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301 Just One Bite

Woah, why is this here?! I actually enjoyed this episode and is one of my favourites! Sure, maybe a few scenes showing close-ups of Squidward are disturbing (? ) but I like it! I guess some dislike it because SpongeBob was a bit annoying or 'forceful'? And an exploded body isn't so pleasant to see but it's great still! I really love the part when SpongeBob makes that face and says "You like Krabby patties, don't you, Squidward? " It's a classic, if I'm not mistaken. (I don't watch SpongeBob anymore, so I'm not familiar with the modern episodes, only the older ones)

SpongeBob is an idiot in this episode.

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302 Dying for Pie

This was one of the best episodes of all time! Get this off the list!

It good. Who put it on the list

Gary! you are gonna finish your dessert and you are gonna like it! One of the funniest lines in SpongeBob history. Also funny, That's not what I meant you Barnacle Head!

This episode was great! Maybe all the things SpongeBob and Squidward did are like 'fillers' but it was somewhat funny. I especially liked the ending, which includes when SpongeBob "exploded" and it touches me to know Squidward actually cares about SpongeBob :) Also, I like looking at the pie, it looks so tasty lol even though it's a bomb. It kinda keeps you on suspense, I love this!

303 Chum Bucket Supreme

This episode was Sorta Funny. I Accidently Added this - Ededdneddyfan55

304 New Leaf

This episode COULD have worked...if Zeus Cervas didn't write it...

305 Walking the Plankton

Who the hell put this episode on this list?

306 Bubblestand

Take all of the old episodes off, whoever put this on the list is stupid! I love this episode, it's one of the classics!

307 Welcome to the Chum Bucket V 2 Comments
308 Chimps Ahoy

I hate the chimps in the episode

This isn't that bad, still kind of boring though. - Antwon

309 Prehibernation Week

This is a good episode.

It bad and good!?



310 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

Now people are just running out of ideas. Seriously? I actually liked this episode. But you do have to admit that Kevin is a loser. He makes Kevin from Ed, Edd n Eddy look cooler. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

311 Plankton!

Pre-Movie episodes being added to this list just proves people are running out of ideas on this list... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Provided a LITERAL example of mind control.

I don't blame you. the record player was so funny though


312 The Lost Mattress

Hey I LOVE this episode!

I meant to say to

I want jump into the T.V. and kill the Guard worm for beating up Poor Squidward!

313 Skill Crane

"I'm a winner, see my prize, you're a loser who sits and cries." - Enough said.

This episode is funny.

The ending ruined the episode.

314 Employee of the Month

Someone take this episode off the list. I love this episode, it was funny and so was the ending.

315 The Bully

Flatts' dad is a terrible father. If you're son is disciplining you instead of the other way around - Flatts: What did I tell you about talking to strangers? - then you are not fit to raise a child.

Shouldn't be here

"Hi there, young people. Nice day today."
"So, you like kicking butts, do you? We'll show you old man! " - SAXO

316 No Free Rides

Stop putting awesome Pre-Movie classics on this list! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Mrs. Puff is extremely corrupt in this episode. Illegally giving SpongeBob his license then hijacking his car when she realized he didn't deserve it (dressed in a ski mask)?

This episode is funny! Get it off the list right now!

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317 Bucket Sweet Bucket
318 Perfect Chemistry
319 Pineapple Invasion V 1 Comment
320 Shellback Shenanigans
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