I mean really they're liable to throw up a lung! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I'm gonna admit, I'm kinda overweight and I HATE PE. For all these years I work so hard and I don't lose weight like oh my goodness, once there was this girl who WHINED if she wasn't partnered with her friend. She cries for hoopla knows how long, I wanted to be partnered with her friend ( we had some sort of friendship, heck even she didn't want to be with her) and then the girl fought for her. The is why I hate PE so much.

All the other subjects are fine. (Heck, even math isn't that bad! ) But no school subject ever is worse than PE. We live in an age where you have to be productive to succeed; unless you plan on joining a pro league, do you think sports help with life? It doesn't help with fitness; we already have health and we can work out on our own time. Also, many other (useful) facilities could be where the gym and lockers are.

Everyone asks me why I don't play PE. EVERYONE in my class is interested in sports, except me! I find this boring and I don't play because I watch out for THE BALL! - TopTener

Ugh, I LOATHED PE back in Elementary School. Sports are the most overrated hobbies of all time in my opinion. The worst thing about the class besides playing crappy sports is the team. They judge you if you lose or screw up by yelling at you and lowering your self esteem. - DCfnaf

I stink at every sport that we play. I actually kind of like Lacrosse, but we never get to play it anymore. It's kickball this and kickball that. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF KICKBALL! IT'S THE WORST SPORT EVER! It's not even that educational. Plus, running makes me feel horrible. I might be skinny, but I'm just not physically fast.

I hate it I don't have art on my schedule and I'm PISSED OFF I wanna sit behind a notebook, writing a story, singing behind a microphone, acting in front of a camera and drawing behind a paper. Not chasing after a ball!

I hate PE so much. I used to like it in elementary school because it was fun and easy. In 6th grade it was hard but still fun. In 7th grade it was AWFUL. It was super hard, not fun at all, I was terrible at it, my teacher sucked, and it was just horrible. Luckily, now I'm in 8th grade and I don't have to take it.

Kids will just play sport at lunch and recess, anyway. And I don't even like it but they always make me contribute. And what will you learn from kicking a ball all over the place, anyway? Don't know WHY they don't make it optional. It's pretty much an excuse for kids to play sport in class time.

The class itself isn't bad in my opinion, but if you have one of those classes with really competitive players throughout it becomes unbearable. Just constant whining from both sides... JUST PLAY THE GAME!

PE at MY school is just so.. REPETITIVE REPETITIVE REPETITIVE! DOing the same crap every year. OVER AND OVER. For 8 grades. And worse, schools' social hierarchy is based partially off athleticism. Bullying, BO!

PE is my worst subject next to Spanish and geometry. I'm not good with sports AT ALL. The closest thing I can do that's related to sports is shooting a basketball in a hoop, and PE is more than that. Plus, I'm scared of sports balls

I know that exercising is important but why do we have to do a required amount of push ups and sit ups in order to pass the test. You still can fail PE if you fail the push ups but get a good mile run time.

I am usually the last to be picked-and people never pass me the ball in football or...handball. The most USEFUL thing to ever learn, amiright?

People judge you in PE. I HATE it.

At least I can use math IRL, but WOW we're gonna run 10 kilometer laps every single day of our lives, are we? NO but seriously. Every PE lesson the teacher makes us run about 5 minutes without a break, and I mean RUN. Not jog, not sprint, RUN IN A GIANT HAL FOR 5 WHOLE MINUTES. Last week, she said we will start to do 10 minutes of running because 5 is not enough... Oh my God...

I just don't get it. Let the kids who like sports or whatever do P.E. Let the others choose whether they want to do it or something. I mean I know it's exercise, but you have to move around a lot and get sweaty and undress with the other kids. Undressing and dressing takes too much time. Why can't we just do it in our uniform or normal clothes. Why do we have to change clothes. It would save so much time, especially if your a slow undresser/dresser like me. Not to mention, some people aren't comfortable getting changed in front of others and there are hundreds of bullies at school who could make fun of someone or whisper about them or put their noses up at them. And it's so annoying when your just minding your own business, getting changed and some kid tells you to cover up more. It's not like we're flaunting about showing it off and it's called a changing room. That's what it's called, your supposed to change in them! So annoying! I hate P.E. All of it! - AuroraLoader

Why I hate PE:
- You're judged all the time
- People are competitive in a bad way (WHAT ARE YOU DOING UGH! )
- Teachers and peers expect the best from you
- Sexism
- Awkward non-athletic stuff that should be in Health

I AGREE: It is a class that encourages bullying, plus it is useless.

Gym sucks especially when you go swimming and you have to wear those swimsuits and the girls see you. When it is not swimming, I go behind the football field and play on my iPhone - Captaincrunch2015

PE. Stands for Pointless Exercise.

I HATE PE! And PE teachers - my one hates me so much. PE is basically a form of torture.

It's ok. Except for the kids who treat it like NFL/NBA. And I hate volleyball. I like watching sports, but I hate playing them. The teacher throws hula hoops at us if we stop during running. The only useful thing we learned was rope climbing (I had it in my list of why school is useless but I realized it's a useful survival skill). - DumbWays2DieFan

I hate sports, if your bad at physical strength, most likely you will have the worst reputation, PE sucks for me because it lets other people measure reputation at the end

PE stunk in elementary but in Middle school there is too much rules and the coaches a few times can scare you