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341 Patrick SmartPants

This is actually a great episode.

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342 Fiasco!

Look, it's just my opinion. Plus, the 'Well, it looks like we caught the art thief himself' moment is the only enjoyable moment.

I love the episode itself. Well it looks like we caught the art thief himself.

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343 Doing Time

SpongeBob made Mrs. Puff go to jail when it's his fault. When she go to jail, SpongeBob and Patrick cause her so many times in trouble. Mrs. Puff says she wants stay in jail several times you keep saying hop on (get out). The part is creepy when she when locked up in an asylum and SpongeBob laughs at her.

I actually liked this episode.

This episode was on some drugs at that ending. Still good, though. - Mcgillacuddy

I liked that episode but it was annoying when Mr. Puff screams over and over

344 Texas

Whoever Put This Episode is a Dumb Old Texas Guy

Whoever put this on the list isn't having their genius showing.

I liked it, but it made fun of Texans, which could easily offend those who are from or live in Texas. - Mariomaster63

I myself am a Texan and this is an extremely RACIST episode! growing up I was a huge spongebob fan. my favorite character is Sandy Cheeks (for obvious reasons). after seeing the modern spongebob episodes like One Coarse Meal, A Pal for Gary, Yours Mine & Mine, Trench Billies, Demolition Doofus, Face Freeze, etc, It lost my interest in spongebob. I have almost watched every spongebob episode but however there was one episode that I have never watched. the Texas episode. I watched it, and everyone is disrespecting the almighty state of Texas! I lost all respect for the show and I am surprised it hasn't been cancelled yet!

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345 Yeti Krabs

So many stupid people this is awesome

This has the worst idea, least funny moments, and the most boring of any episode. This should be #1 on this list.

This episode is stupid and It's not even funny. If Nick is going to keep doing only one episode of SpongeBob a year and everybody waits for it and It ends up with this sucky plot. Cancel the series

This episode is boring as crap!

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346 Planet of the Jellyfish

This episode was creepy.

I like this episode

This is definitely one of the better modern episodes! This is not terrible or overrated, in fact this is quite underrated.

This one kinda freaked me out when I first saw it. - Chikinan

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347 Sweet and Sour Squid V 1 Comment
348 The Fry Cook Games

It is a classic!

"Square. The Shape of Evil! " - Plankton. I LOVE this classic!

I don't care I love it

349 Jailbreak!
350 A Life in a Day

Whoever put this on here doesn't know how to start (jumps up) LIVIN' LIKE LARRY!

351 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy


352 Don't Look Now
353 Le Big Switch

It is totally funny you dumb person.

It was seriously insulting to the show, SpongeBob works in a new resturant just for Mr.Krabs to increase profits and decrease costs just to show how greedy he is, and it frustates me that he can only make Krabbby Patties considering he made coral bits earlier in the episode, the only funny part was when Squidward choked on a coral bit but that's all it gives me to laugh and the ending was insultingly bad SpongeBob returns to work at the Krusty Krab and everbody from the other resturant loves his Patties there are no tables so they eat from the floor like dirty pigs looking stupid. I wouldn't recommend this episode to nobody its horrible and SpongeBob deserves better

354 The Smoking Peanut

This is not only mean spirited when they throw peanuts and Patrick and then both of them but it's also a rip off of life of crime (not any higher at least they tried with there jokes)

Only thing I hate about this is when the Police arrest Patrick. Honestly, I want to beat up the stupid Police for doing that! And I hate the part when the mean fish throw peanuts at Patrick when he didn't do anything wrong to deserve it. I want to jump into the T.V. and beat up all of those fish, especially the one who said "Lets throw peanuts at Patrick! " and "Lets throw peanuts at both of them! " and I want to fred them all to the Giant Clam.

This is a classic!

The clam is so damn annoying

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355 The Krusty Plate

Why is this here? It's great! Better than most Season 5 (Which is still a good season) - Goatworlds

MAXIMUM POWER! Best Season 5 episode.

It good!

356 Squid on Strike

I hate this episode, just shows Mr Krabs being such a lousy cheapskate again!

What? I love this one.

I like this one yards bitch.

357 SpongeBob vs the Patty Gadget V 1 Comment
358 The Two Faces of Squidward
359 The Good Krabby Name
360 Opposite Day

I hate this episode, Squidward just has his dreams crushed.

This needs to be lower. I love this episode!

That is my most favorite episode. I like this episode. But I not see any wrost things in this episode. Why it's very wrost?

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