Worst SpongeBob Songs to Play at a Funeral

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1 The Best Day Ever

Uh, why would u play this at a funeral

The people attending the funeral for this guy must really hate him if they think that him dying is 'the best day ever'. Great list, anonymous! - Wolftail

Why does this list even exist?

Oh, he died?
It's the best day EVER! - Garythesnail

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2 Sweet Victory

Wow, so it's a sweet victory for someone dead? - Datguyisweird666

We all love this episode. We all love that song. They don't mix with a funeral. - Garythesnail

Sweet Victory, you are dead, yay!

You have been kicked out of the funeral!

My mum is dead! Sweet! Let's celabrate victory!... Terrible for a funeral. In the song it says "The thrill of one more kill", making it worse for that kind of event

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3 Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star

It would not be the best, but not the worst either

It's called "I Wrote This," and it's already on here. - Powerfulgirl10

PU! What's that horrible smell? - RalphBob

4 The Very First Christmas

Except if they die on Christmas - Goatworlds

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5 Musical Doodle
6 I Wrote This
7 If I Could Talk to Money
8 The Road Song

This song is garbage, so only play it at a funeral for someone you REALLY hate.

This song is somewhat annoying. - Powerfulgirl10

This would just be insensible. - Garythesnail

I hate this song - Goatworlds

9 We've Got Scurvy

Lol. It even features P! nk, one of my mom's favorite singers. - Powerfulgirl10

10 Riding the Hook

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11 Fancy Living
12 Campfire Song Song UListen to Sample
13 Under My Rock UListen to Sample
14 F.U.N.
15 Goofy Goober Rock

LOL! I can already imagine this playing at a funeral! - Powerfulgirl10

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16 Gary Come Home

That would make me cry if that happened. needless to say, I really love this song. its catchy and heartwarming

17 The Krusty Krab Pizza

Imagine you're mourning over a loved one's death, then you hear an eccentric pizza delivery guy singing this... - Garythesnail

18 Stadium Rave UListen to Sample
19 Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight
20 Wishing Well Song
21 Now That We're Men UListen to Sample
22 Cha-Ching
23 I Wanna Go Home
24 So Long Bikini Bottom
25 Electric Zoo
26 Be a Jerk

DON'T be a jerk. - Powerfulgirl10

27 F.U.N Song
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