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1 Season 19

Season 19 is up there with Season 20. I'll be honest, the ninja episode was good. However, it did contain Tweek x Craig, which is one of the worst episodes in South Park history, and I dare to say I found an episode worse than Fresh Heir from Family Guy. Just a outstandingly bad season. While Season 20 is the worst, do NOT deny Season 19.

This season is definitely the worst South Park season ever! The serialization has awfully ruined this show! Beside, Season 20 is not even better (It's not even a season, but a long boring messed up episode.) Sorry, but South Park should rather be cancelled after season 19.

I don't understand why many websites consider this as one of the best season. That 19th season is just unfunny, with too many bad plot. Season 18 was much better.

This season didn't had humor,it was just SJWs and annoying Liberels

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2 Season 20

I love South Park but I loathe politics. I know that political satire is one of the main aspects of South Park but it was done a lot better in recent seasons prior to season 20. Season 20 seemed a bit too biased and I hated both candidates and both sides left and right. I hope in season 21 they lay off the continued storyline and create better, funnier, and more creative episodes than they did from seasons 1-17. This season was just the hell of South Park.

I vividly remembering the episode when they replace suicide with Twitter. Hell, I thought that the boys were going to kill Cartman, but even though they express it as much as possible, they just broke Cartman's electronics. While I was a bit sad that Cartman's stuff, I doesn't redeem the episode. Just a weak episode that should have been better

There is almost no difference between each episodes. Same plot, same gags, same jokes. Neither of them are funny or interesting. South Park will have the worst birthday ever with the worst season ever.

So damn boring! The only parts I liked were with Cartman and Heidi. - Popsicles

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3 Season 9
4 Season 10

Most of the episodes were awful

5 Season 12

Season 12 was a horrible season. It contained the weirdness in Tonsil Trouble, the shamefulness in Britney 's New Look, the racism and the whining in The China Problem, the stupidity, the absolutely-rotten-to-the-core and the suffering in Imaginationland. Honestly, I don't know how Imaginationland won an Emmy award.

Season 12 contained the worst South Park episodes. Such as: Tonsil Trouble, The China Problem, About Last Night, Britney 's New Look, Imaginationland, and more.

Imaginationland is from season 11

Season 12 should be higher on this list It had sooo many bad episodes - YoshiApple

6 Season 18

What I liked this season it had its goodies like Freemium isn't free, gluten free Ebola, and C--- magic

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7 Season 8
8 Season 16

Worst Season Ever for Me. Jewpacabra is the worst episode

9 Season 2
10 Season 13

If we remove that Margaritaville episode which didn't deserve an Emmy, this season is not so bad.

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11 Season 11
12 Season 21

Not over yet, but all I'm thinking is "worst season ever". Gave me thoughts like "Where are those great episodes like 'Super Fun Time'". However, still somewhat away from "I'm going to stop watching", like many people with the Simpsons.

There was only two or three episodes I liked but the rest (and I can't believe I'm saying this) sucked. - JCHOW

This season is too focused on couples (especially Cartman and Heidi) enough said.

Heiman = the annoying snake that won't die

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13 Season 6

Season 6 was just a very weird season. All the boys are just all out of character and Kenny is gone. I am not a huge fan of this season - YoshiApple

"Jared has Aides" and "Fun with Veal" two horrible episodes in my opinion, even though it's South Park.

14 Season 7
15 Season 5
16 Season 1
17 Season 15

I hate the human centipede, but I loathe humancentipad, in my opinion.

18 Season 3
19 Season 4
20 Season 14
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