Demolition Doofus


Spongebob is a bastard in this episode he permanently deflates Mrs Puff and even makes a joke about it! Mrs Puff has finally had enough with Spongebob and puts him in a demolition derby so he can die becoming a total psychopathic murderer but who can blame her considering he permanently deflated her and has almost killed her multiple times no wonder she becomes insanely bent on killing him. Infact she even says "WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? " because that his how insane she has become. She even tries to kill him herself when the demolition derby drivers fail to do so. Writers why do you think abusing a character for no reason is funny and then have her try to murder the other character she was abused by? Do you really think this is appropriate for children to watch? If so please quit your jobs and go to a mental hospital.

First of all, Spongebob Scars her for life, then says this: "I guess for now on we're gonna have to call yo Mrs. Pop! " (Laughs). Then, Mrs. Puff thinks it's right to kill someone to make themselves happy and tries to kill Spongebob. Then, she enters Spongebob in a demolition derby, and lies to him saying it's extra credit! Then during the demolition derby, she says these two lines that I just hate. "I can't watch, wait, I can! ' and " Why are you sill ALIVE! " Then, after the others can't kill Spongebob, she thinks it's right to murder him! Then the ending makes no sense whatsoever! After they crash into her school, she puffs up again, how! Nothing patched up the hole she had! She just blew up. I think everybody knows whats wrong with this episode.

I just loathe this episode. SpongeBob acts like an insensitive jerk towards Mrs. puff after deflating her in a car accident. Then she snaps and tries to get SpongeBob killed in a demolition derby. Of course SpongeBob survives. So she drives a big truck into the stadium and tries to flat out run the guy over. I don't know who to root for. SpongeBob was being mean to mrs. puff. And mrs. puff tries to kill him. Also, there is no justification, so this episode just PISSES ME OFF! How is Atlantis squarepantis worse than this jumbled up mess of a plot?! How? - Antwon

In the old episodes, sure Mrs. Puff got annoyed by SpongeBob's antics, but never in a million years would she try to kill him! She was one of my favorite characters, the episode when she went on a date with Mr. Krabs is one of my favorites! Sad they portray her like a such a heartless person who wants SpongeBob to die! That's not cool!

WORST EPISODE EVER! Who did they want us to root for again? That douchebag sponge who made fun of someone he disabled, for being disabled, thinking "HARDY HAR! NO BIG DEAL! " no, the writers couldn't EVER be THAT sadistic. They must want us to root for Mr. Puff! The character who is portrayed as the bad guy for wanting to kill someone who laughed at her for getting injured so badly that she can't inflate anymore. Oh wait, did you not catch that? I'll say it again... Mrs. Puff, a character on a "kids' cartoon, has gone insane after an injury and actually wanted that "loveable" sea sponge DEAD! I am not even kidding, she even screams out "Why are you still ALIVE? " Not, why are you still unhurt? Not why are you still standing? Its why are you still ALIVE? God damn it writers, you had one job, and you blew it.

The episode was mean-spirited, but let's be honest here. Was I one of the only few people who sided with Mrs. Puff to kill SpongeBob? Who wouldn't want to kill that overly annoying sponge after how much of a stupid nuisance he's been in the Post-Movie era? Seeing SpongeBob beat his opponents was fun to watch to be honest, but him and Mrs. Puff were still at their worst in this episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Can you really blame Mrs. Puff for wanting SpongeBob dead after all the times Spongebob has failed a driving test and caused destruction and Mrs. Puff ends up paying the price fore it and also driving her to the brink of insanity. - egnomac

This episode is very negative! Mrs. Puff would never expect SpongeBob to die. Even though she doesn't like him, she would never try to kill him. I don't like this episode. Killing someone is wrong. They should not put this in a kids T.V. show this is what kids are not supposed to see. Demolition Doofus makes me feel bad for SpongeBob. SpongeBob shouldn't drive Mrs. Puff crazy in the first place. This episode should exist.

I don't even know who to root for in this episode, Spongebob Obliviouspants, who doesn't show the least bit of remorse for what he's done and even makes a joke about it, or Mrs Puff, who thinks him injuring her is a perfectly justified reason to murder him, which is like having a bully steal your lunch at school and you thinking it's a perfectly justifiable reason to go to his house and shoot him in the head with a gun

It's true, Mrs. Puff is out of character, but then again, who can blame her? She has to go through all the bull SpongeBob puts her through. If that were me, I would not stop until I know that person is dead. I'm even willing to gas him Nazi style.

The plot of this episode is, SpongeBob cripples Mrs. Puff (supposedly, for life), and Mrs. Puff tries to get SpongeBob killed (specifically, dying in a car crash in a demolition derby). And many other horrible qualities I don't have time to explain. How is this currently number 6?

This episode plainly sucks! We all know that sooner or later that mrs puff was going to be enraged by SpongeBobs action, but never did I expect for her to kill him. She evens tries to have him killed by having racers ram him! We all know how much this new SpongeBob have gotten so annoying and amazingly retarded but to kill him is out of line for mrs puff. One of the worst episode ever!

The one thing I don't like about this episode is that 1. Then, way to many boating school episodes, 2. Mrs. Puff lost her patience so bad she tried to kill SpongeBob, 3. One of the episodes when it easily shows that SpongeBob has the brain of a 1 year old and the attention span of a squirrel!

Wanna know why this episode is called Demolition Doofus? The writers love demolition and they are doofuses.

Because this is what kids want to see: attempted murder.

This was awful? Mrs. Puff tried to KILL SpongeBob! Yes, SpongeBob is annoying nowadays but even he didn't deserve to die! And she then said "WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!?! " WHAT? That's WRONG. New SpongeBob sucks. - Minecraftcrazy530

SpongeBob says one more crash and she would pop (what I'm doing is wrong) right after saying that he crashes (I know its wrong) and then he said mrs puff looks better popped (but I'm gonna do it anyway). Oh this is beyond Malicious intent, and I actually Wanted SpongeBob to die.

A teacher should not kill her own students.

Sometimes I try to pretend this episode doesn't exist. I understand why Mrs. Puff might hate SpongeBob a bit but I don't think Mrs. Puff would ever try and kill him! That just seems out of line. - seerOfmind

Mrs puff doesn't deserve to die. It's New SpongeBob who deserves to die! He's annoyed Mrs Puff so badly that Mrs Puff has Ben driven insane and actually wanting to kill him! Honestly, It's the New writers fault for causing all of Mrs Puff's misery and insanity.

Honestly, I like this episode. However, I wish SpongeBob would've been tortured more for all the grief he has caused Mrs. Puff in past episodes. Mrs. Puff seems to be the one to always suffer from his actions.

That aside, I really enjoy the action part and the plot is not bad either!

I took no sides in this episode. Spongebob didn't feel bad for Mrs. Puff at all and just acted like an ignorant jerk and drove Mrs. Puff to do what she did. Just destroy this episode

This is honestly just a pathetic excuse of an episode. Mrs. Puff is so far out of character that if the writers actually thought that was funny, I don't even know honestly. We find what we think to be a Mrs. Puff torture ep. taking a sharp turn into a SpongeBob torture. One of the only time you can ever feel slightly bad for him

This episode needs a sequel. I'd like to call it "Double Demolition Doofus" - You can read about it in the list of SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes That Should Be Created in Season 10.

What!? This is a funny episode! It was funny when Mrs. Puff deflated and became Mrs. Pop! SpongeBob didn't die in this episode! Such an underrated episode. This deserves to be lower.