Little Yellow Book


Squidward is such an ass in this episode. Look, I get that Spongebob has done weird stuff to Squidward, but Squidward wouldn't publicly humiliate Spongebob in front of the townspeople. Oh, and those townspeople are hypocrites. Squidward tells one of them that he's reading his diary. The guy gets angry, but then wants to read more. Then later, he and the others get mad at Squidward. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE WRITING? Patrick is also a prick in this episode. The main reason I loathe this episode is because it shows the cruelty of the people and it shows that the writers can't write any of their characters well. They made Squidward act like Patrick. No...NO...they turned SQUIDWARD into PATRICK? No...No...NO...NO! - DCfnaf

The whole episode is a terrible knock off april fools. It is about squidward finding SpongeBob's diary and reading it infront of he whole krusty Krab, all of the fish laugh but when sponbebob burst out of the krusty Krab crying, the fish immediately act like they didn't know it was SpongeBob's diary and started being nasty to squidward about it, SERIOUSLY YOU HYPOCRITES WHAT DID YOU THINK HE WAS READING TO YOU! After this squidward is being treated horribly by all the citizens of bikini bottom to the point of his house being taken away from him and getting arrested by the stupid bikini bottom police force who put him stocks where he gets pelted at with tomatoes by the extremely stupid bikini bottom citizens ALL BECAUSE HE READ SpongeBob'S DIARY AS THAT IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME IN BIKINI BOTTOM, TO BE HONEST WITH YOU HE DESERVES TO READ HIS DIARY AND HUMILIATE HIM BECAUSE SpongeBob HAS DONE FAR WORSE TO HIM! Squidward meets SpongeBob and apoligises to him but SpongeBob is now okay with ...more

This episode was actually the last straw for me. The jokes aren't funny, they're just stupid and disturbing. Squidward, the guy we normally root for, is the villain in this one. A second secret personal diary (with secrets probably stranger than chicken noises and stripping)? Yeah good writing right there. Not to mention the villain wins in the end. I know after everything Squidward has been through, it feels like justice to see it end that way, but it shouldn't be done like this. It's just a rip-off of April Fools that takes every wrong turn.

Hmm... Maybe if we make Squidward a nasty jerk and not have him apologies for it, everything Squidward went through in Tentacle Vision, The Thing, and Cephalopod Lodge will be justified! No, it does not really work like that. Now we have ourselves a mean spirited and unfortunate watch. Did I not even mention how unfunny this episode is? The only jokes pertaining to SpongeBob's diary are him acting like a chicken and taking off his clothes. So clever...

Guys... the flashback scene. Yes, the flashback scene. The flashback scene in Little Yellow Book just showed that SpongeBob is completely apathetic about how much he makes Squidward suffers and even says that it breaks his heart that Squidward uses the harshest of words in his critique against him... Let me tell you something you yellow retard, HE DESERVES TO USE THE HARSHEST OF WORDS AGAINST AN IMBECILIC DOUCHEBAG LIKE YOU! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Are you blind?! The only reason Squidward read the diary is because SpongeBob torments him all the time, so he wants to torment SpongeBob too to show how he feels when he is tormented always. It may sound mean to read someone else's diary, but how would you feel if you were tormented every time by that yellow cheese cube? You would want to do the same thing as Squidward, wouldn't you?

This is my second least favorite episode, my first being face freeze. you say squidwards a jerk in this episode, but sometimes its actually fun to see them be complete jerks, just watch the return of harmony part one and two in my little pony, but they screwed squidward up... when will the new writers actually make something GOOD? Also the jokes are terrible, at first they got me, but afterwards they were stupid. SpongeBob jokes are supposed to make you laugh no matter how much you've watched it (Cough cough... band geeks... ) but these jokes were so rushed! Oh, and for the makers of the show, GET NEW WRITERS OR LET SpongeBob DIE PEOPLE!

Squidward I still like you, but please never admit that you think your torment was worth it. Patrick may not be at his worse get, but he serves nothing to the plot besides being an ass. Mr. Krause was likable for once, but the townspeople went too damn far. Besides the main problems, this episode is a rip off of Fools in April, and Patrick eating you know what was gross and added nothing to the episode. But this episode is too horrible to explain one page. It pissed me off that much.

Look I get that SpongeBob has does some weird stuff to him but that doesn't mean that Squidward would take his diary and embarrasses him like that. Also I do agree with on why the fish people are hypocrites. Squidward didn't learn anything unlike the April Fools episode. Squidward I'm sorry that SpongeBob has done stuff to you that hurts you but he wasn't doing it on purpose. Squidward would've made Spongebob kill himself.

I could see what the writers were going for with the diary plot. But they made a horrible mess by having all the townspeople do the same thing as squidward. You can't do that! And at this point no one wants to root for SpongeBob, (a LA squid baby). So everyone here sucks. Again, I give this mess a little credit for the potential and its pacing. Yes, this episode wasn't that boring. So there, this episode sucks, but its not the worst. - Antwon

Squidward was the ONLY character with any remaining likeability. This episode ruined even him. Terrible episode. Pal for Gary is the worst, though. No doubt.

Squidward! How could you? Wahh!

It's a pretty bad episode, like most new episodes, but I wouldn't call it worst. Though I can see why it deserves to be on this list, it's so poorly written. One thing I complain about on this episode is SpongeBob's character. SpongeBob may respect Squidward and be all so happy, but he does tend to snap at people. You would think he would snap at Squidward in this episode, especially since he has the entire town and even the law (poor writing) on his side, yet all he does is run out crying.

Why Squidward Why! I'm glad he got what he deserved

Even though I liked that Squidward got payback at SpongeBob for all these years of Squidward torture porn episodes, I still hated Squidward for the fact that he showed no sympathy for his actions. Heck, he even goes as far as to sadistically laugh at a newspaper with SpongeBob's poor crying face on it! This is just too much for me. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I actually like this episode because SpongeBob finally gets what he deserved for torturing Squidward (like in boating buddies, squid's visit, good neighbours, etc.). Squidward was just returning the favor.

Squidward is a jerk in this episode that is rare. The fish in this episode are no better they start laughing at SpongeBob like Squidward and then when SpongeBob starts crying and bursts out of the krusty Krab they are mean to squidward and call him a jerk even though they were laughing at SpongeBob to.

This is an overall terrible episode.
Yes Squidward did do something wrong yet he is constantly tormented by the citizens however the citizens are also at fault for looking in Spongebob's diary however, the citizens are being very hypocritical throughout the episode. In short 2.5/10

It's one thing for Squidward and Bikini Bottomites to laugh at SpongeBob just cause he loves his grandma (Grandma's Kisses), much less destroying his friendship with Patrick more than once (Squidward's School for Grown-Ups), but humiliating him in front of every Bikini Bottomite, never apologizing for it, and not even crying in agony when he DOES get his comeuppance at the end is a completely different story. You think those other said episodes made Squidward loathsome? Watching this episode, if he's your favorite character that is, will turn him into your most hated! - TylertheTitan

You know I realized something if SpongeBob does something to squidward everybody loves it but when squidward does something bad to SpongeBob they get mad so hard but I have seen worst than this

This episode should be a lot higher. It makes the only guy who people can sympathize with and turns him into a jerk, except he feels no remorse at the end. Not only that, but everyone else are jerks and hypocrites. Patrick was a very big hypocrite, and so was everyone else! - Spongebob-129

Why isn't this on #1? This is the WORST SpongeBob episode ever, yes it is even worse than A Pal For Gary, One Coarse Meal and The Splinter! I mean Squidward reading SpongeBob's diary? Patrick eating baby diaper from garbage? What writers? Are you really that stupid?

Squidward made a very low blow in this one, but I honestly don't blame him. Just way too many years of Squidward torture porns actually made this a good episode for the likes of me. - Mcgillacuddy

Yeah Squidward is unlikable, Patrick is also unlikable and has little purpose, the towns folk make the episode even worse, and there is also a scene were Patrick eats a diaper. This episode might not have too much filler, but it is still a damn mess.

They justify the endless abuse towards Squidward by making him look out of character when really, it's SpongeBob's oblivious behavior in that flashback that people miss always that made Squidward want to do it.

I thought squidward was my favorite character nut nows he's a little lower for this episode EVER HAPPENING! Why do the writers do this?! And even if squidward is unlikable, YOU don't GET YOUR HOUSE TAKEN AWAY FOR READING A STUPID DIARY! God the hypocriticizism is also horrible! EVERYONE ELSE READ THE DIARY! God this episode is horrible - islandersfan91