Lisa Simpson

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Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.


I hate her in "Lisa the Vegetarian", when even after her eventual epiphany she still sees views that conflict with her's as wrong. She is incredibly arrogant, thinking her beliefs are right and people aren't allowed different beliefs, and how she tries to enforce her beliefs on other people, she expects people to accept her beliefs when she refuses to accept their's.

Lisa is like the "Marsha Brady" of her family, the fact that she's WAY to perfect to be believable, always makes me feel sorry for Bart. Lisa comes off as annoying how she's never in trouble, never gets any bad grades, and always does everything perfect, traits like that just feel WAY to perfect for a kid like her, plus she never fits in with comedy, I can't remember her saying ONE thing that made me laugh.

I punched my T.V. when she turned down that $12 million from Mr. Burns and gave Homer a heart attack

Lisa's biggest problem is she is a total egotist. She sees herself as better than everyone else, so a lot of people, her teachers and her classmates can't stand her. She is like a snob who looks down on others because they don't share her world views. Also she tries to force things like the environment and being a vegetarian down peoples throats.

She is so annoying and has to be a smart ass to homer all the time she ruins everyones fun and finds pleasure in annoying bart she is the worst character ever next to milhouse and gil

Just because you're ruining everyone's fun does not mean you're a good person.

Lisa has every characteristic which you hate every other character for. She is whiny (as is Abe), grumbling (as are Patty and Selma), snobbish (as is Martin), geeky (as is Comic Book Guy), unlovable (as is Moe), religious (as are the Flanders), full of cliches (as is Sideshow Bob), holier-than-thou (as are the Lovejoys), egomaniac (as is Burns), and a total kill joy (as is Marge).

Worst Simpsons character devised. Stuck up, snobbish, and arrogant. She believes it is okay to look down upon other people just because they do not possess the level of intellectual ability as her, preaches on about a liberal mindset's favourite topic - environmentalism, and continuously boasts about her intelligence to the point the viewer will want to chuck their television out the window.

Lisa is without a doubt the most annoying character on the show. No matter what happens, she always wins, unless it's a tournament, which she ironically always loses. She is constantly shoving her views on the world down peoples throats, which no-one likes. If something doesn't go her way, she'll take it to court. Just a little brat who always gets her way

I like her, but I thought that a genius in the Simpsons family was kinda annoying, but still she is good and funny, Simpsons rule, Tod Flanders at 2

A boring character who does nothing but preach and whine about everything.

She's such a smartass. At a family barbecue, she decides to throw a barbecue everyone was looking forward to into a dam just because she's vegetarian. This 8-year old who has already gotten involved in politics, committed to Buddhism and is totally against meat just don't know what in the hell she's talking about, and sound like a sassy little ass.

Always whines about the environment, acts like the world is ending when someone kills an animal, and worst of all, that awful voice! When she screams I have to cover my ears! She's so overdramatic!

Lisa is nothing but an ignorant lesbian atheist prick who deserves to be killed off. She's the reason why the newer Simpsons episodes sucks, because they mostly revolve around HER and ONLY HER and NO ONE ELSE!

Lisa's biggest problem stems from the issues that infect many millennial these days, bigotry, egocentrism and false moral superiority. She was a "voice of reason" conceivably once but has turned into an obnoxious snob with her lipstick Buddhism and vegetarianism.

That moment when Lisa Simpsons cry out at the flock of hipsters fleeing Springfield, where they've only recently relocated, cause it's no longer cool: "Please, please, take me with you! I'm one of you! I understood all your references! "

Lisa is an obnoxious little brat. Sure, she was likable in the Classic era, but after that she became too preachy. She would argue and belittle anybody who had an opinion different than hers and had to learn that you need to respect others' opinions at least three times! Plus, she's over the top cruel to Bart. Remember the restraining order episode?

Lisa simpson went from being a likeable character to a poop character, literally, she has done many bad things like forcing her family to eat vegetables and ruin the homerous barbecue and be ashamed of her own father, and forget the episode of lady gaga which really got to annoy me.
For me that helen lovejoy is the one that should be here instead of smooth, because, at least Lisa still has redeemable characteristics and she realizes her mistakes, as for helen she is only blackmail and is an immoral false person. - NelMemazo

Remember all those times where Bart sacrificed his happiness and future (being a cop, going to Yale, being a decent Drummer) for Lisa's future? Remember all the times where Bart and Lisa bonded during that hockey episode? That all changed when she disregarded everything Bart did in that restraining order episode.

She is so annoying if there's an episode around her I don't watch it. It's always the same thing Lisa moaning about something that is not intellectual enough for her or just been depressive because her life is rubbish.

Whenever Bart's up to something, even if she knows its harmless, she has to find out. And whenever she ruins someones plan, evil or good, she gives them that ' smug look! Also, if she got a B plus or A minus she would freak out and kill herself. THOSE ARE GREAT GRADES YOU IDIOT YOUR STILL GOING TO GET INTO HARVARD SO STOP! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Lisa is the classical extreme leftist who think she's always right. Sadly, most of the episodes now has her as a protagonist or as a main story plot... miss the days when homer was the true protagonist and the show wasn't about preaching but about having fun

I respect the fact that she loves nature and animals, but she's too much of a goody-goody. And she's jealous of anyone smarter than her.

She's a total kill joy, and she's way too smart for her own good she's become the Meg of the Simpsons. - egnomac

Lisa rejected poor homer and left him for no reason Lisa is now stupid like she is the one of the worst characters on the show did you see when homer had a meat party and she dragged it away and threw she must have anger issues becauss she is a brat that only cares about crosswords and puzzles