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61 That Sinking Feeling

This is surprisingly very underrated (along with Penny Foolish).

What? This One Is a Masterpiece.

I actually like this one.

Like Breath of Fresh Squidward and Cephalopod Lodge, it ripped off Good Neighbours, only this time it's blatant. A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal at least came up with an original idea, though they were executed awfully (despite having a good introduction in One Coarse Meal), That Sinking Feeling doesn't even try to become original. I know SpongeBob You're Fired did worse, but That Sinking Feeling is the first episode where the animators just doesn't care if this episode ripped off any. I know some of the episode is creative, but all of the creative things (except for gelatin Squidward) have already appeared in earlier episodes. This episode is just a huge waste of time. It is my least favourite episode from Season 7 and the 5th worst 11 minute episode of the series, only behind Squid Baby, Little Yellow Book, Demolition Doofus and Choir Boys.

If you like this episode, I will respect your opinion. - SamHalls2015

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62 I'm with Stupid

I just wish SpongeBob would have slapped Janet and Marty across their faces

This might be a bit of a cruel episode, but it's definitely not worse than episodes like All That Glitters. It also has a few good jokes, like "But don't genius live in a lab? " and that stuff. Still a cruel episode, though. - Spongebob-129

It's worse than All That Glitters, despite that one being bad too. Hard to believe that both seasons 2 and 4 can have bad episodes. - Goatworlds

This was actually a torture porn episode done the right way because it was FUNNY. Pet Sitter Pat on the other hand is NOT FUNNY. - Mcgillacuddy

This one wasn't bad it was super funny - Spongebobipod

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63 SquidBob TentaclePants

Geez, this episode is nasty. All this episode is about is SpongeBob and squidward being fused together. Writers, are you TRYING to make us puke? When I first saw this episode, I NEARLY had nightmares. I almost stopped watching SpongeBob. Aw man, the ENDING was worse! In some European countries, the ending was BANNED. (Dang it, I wish I lived in Europe. ) Anyway, squidward said he didn't want to be stuck to SpongeBob, but SpongeBob LOVED being fused with squidward.
How did this get #58? This needs to be lower than that.
Writers, what are you trying to do? Make an "CatDog" reenactment or are you trying to make us puke?

Disgusting, really raised the bar of how disgusting the episodes can get. No thought went into the script writing at all.

It definitely is the WORST and most disgusting episode, because of the ending, where there was a gruesome image of all the main characters fused together and wriggling around. It has scarred me for life, and will for the rest of my life.

HOLY BALLS, HOW IS THIS ONLY 94 AT THIS MOMENT. Sure, there are some episodes that were worse, BUT THIS SCARRED SO MANY PEOPLE FOR LIFE, JUST BECAUSE OF THAT ENDING. Nobody wanted to see that ball of goo with body parts and heads scattered around it! Heck, it was making JUICE on the floor! THERE WAS A GIANT TENTACLE AND A RED VEINED EYEBALL in this pile of goo! This aired in 2005, there had to be some LIMITS for a KIDS SHOW.

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64 Giant Squidward

Dear lord, this episode deserves more hate than it gets. The dialogue was very juvenile, and it felt like it was thrown together in less than an hour. Those idiotic background fish form an angry mob because Squidward DIDN'T SAY BLESS YOU WHEN HE SNEEZED. Yes kids, not saying excuse me is worthy of being stabbed and burnt.

The writers always try to screw with Squidward in some ridiculous way. In this episode, they make the citizens a bunch of douchebags and make Squidward illogically shrink back to normal size just as he was playing his awesome clarinet that SpongeBob and Patrick willingly made for him. Screw you writers. You guys just hate your audience. - Mcgillacuddy

How does fertilizer make other not plant things grow? - hurjelert

To be honest, the background fish are what I most hate about seasons 6-8.

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65 New Fish in Town

No that doesn't! New Fish In Town was great, All That Glitters was HORRIBLE!

It really isn't that bad.

I think it's an okay idea, but it's just done too dull.

The concept is ok, but it was executed rather poorly.

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66 The Original Fry Cook

I like this because it shows a new side to the Krusty Krab. Plus, the flashbacks were hilarious.

This isn't one of the worst, but it's pretty boring and Jim is a bad character.

This seems like a pile of crap when I notice: Didn't SpongeBob beat King Neptune? So, why the hell did they write this when they could've watched Neptune's Spatula?!

Why is The Original Fry Cook on here? I actually liked this episode. - SamHalls2015

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67 Squidward in Clarinetland

Very creepy. Incredibly stupid. Also very confusing and hard to understand. I think the developers made this episode before they had their morning cup of coffee.

Yes, I get it. It's a take on Alice in wonderland and it's NOT funny in the slightest. It's kinda like they just said "Hey, Alice in Wonderland is about random stuff right? Lets do the same! " Meanwhile I bet none of them has ever touched those books because if they had they could have come up with something better then this episode. All my hate.

Not Good, But Interesting

So strange, breaks brain to understang, too random.

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68 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Seriously I wanted to murder that stupid cop

I feel bad for Squidward because of that stupid dumb idiot cop that just give him tickets for no reason like when the cop put a ticket on Squidward's nose but the ticket fall by itself and the cop gave Squidward another ticket because of what LITTERING! If I were Squidward I would beat the livin crap at that cop!

If you a cop up, no matter how much the cop deserves it, you're probably going to get arrested. Then again, this is the Bikini Bottom law system... - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

I think the cop has issues...or at least the law

This episode is not funny at all ( Maybe in the beginning, but not at the end), Squidward gets all those tickets by that cop for littering, when he's not, and even at the end with Squidward getting 9 tickets the cop hasn't taken him to jail. Also Squilliam gets a ticket for his statue falling down. Basically the cop is giving people tickets for littering, when these people didn't litter, and the cop doesn't get punished.
This is a horrible episode and should be in the TOP 3!

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69 No Nose Knows

I detest this episode. It's boring, gross, and just stupid.

Patrick actually becomes SANE and NORMAL in this episode

Patrick is such a dumbass in this episode.

To be honest Patrick should have kept the nose. it made him more hygienic.

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70 Funny Pants

There's only one word to describe how bad this episode is, and that is ANNOYING! You'd probably agree that after hearing SpongeBob's ear bleeding laugh for more that 15 seconds, it gets really annoying! Also, the jokes he was telling to Squidward weren't even funny. This episode is also what I like to call another one of those godforsaken Squidward Torture because in the ending, Squidward ends up in the hospital for laughing too much, but then SpongeBob gives a bit of his laughter to Squidward, and we get the same irritating laugh from the beginning of the episode. My God this episode just wants me to rip that little yellow bastard apart!

ARGH, OH THIS EPISODE IS SO ANNOYING! Funny Pants? More like Unfunny Pants!

Another day another dollar is a joke, for some reason. And worse stuff I don't need to talk about, Just watch it. Actually don't if you don't like banging your head against a wall.

I laughed the whole time on this episode.

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71 Plankton's Regular

This episode is insulting in many different ways. Plankton, in my opinion, is the only character (besides Gary) who is still likable. Probably because they put him at the ass of so many episodes, like THIS one.

In this episode, a man walks into the Chum Bucket and finds Plankton's food delicious. This is actually not a half-bad plot, but, of course, it gets ruined.

With this new regular customer under Plankton's belt, you'd think Mr. Krabs would cut him some slack and let him have ONE customer. But, no. Mr Krabs is too greedy. So, him and SpongeBob try to lure the customer away from Plankton: but it never works!

If I could rewrite this, it would be that plankton would be left with his regular customer. Want to know what the clueless writers did instead?! The guy has to go to the hospital for eating the chum, and Karen reveals she PAID the guy to eat the chum! That is just a slap in the face.

It really bugs me that we are expected to mindlessly side with Spongebob and Krabs for trying to steal Plankton's only ray of hope. Because as we all know, the Krusty Krab is the 'good' restaurant and the Chum Bucket is the 'evil' restaurant. Gimme a break, I'm not that stupid.

I don't think this episode should be worst. This episode was debatable.

Why is this so low? This is WAY worse than Penny Foolish. This should be in the teens, NOT at #70! Mr. Krabs can't let Plankton have ONE customer. How cheap can you get? Also, the twist at the end was just cruel to Plankton. Please upvote this!

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72 Glove World R.I.P.

This one needs to be higher, like seriously what were the writers thinking they take a place with many great episodes and throw it in a garbage can with this episode. Basically the episode sucks because there are bad jokes and the writers make a really popular fun kids place into a fragile box. It's ridicoulous with this episode and even when SpongeBob and Patrick tried to fix the place up after the mascot quit after 3 weeks and guess what happens SpongeBob and Patrick can't get it done because at least SpongeBob tried but Patrick put no effort into the mascot which made the quarter of the place empty to the entire place into empty ghost town and then SpongeBob and Patrick lock themselves up on the entrance but then a plot hole is thrown in when Glove Universe is opening and Patrick threw the keys in to the Glove Lake because SpongeBob told him to keep it in a safe spot. 0/10 terrible episode and god awful. - DrMayonnaise

That's right, nostalgic settings are getting into the act now. I guess they ran out of characters to desecrate. Here, SpongeBob and Patrick find out glove world is closing down permanently. This episode is a sideshow of cheap jokes and an equally cheap plot, and the first sign of its cheapness is how fast they thrust us into this unreal scenario. They establish characters before putting them in conflict! They must be high!

Patrick and SpongeBob have gone to glove world multiple times and never once before have they mentioned it going downhill. Seriously things happen gradually and having it all of a sudden be trashy isn't realistic

Why not just renovate Glove World, give it some more rides and attractions and rename it into Glove Universe instead of just closing the place down? That would be more convenient

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73 Stanley S. SquarePants

Most annoying episode of SpongeBob in history. Stanley was just a cheap twin of SpongeBob ripoff of Patrick's episode where he couldn't do anything. :/

Now you see, SEGA could learn a lot from this episode. Don't make crappy look alikes of the main characters. I'm not hating on Shadow, or Silver, or Metal Sonic, because those are pretty cool, I'm talking about stupid stuff like the Tails Doll. Now I know probably everyone who's reading this is going "what the hell" but a lot of others get it. If you make a crappy rip off character (like Stanley or the Tails Doll) you get hate. And creepypasta. Mostly hate. - Pikachulover1

I really want Sonic to be successful, but SEGA isn't really trying to make it successful. I liked Sonic Unleashed, I liked Sonic Colours, I liked Sonic 4, I loved Sonic Generations, and I even liked Sonic Lost World. Sonic Generations took the series back to its roots, and Sonic Lost World had a GREAT idea, and I think SEGA should've built off of that idea. Then we got Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, and my hope was shattered. - DCfnaf

Stanley, is annoying he's the kind of person that you wanna feel bad for him but you can't because you wanna strangle him, now I'm a clutz, I accidentally break things, but I don't "ruin everything I touch" his voice his high pitched and his annoying crying goes to far, it's just one of those cheap look a likes, you know "Stanley gets strangled by the tattle tale strangler" uncreative/lengthy name, but still worth watching with season 10 being pretty good

I actually kind of like this episode.

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74 Squidward's School for Grownups

Well it wasn't that bad. The episode was boring but lets stick to the positive

Worst episode of SpongeBob I've seen since sponge hence(which should be the top next to dear vikings) what the hell were SpongeBob and patrick doing at the start of the episode? Why were they yelling at passing car? The worst and most annoying thing on the show. The rest of the episode was boring and pointless until the opera sence, seriously!

The Sea Urchin was literally the best character ever. I think it's pretty awesome if you can disguise yourself as a beard, take a snooze on someone's face, and then dip out of the theater with a bow tie.

I don't even know what was the point of SpongeBob and Patrick being in this episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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75 Pineapple Fever

I actually liked the plot, even if the jokes weren't funny. I like the part where they mangle common games to the point that he makes his own game and they are asking questions about it. "Will there be any spelling in this game? " "No, no spelling." "Yes! " My favorite line.

Believe me, I think the writers could make a way better episode, but they decide to make it into a squidward torture porn. Also, the jokes they use are bad and they drag on for WAY too long. Additionaly, the writers think if they put squidward as the ass of their jokes, it automatically makes them funny. And to make sure of that, they make SpongeBob and patrick as intolerably dumb as possible. the plot sucked and its boring

If House Fancy gets so much hate for the toenail scene, than Pineapple Fever deserves more hate for the eyebrow scene.

The eyebrow scene made me cringe and oh god the "doing jigsaw puzzles playing tic-tac-toe drinking hot cocoa" line. I HATED THAT EVEN AS A KID. The fact Patrick can't play puzzles and the tornado appears just to torture Squidward. I'VE ALWAYS HATED THIS EPISODE. - Chikinan

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76 Restraining SpongeBob

The episode is weird and creepy. I mean, Patrick following squidward around. That's creepy and fried squidward? What the hell?

This episode is so... so bad and in my opinion had so much potential. I mean squidward FINALLY got the restraining order on sb and they ruined it with patrick... he should have gotten another restraining order on patprick. in my opinion I would rather give it to patrick. pat and mr krabs are both tied for my least favorite characters in MODERN SpongeBob. in old AMAZING SpongeBob (seasons 1-3, maybe even 4) patrick is my favorite character and at the moment, gary is mine. you guys should improve patrick OVERALL and get him back and get your act together so we can have more amazing modern episodes like sand castles in the sand, suction cup symphony, planktons pet, krabby kronicle, donut of shame, and battle of bikini bottom. writers go back to where you got your inspiration for these episodes and it wont be so bad anymore I beg you. especially you zeus cervas and casey alexander - islandersfan91

This episode is just bland, and is by far Patrick's worst appearance. I know Patrick is the dumb one, but here he pretty much has the brain of an infant. It seems like the writers ran out of ideas pretty quickly, so they just ended up having Patrick laugh uncontrollably at the end for literally no reason.

Even as a kid this one wasn't good. - Chikinan

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77 Professor Squidward

It wasn't so much the main characters as the news casters and the idiotic students annoying squidward and asking him the most redundant of questions.

I want to beat up and torture all those idiot fish if they ask one more dumb idiotic stupid question I will throw them out the window.

I think episode was actually funny & mostly in character. I actually think it can fit in alright in with the earlier seasons. Def best episode of season 6. & squidward actually deserved to not have anything go his way because he was a selfish lier that took what was for squillam, unlike a lot of other episodes that torment squidward when he does absolutely nothing wrong

I'm also confused with 'all the fish that asked idiotic questions' I only saw 1 fish who asked him a legit question. Y r people so whinny when it comes to squidward?

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78 The Krabby Kronicle

Honestly, this episode isn't really bad. Although SpongeBob is being abused and so are the others, Mr. Krabs gets what he deserves. The only part I hated was the ending, where Mr. krabs still wins

I actually enjoyed this episode because of the message it sends to viewers, but I also somewhat didn't enjoy it because Mr. Krabs still didn't learn his lesson in the end, but that also sent a good message to viewers because yes, trying to make an easy buck doesn't pay, but there are many ways people use to get around that, and this episode provided a good example. - Mcgillacuddy

This episode has problems. First of all, the. Plot was too predictable and WAY too mean spirited where Mr Krabs does get away with counterfeit, his greed is blatantly forcing the tension of the plot to drive everyone except for himself into a state of misery. I hated this

I actually liked this episode. The only bad thing it does is Mr.Krabs being a jerk to the entire city. At least he got punished for it.

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79 The Googly Artiste

Of course, if Squidward was the one gluing googly eyes to rocks, he would be scorned and the hideous bikini bottom citizens would have probably formed an angry mob because they hate it. No humor in this episode, unless that idiotic starry night gag is their idea of funny.

In this episode they put Squidward at the ass of the joke real badly! So bad that I felt so bad for Squidward and the artist that approved the rock with eyes must be fired and retarded because that idea is as bland as plain bread.
1/10 annoying episode - DrMayonnaise

I want to beat up that dumbass critic for not choosing Squidward's art if I was him I would choose Venus de Squidward over Patrick's dumb rock with goodly eyes and SpongeBobs birdhouse. What I will do to the critic is that I will punch his face kick his nuts and then torture him repeatedly until he chooses Squidward's art.

Next thing you'll know, that critic will start calling Boku no Pico the best anime ever. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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80 Frozen Face-Off

The abominable snowman that was just a puppet was the worst thing to ever be put on television. SpongeBob used to be the greatest show on television, but over the last few years has gone from the top to the rock bottom of entertainment.

Awful! Not like the old spongebob shows at all. All lame jokes and unoriginal storyline. And when they threw in the giant claymation abominable snowman, it just got 5x worse. When it was revealed that all the snowman wanted were Patrick's jelly beans, I shut the T.V. off. I would rather listen to Justin Beiber than watch this episode again.

This was just another Post-Movie Spongebob special. Generic storyline and lame jokes, and a twist too stupid to remember.

(Seriously, why is there a what Boom joke? )

I liked this episode. - SuperNut98

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