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361 Salsa Imbecilicus Salsa Imbecilicus
362 Home Sweet Rubble
363 The Bad Guy Club for Villains

So terrible! Pointless and should not exist. The super heros are all worse versions of the episode mermaid man and barnicle boy 5. Anti climactic ending, and preachyness. Preachyness is the reason I can't stand movies like wal-e and happy feet.

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364 Komputer Overload

Sorry for the vote just wanted to say that this is a really good episode loved it! The only problem is that it makes plankton look stupid & incompetent (...blink.) but it was an interesting plot & very funny!

Get. This. Off. The. List.

Organs give me secret formula or I bring big boom boom to krusty Krab hahaaha I can't stop laughing it's so hilarious P. S don't forget to blink hahaahahaa

365 The Paper

Season 1 episodes shouldn't be on this list

This is my favorite episode. So funny and awesome!

I hate how the dumb children voices say boo to Squidward, I want to beat up all the children who said boo

"Look Gary, Oralgami."

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366 Driven to Tears

It is a classic!

It good

367 Jailbreak!
368 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy


369 Don't Look Now
370 Love That Squid

This episode was actually pretty good

One of the better episodes in the newer seasons.

I like how SpongeBob and Squidward drove in a circle

Hey! This episode should not be on here.

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371 Squidville

Just look at the abhorrent racism, people.

WHAT!? This is my 2nd favorite episode!

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372 Treats

Actually, this episode is pretty good. After "A Pal for Gary", "Pet Sitter Pat" and any other Gary torture porns, it's nice to see an episode about Gary somewhat torturing SpongeBob by annoying him to Death and making him go to the pet store at like 3 AM. It also shows that although lately it seems like SpongeBob doesn't like Gary, this episode shows that SpongeBob would go to the end of the world for him. And I'm pretty sure this was all geniune.


It got a lower rating because of the face scene - FlowerlilySundrops

Gary keeps repeatedly meowing. So annoying my ears hurt

The Title card was so misleading. It had small candy bars instead of snail bites from the episode.

I remember seeing this episode and thinking the repeating meow was FUNNY! I was 9 or 10 and I didn't know better. - Chikinan

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373 Breath of Fresh Squidward

Seriously? Not the worst but this one needs to be on this list. Basically, Squidward gets electrocuted by an electric fence he put up around his house to keep Spongebob and Patrick out of his house. Because of this electrocution, he becomes nice for some reason and then begins to become a better fry cook than Spongebob. In the end, Spongebob snaps (sending Squidward off in tears) in an extremely cold hearted moment. The episode ends with all three getting electrocuted and acting like Squidward (the funniest moment in the episode). I just can't stand how easily Spongebob snaps at Squidward for acting kind and then no one even says anything in Squidward's defense. Prime example of how mean spirited the episodes have gotten lately.

Spongebob got angry at Squidward for stealing his best friend. That's a reason for Spongebob to snap at him, but he's very hypocritical about it as well. - DCfnaf

This is the worst episode ever. You just have to watch this to understand why.

This episode is insanely maddening for me. Spongebob whines over the top, and when Squidward turns nice, it ruins their dynamic. It's just bad...

I liked this one! I had it on my DVD. I don't hate it! - Chikinan

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374 A SquarePants Family Vacation

VERY under hated episode. One of the top ten worst in my opinion.

This Was The Worst Special Ever! - Yina

Well, it has a little bit of everything bad - hurjelert

This is the BEST SpongeBob episode ever

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375 Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?

I don't like the way SpongeBob runs up to squid ward while squid ward is trying to unlock his door to get away from him, SpongeBob approaches him in a very creepy and stalkers way just like in boating buddies by running and calling his name. squid wards key brakes in the lock and he gets trapped outside.

Awful, awful, episode. That disturbing face is the reason why I hate this episode so much.

This should be higher. Everyone was mean to SpongeBob in that episode for no reason, and he had a disturbing face when he got to New Kelp City. - anonygirl

How tf is Ripped Pants worse? That was a classic? This episode sucks!
And has the disturbing face! - BlueSheepYT

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376 The Card

There is one line of dialogue in this that proves Patrick has done everything on purpose. "You can't expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up, keep you on your toes." Think about that for a while.

This episode needs to be higher... A lot higher!

I'm so glad Mr. Enter has exposed this episode as the piece of garbage it is. Patrick acts so terrible in this episode.

I hate this episode. And it's not because of Patrick. Patrick is extremely stupid in a lot of episodes. And he wasn't a jack@$$ in this episode (but is in a lot of episodes & a lot worse than anything he did in this episode). Patrick is actually really nice to SpongeBob, & sees his friend is way more important than some card/s. He saw that he cared a lot about the card, and gave it to him, despite SpongeBob whining and nagging & trying to control him the whole episode. And SpongeBob never felt bad how he treated his friend the whole episode despite Patrick being really nice to him. people need to stop attacking Patrick from this episode. It was SpongeBob who was the villain this episode. But no, I know SpongeBob treated his friends including Patrick worse, so while this episode is bad I know it's nowhere near the c**p the other episodes were.

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377 Born Again Krabs

Alright, who's putting these on the list? - Spongebob-129

What? I love this episode!

Remove this episode, please.

I hate it. SpongeBob's soul being sold to the Flying Dutchman for 62 cents? Seriously Krabs? - Goatworlds

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378 The Secret Box

How is this on the list? This one is actually good?

As teenagers my friend and I still laugh at when the milk carton spills!

This one is really good! Someone must have mistaken this for a list for the best SpongeBob episodes!

Come On! This Episode Was Hilarious! - ChiefMudkip

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379 F.U.N.

Who the hell would put this episode on the list?! This episode is awesome!

What? This should not be here!

Whoever put this on here should eat uranium bombs

It so good

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380 Wormy

What? Why is this here?

This episode was banned in some countries due to that bug up close

True story

Showing that butterfly's face was creepy and buzzing. But this is still the best episode ever.

This episode should be rated T.V.-14 V - Maddox121

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