Top 10 Worst Simpsons Characters

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61 Clancy Wiggum

"Remember that time he shot a flower into Homer's head unprovoked? "

Don't mind her

You mean you don't mind him. It's not Chief Wiggum's wife were talking about here. - FireMarshallBillBurns

so stupid

62 The Yes Guy V 1 Comment
63 Brandine Spuckler
64 Snowball II

Replaced snowball

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65 Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon
66 Duffman

I just don't get his role in the Simpsons

It really annoys me when duffman appears in a simpsons episode. He's a pointless character.

Nothing would be different without him so why is he in there in the first place?

So pointless!

67 Disco Stu

His annoying presence constantly filling up the show. Not to mention the annoying and pointless tasks on Tapped Out.

He's a pointless character; offers nothing to the show or any story.

Whats his point.

He kept talking in 3rd person - J1996

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68 Santa's Little Helper

Selfish dog that acts more like a cat

That is one stupid dog

He is just a backround character plus if you hate on him you probably just hate dogs in general he is my 5th favorite plus I feel ba for hie always being abused by homer - epictoonsfan1

69 Julio

An offensive stereotype of a gay man added in Season 14 that adds nothing to the show yet comes back way too often.

70 Homer Jr.
71 Frank Grimes

I don't get why this character is so appreciated! I hate this guy! He hates Homer just because he's not the smartest or the most responsible. Sure, he's right about it, but he doesn't have to rub it in his and other people's faces! I've met people on YouTube who bully users because they're either too stupid or something else and heck, one guy I know bullied a YouTuber who had a mental disease! God I hate those kinds of people. If Frank Grimes wasn't a huge dick about Homer, he'd still be alIve by now! If Vicky from Fairly Oddparents is my least favorite female cartoon character of all time, then Frank Grimes is my least favorite male cartoon character of all time. Please, get this man in the Top 10 please! - OnyxDash

72 Edna Krabappel

Edna is actually a pretty good character. Shame Marcia Wallace is no longer alive :(

She is the most stupitist simpson character EVER!

73 The Leader

He tried to convert everyone to his fake religion via brainwashing. He made a fool of everyone. He forced people to take their families with them to basically a slavery. He took everyone's money. This religion faker was easily the worst character of The Simpsons. Cletus was a hero for killing him.

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74 Mindy from the Power Plant

She would have been a so much better wife for homer

She tried to steal homer from marge

75 Snake

Why he's funny because he is one of the dumbest guy in the simpsons

76 Dolph Starbeam V 1 Comment
77 Kent Brockman
78 Radioactive Man (Bongo)
79 Old Jewish Man
80 Drederick Tatum
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