A Pal for Gary


The post-movie episodes (especially seasons 6-9) were never good. While I usually do tend to like relatively unpopular episodes, this episodes is just one of many that is just painful to watch. It is one of many episodes that seasons 6, 7, 8, 9 have. Characters are unbelievably dumbed down from their original character, and they act in a way that doesn't make sense. Other episodes that suffer from this are Stuck in The Wringer (with Patrick), Demolition Doofus (with Mrs. Puff), Little Yellow Book (with Squidward), One Coarse Meal (with Krabs) and Your's, Mine and Mine (again, with Patrick).

Now, onto the actual episode. SpongeBob has to leave Gary to go to work every day, so he eventually buys a strange pet, but, with the season 7 fashion, he is mind-bendingly ignorant and doesn't listen to a warning about a pet. Then the episode begins it's awful decline. He names the animal Puffy Fluffy, and Puffy Fluffy immediately begins to TORTURE poor Gary. He gets mad at Gary for doing ...more

Seriously, the amount of scape goat that goes into SpongeBob episodes, especially after the SpongeBob movie, it's just getting darn right ridiculous, the biggest culprits have to be stuck on a ringer, yours, mine and mine, and this episode. But this time, the writers took it a bit to far, I'm only slightly annoyed when the scapegoat is over a cheap plastic toy, but patrick was just a jerk in that episode. But when you go as far as torturing animals because of stupidity, it just posses me off. Ever heard of a saying "dangerously stupid". One time, a mentally disabled person killed an innocent normal person, and the disabled guy got let off the hook because of his disabilities, that's just disgusting. I would have shot him, blown his brains off. This is exactly what happened in this SpongeBob episode, because of SpongeBob stupidity, it almost cost an innocent pets life, I was so annoyed when SpongeBob ignored that old woman at the pet shop. But the thing that makes this episode ...more

This is my LEAST favorite episode of SpongeBob (along with One Coarse Meal). This infuriated me to the point where I wanted to put my fist through the T.V.! SpongeBob is SO unlikeable and stupid in this episode that you just want to bash him in the head with a brick.

Puffy Fluffy destroys the entire house and tries to eat Gary AND SpongeBob, and SpongeBob thinks it's all Gary's fault. What made me lose all hope for this episode was this:

SpongeBob: Gary! You put Puffy Fluffy down right now!

Poor Gary. Why did he have to be treated this way?

I hate this episode and I mean HATE. SpongeBob's is completely out of character. I am pretty sure that SpongeBob wasn't being the nice little square happy sponge we all love. He instead is a stuck-up, rude, ignoring little jerk we all HATE. It starts of as your normal SpongeBob episode: Him coming back home from the Krusty Krab with Gary. When he sees a Shack filled with cute little creatures. Well you must be thinking " then why is this episode so bad? " Here's where things get BAD. SpongeBob buys a creature but the lady gives him a warning. But he doesn't listen. Then he goes back home and SpongeBob leaves the room. Then the cute little pet gives Gary a hideous roar. So then OH THEN he keeps torturing poor POOR Gary. Then at night The cute little ( Hideous, Ugly, Stuck-up, Evil ) pet goes to the library and TURNS INTO A HIDEOUS UGLY STUCK-UP GREIVING TORTURING EVIL LITTLE PEICE OF CRAP. He's destroying SpongeBob's Library. So Gary tries to save his library and SpongeBob comes in and ...more

What is wrong with the writers in this episode. Spongebob thinks that Gary is alone and sad at home so he gets him a pet but the pet was dangerous and Spongebob was ignoring what the lady was telling him about the pet he was getting. He takes the pet home and calls it fluffy puffy. He lets Gary play with his devil of a friend but fluffy puffy tries to eat Gary. Spongebob is seeing everything in front of his eyes and he blames Gary. At night fluffy puffy somewhat evolved into some horrifying looking eel that tried to eat Gary for the rest of the night. When Spongebob woke up from all the noise. He sees Gary almost being gobbled up alive. Instead of blaming Fluffy Puffy he blames Gary. He still blamed Gary even when Spongebob was in danger and when Gary saved him. What made me lose it is when Fluffy Puffy ran away Spongebob said "Well Gary, What do you have to say for yourself" Gary did nothing in this episode and he was getting blamed for almost getting eaten by Fluffy Puffy. Now he is ...more

This episode was off to a great start of gary being alone while Spongebob is at work. But it turns out when spongebob is getting a pal he ignores the lady grabs it and walked away while the lady is explaining how it should not be around to other pets that was the issue lady about people who never listens. When Gary is trying to be friends with puffy fluffy but he eats Gary's bowl, ripping a pet toy while spongebob does nothing at all and blames Gary for no reason and he slept all night without seeing puffy fluffy about to eat Gary. Really when spongebob sees Puffy Fluffy eats Gary he said you put puffy fluffy down right now (duh). The best part was saving Spongebob from being eaten from Puffy Fluffy after Spongebob was saved he stills blames him and makes him come to work. I feel sorry Gary that he didn't do anything wrong and I don't feel sorry for spongebob for being stupid, dumb, idiot and a moron for not listening to Gary at all. People if you watch this episode don't watch it ...more

I'm not saying A Pal for Gary is the worst SpongeBob episode, but it's one of the worst. After Mr. Krabs allows pets at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob gets worried about Gary being lonely at home, but while that's happening Gary's watching cowboy movies and having a great time. While SpongeBob was walking home that evening, he finds a miniature pet shop, buys one of the pets, and names it "Puffy Fluffy". The gypsy owner warns SpongeBob that the pets can be very unstable around with other pets, but SpongeBob I didn't really listen because he was too busy running away with Puffy Fluffy. SpongeBob then gets home and introduces Gary to the new pet, and as usual they don't really get along. Being both an idiot and a jerk, SpongeBob blames Gary for everything Puffy Fluffy does, and at one point, Puffy Fluffy he tears up with a chew toy, and SpongeBob didn't even see or hear any of it, because he was too busy eating enchiladas! Then at the middle of the night Gary wakes up to some ...more

Well, One Coarse Meal, I don't believe that it's too bad to compare with THIS (but it's still at the 10 ten list for me). Oh, yes... THIS episode is too bad, that even I didn't remember very well the episode, when I saw many people complaining about it. And I will say ONE thing... Why the hell did you believe that was funny the same time that doesn't make any SENSE? Really, how can SpongeBob feel sad about letting Gary in the home, the SAME TIME you ignore everything that Gary that Puppy Fluffy is a bad guy. I tried to laugh, because this recipe of laugh (in that show with Puppy and Gary) always manages to entertain people and make them laugh, but I couldn't laugh, as SpongeBob seemed earlier to feel very, very, VERY bad about what I said earlier (it doesn't make sense). Puppy Fluffy transforms into a monster that tries to kill Gary. The house gets on fire and SpongeBob comes to see what happened. Which was its fault about the fire on the house! "Gary! Put Puffy Fluffy down right ...more - NickMickSplat

I am a huge SpongeBob freak. I love his humor and all the characters who also make me laugh until I cry. However this episode just made me upset. Not once did I show ANY facial expression except for that are you kidding me right now face. After I watched it I was like, what the heck happened to the dudes who created SpongeBob?!?! This episode was a disaster.

For one thing, who ignores their pet when something is wrong? That shows true disrespect, especially when throughout the years SpongeBob had been known to love Gary. And he totally did not listen to the old hag who advised him to be careful in the first place. Such idiosy. I hate that part. And if your pet is being eaten by a monster who destroys your home, you don't blame your pet! They don't know any better! That part is just stupid. It's awful.

To be honest, all the newest episodes are bad. Pretty soon the classics won't be on anymore because Nickelodeon will be too crowded with the bad ones.

This episode ...more

First let me explain why This episodes sucks so bad! It starts with SpongeBob going to work. Gary wants to go for a walk but SpongeBob got to go to work. He later tries to call him but Gary isn't answering. He worry about him in the beginning part of the episode. We later learn that Gary enjoys his time alone watching T.V. western. SpongeBob later spots a gypsie selling pets. She warns them about how dangerous they are. And guess what he doesn't listen AND steals it without paying it! Wow what a lesson for kids. He returns home and introduces Gary to... Puffy-fluffy. In one part SpongeBob eat food and puffy fluffy tore Gary toy and guess what HE DOESN'T SEE IT. And Gary's getting punished. He send them early to bed, we learn that puffy has evolve Into a monster. They battle while Gary struggles to survive while SpongeBob SLEEPs through it. (Watch the episodes and see why it's ridicules). When SpongeBob finally wakes up, he sees puffy eating Gary AND (Quote from the episode) He says ...more

This one was painful to watch. This is SpongeBob's most despicable act of the entire series. He gets a pet for Gary that he doesn't even need, he's warned that it's extremely dangerous, and he doesn't even listen. The pet is a ferocious monster who SpongeBob names "Puffy Fluffy", who constantly attacks Gary. Puffy Fluffy does what he does RIGHT IN FRONT OF SpongeBob, and he STILL blames Gary. When Puffy Fluffy grows in size and tries to eat Gary, SpongeBob walks in, and TELLS GARY TO PUT PUFFY FLUFFY DOWN! I don't give a damn that this is played for laughs, or if you think this is in character for SpongeBob. IT'S NOT. NOBODY CAN BE THIS STUPID. Not even Patrick, or Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons or Cosmo from Fairly OddParents. t's not funny either, because it's FRUSTRATING to see SpongeBob do this. But even this piece of garbage isn't the worst episode of SpongeBob: ONE COARSE MEAL IS.

Puffy Fluffy is a fat retard, but is SpongeBob any better? SpongeBob ignores that Lady's warning, she should've chased after him. Also they are not cute. Puffy Fluffy is a monster that tries to attack Gary, SpongeBob doesn't notice, and he blames the living hell out of Gary for it. It gets even worse at night, Puffy Fluffy is a big scary monster, (what this is a kids' show) When SpongeBob finally sees Puffy Fluffy eating that poor snail, he should've saved him and the episode was happy ending, right? WRONG! He says "You put Puffy Fluffy down right now! " WHAT THE HELL SPONGEBOB!? YOUR LOVING PET IS GETTING EATEN BY THIS HORRIBLE MONSTER, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! Gary saves SpongeBob and HE STILL BLAMES HIM, he thinks Gary is lonely, but he loves being home, SpongeBob ruined his own fun time, all I can say, this episode sucks so bad. - BlueSheepYT

I can't even describe how much I despise this episode. Gary who is one of my favorite characters simply because I hate everyone else (Except Squidward and MAYBE Sandy) gets tortured simply because spongebob is the biggest dumb butt in the world! And of course when he's about to get eaten, spongebob yells "Gary! You put puffy fluffy down right now! " and when spongebob is saved by Gary, Gary is blamed once again. The saddest note of all is I think the writers thought this episode as FUNNY. If I could, the minute this episode came out, the show would be cancelled - mikeisawesome44

I absolutely loathe this episode the basic plot is about SpongeBob getting a pet named Puffy Fluffy for Gary because he thinks he is lonely when no one is in the house even though he isn't. He doesn't notice at all when Puffy Fluffy starts attacking Gary, SpongeBob even blames Gary for not playing with Puffy Fluffy. The worst scene is when SpongeBob is asleep, sleeping through Gary being attacked by Puffy Fluffy when he suddenly wakes up finds the house in a wreak and immediately blames Gary for causing this he then finds Gary about to be eaten by Puffy Fluffy but guess what the stupid, yellow, square shaped says "Gary! Put Puffy Fluffy down right now! " seriously SpongeBob you are that dumb that you can't even notice your pet is about to be eaten by a vicious monster. Apparently the writers think it's funny to have SpongeBob be absent-minded of the situation. I wonder how SpongeBob manages to stay on air with episodes like this airing. It just made me want to smash my T.V. ...more

This plot line could've been so much better in the following ways:
1: Instead of SpongeBob worrying about Gary, he'd just gone to work for a normal day
2: Instead of stealing the creature to keep Gary company, he'd walked past the cart, thought they looked cute, and decided to purchase it
3: BUY THE DAMN THING! He literally just walks away with it. And maybe actually listen to the lady in the cart.
4: The rest of the plot from there I thought had good ideas in general, except for the fact that SpongeBob is nothing short of a jackass.
If they had made it so that SpongeBob saw what Puffy Fluffy was doing and scolded him for it instead of torturing Gary, it would've been a nice episode. Last but not least, they need better jokes! I understand that this show is intended for children, but about half of the percent of people who watch SpongeBob are over 18 so adding a few adult jokes would make this a lot better.

DEAR LORD! This episode is the episode of all Spongebob episodes that finally had me give up on spongebob. At the first scene where they introduce Puffy Fluffy, (Ugh! ), Spongebob doesn't even pay for the pet. He just takes it and walks away with it. Looks like Mr. Krause isn't the only one who is flanderized to the point of being a criminal. And then came the second, notorious part of the episode. Why do all the remaining likable characters get tortured? If I was at the pineapple at the time, I'd take a giant mallet, whack it over Spongebob's head, and save Gary and take him with me so he can be in safe, instead of being around such an ignorant @$$h0Le!

SpongeBob should have least taken a bit of concern, but the new writers dumbed him down big time. Puffy fluffy destroyed his house and he blamed Gary. When SpongeBob was about to die and Gary saves him, he claims it was a bad thing. New writers, we don't want much except you to make a good episode. Just shows how dumb most kids are these days.

Okay, maybe I didn't love this episode and it probably isn't better than Band Geeks, but it would genuinely be a good episode if not for the ending. "Gary, put Puffy Fluffy down." Really SpongeBob, really? Even by his own standards he was out of character at that particular moment and thus ruined any hopes of being anywhere near fantastic. But I will admit that this episode had me on the edge of my seat more than any other episode. For better or worse, it had the quality that many post-movie episodes lacked: Suspense. That characteristic doesn't necessarily make it great or even good, but it definitely makes it stand out, even more so than many pre-movie episodes.

Here's what Spongebob should've said to make Puffy Fluffy in trouble instead of gary:

1. Spongebob: Gary, you put- wait, Gary, you're not the one that's in trouble, it's Puffy Fluffy.

2. Spongebob: Hey Puffy Fluffy, you're a mean friend! You made Gary destroy my library, made a pretend seaquake, and worst of all, you made Gary chew my clothes.

3. (When Gary takes Puffy Fluffy out): Spongebob: Puffy Fluffy, GO AWAY! I don't want you to eat me, eat Gary, or destroy my stuff anymore!

4. Spongebob: Gary, I'm sorry I forced you to have a friend who destroys and eats stuff. From now on, I'll take you to work.

And that's all I have to say about this episode.

This episode is completely unnecessary. This episode shows abuse over Gary, which has done nothing wrong. The end of this episode shows how rude and stupid SpongeBob has become, making Gary suffer for no apparent reason is just futile. This is one of the worst episodes ever, though the worst episode that I have seen was "Face Freeze! ". It was disturbing and it was extremely immature. Though this episode is still terrible like the episode "One Coarse Meal". The comedy isn't even limited, I really hate this episode and you can never, ever rant the ranters of this episode.

Wow. This atrocity is only number 2? That's a shocker.

I don't really even need to go into detail on this episode, since most of you know about it as one of the worst yet.

Here's the premise; SpongeBob gets Gary a pet, and for the rest of the episode, SpongeBob blames Gary for EVERYTHING that happens with Puffy Fluffy!

What the hell, SpongeBob!? It's right IN FRONT OF YOU that Gary is being almost KILLED by the monstrosity of Puffy Fluffy! And Gary gets blamed for the entire thing.

Thank god for the episode Treats!

I saw this episode when I was 12 and thought it was really stupid and here are the reasons why:

1. SpongeBob doesn't realize that Gary enjoys being alone.
2. The creators made the episode too intense at the end.
3. SpongeBob blames everything on Gary when he's being harmed.
4. SpongeBob thinks Puffy Fluffy is cute.
5. SpongeBob doesn't listen to the seller's warning and he just buys it because its cute.
6. Even though Gary got rid of Puffy Fluffy from trying to kill SpongeBob, he wanted Gary to think about what he had done.
7. Gary ends up working at the Krusty Krab instead of beng at home, which totally pissed of Gary.
8. "Bad, Gary! BAD! BAD! Bad Gary, BAD! "
9. SpongeBob needs to shut up!

This episode was so bad, I wanted to kill SpongeBob.

Quite bad this one is. SpongeBob is an ignoramus throughout the episode which doesn't work as a joke and makes SpongeBob seem very unlikable. Then he buys a fish named "Puffy Fluffy" as a pal for Gary. Puffy Fluffy scares and threatens Gary many times until he evolves into a hideous monster that has the worms from King Kong 2005 in his mouth and tries to devour Gary. SpongeBob, seeing Gary getting devoured, doesn't care and scolds Gary throughout most of the episode. It just sucks.

Spongebob was a complete ass and this isn't right at all. The spongebob in the old episodes would have balls and save gary but instead he blames him when he's about to be EATEN ALIVE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. What an ignorant dick he's become, he's even worse then squidward. In the old episodes, the characters were funny, witty and likeable not annoying, stupid and harsh.

Nickelodeon, Stop making episode's about Squidward being annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick. Stop making boring episodes about Gary The Snail. Stop making episodes where SpongeBob is so annoying, and acting too stupid a lot. Stop making episodes where Plankton keeps on and on and on trying to steal the stupid ingredient of Krabby patties. And stop making episodes that's not worth watching, and that is not funny. Make episode like you guys used to for a change!