Stuck in the Wringer


I think Pet Sitter Pat, One Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary are the worst episodes of all time, but I am voting for Stuck in the Wringer because it should be higher, because in this episode SpongeBob gets stuck in a wringer and Patrick makes him stuck even more, when he could have pulled him out. Seriously that is mental retardation here. As much as I love Patrick, this is one episode where he is a terrible friend to SpongeBob because of Patrick. SpongeBob can't work at the Krusty Krab, he injures Squidward on accident, he can't eat a sundae, he can't move his hands, he gets a ball thrown in his face and even gets thrown out of a ride because of Patrick causing several injuries and he doesn't even apologize to SpongeBob. The only decent moment in this episode is when SpongeBob finally expresses his emotions to Patrick of how he is on the verge of breaking point because of Patrick telling him "How he is ruining his life! " But did SpongeBob have the right to shout at ...more - EJ0602

Being the only episode on this list that I have seen, this is what made me frustrated with the newer episodes. It starts off with SpongeBob taking a shower and cleaning his brain (which has an anime face for some reason), then he slips on a bar of soap and gets stuck in a wringer (duh). Then Patrick barges into his bathroom and "helps" by making SpongeBob glued to his wringer like the bumbling idiot he is. The plot is obviously doomed from here: Pat tries to get SpongeBob to do some things that would be fun if there weren't a wringer around his neck, either to be a moron or a jerk. SpongeBob then snaps at Patrick because he was handicapped all day, then the bystanders yell at him (not help) for snapping. And we see the anime face on the heart. Patrick then realizes his mistake and wants to help SpongeBob get un-wringered, and the only tolerable moment of the episode ends when they dissolve the glue by crying on it. In more simple terms, this episode is bad ...more

This episode is monstrously evil and the absolute worst cartoon episode I have seen in my entire life. I could rant for pages on why I hate this episode, so let me just say that it is worse the Ren Seeks Help, One Course Meal, Rainbow Falls, bad Family Guy, and even the last 8 (especially the last one) episodes of Death Note. This is toxic for the mind and portrays true cruelty, ignorance, suffering, depression, victim blaming, and so much more in a frighteningly realistic way so SpongeBob can be miserable for laughs. Don't even get me started on the ending. I was 8 years old when I first watched this episode and stayed angry and depressed from the episode for 2 1/2 DAYS! I even like modern SpongeBob humor and creepy factor, but this was cruelty and evil.

This is the only episode that comes close in terribleness to one coarse meal. After watching this episode I felt like gluing Patrick to the wringer with forever glue so he could now what SpongeBob was feeling being trapped and not able to do anything but sulk as you realize your life is ruined. This dreadful episode starts of with SpongeBob cleaning himself and getting stuck in his wringer due to stupid events that the writers think is funny. Patrick comes out of nowhere and SpongeBob tells him to help out of his wringer but just guess what happens Patrick stupidly glues SpongeBob to his wringer with forever glue because the writers think it's funny having Patrick do the opposite of what SpongeBob wants. The only useful thing he does in this whole scene is pull the wringer out of the ground so SpongeBob then heads to work. He tries to work but the wringer gets in the way and it ends with SpongeBob getting kicked out of the Krusty Krab by Mr Krabs. He then finds Patrick who takes him ...more

My god. This episode has horrible problems. This episode was so cruel, so rancid, so evil to SpongeBob. Using a plot involving a character being crippled for life is NOT FUNNY. This is a kids comedy cartoon. STRICTLY COMEDY! The episode starts with a dramatic soap gag, and SpongeBob gets stuck in the wringer. Patrick makes the problem worse by using forever glue. The whole day is circling SpongeBobs misery. And at the krusty Krab, squidwards eyes fall out because mustard hit them. Gross! Then, SpongeBob hurts squidward, and cripples a customer, chokes on ice cream, gets a shiner, and is then depressed with this day. He tries to tell Patrick but is outnumbered by hypocrites. We then see realistic depression, which forces the plot to die. Patrick cries and gets the wringer off, and "crying does solve all your problems after all.", and this ruins the ending COMPLETELY. This episode is offensive, cruel, disturbing, rancid, and way too unhealthy for children to see. This episode is not ...more

You know, Regular Show had an episode, "Skunk'd" that had a scene similar to the one where Spongebob got called out by the carnival-goers. It worked better there because:

1. Rigby DID deserve the hate he was getting to a degree, and it was understandable why the customers would be mad at him despite not being aware Rigby's plight. Remember, Rigby was randomly transforming into an aggressive monster in that episode, while Spongebob was a constantly being tormented in "Stuck in the Wringer".
2. Said customers weren't overly cruel and hypocritical unlike the townspeople. Heck, all they did was GLARE at him.
3. Eileen wasn't in the wrong. She and other characters tried to help Rigby out (and were fully aware of his problem) but failed because of Rigby's lack of control; not because they were ignorant, careless idiots. Unlike a certain pinhead... - alphadan12

My oleder brother said the people were right to accuse SpongeBob and saying he did something evil. I beg to completely oppose. What did he do wrong to Patrick? Nothing. He can't even work, eat, or do fun activities for Patrick put forever glue in the wringer SpongeBob was stuck in. I know getting angry is a bad thing. But wrongly accusing a person for something he doesn't deserve is even worse. The people didn't even know what SpongeBob went through. And people say Patrick is the victim. He's actually the culprit. And yet to some, stupidity is their excuse for Patrick. Stupidity is not an excuse to cause someone getting tortured!

I really hate this episode. First we see SpongeBob taking a shower which I don't know why. Then he slipped in some soap and got stuck in his painful wringer. Patrick the big pink jerk comes in to get his rubber duck back or something like that. He then finds SpongeBob stuck in his wringer and makes it worst by just glueing SpongeBob with forever glue into his wringer which makes it even worst. This prevents SpongeBob to do his job, eat ice cream, and even enjoy all the rides at the carnival while Patrick shoves all his prizes in front of his face. SpongeBob actually did the right thing and told Patrick that he is in a lot of pain and that he should go home. The huge pink loser just lost it and cried home like a baby. SpongeBob was then surrounded by the fish in the park. This is probably the worst part of this episode because the fish said "Ya know kid your body is not the problem, its your heart, you deserve what you gotten. WHO IN THE WORLD SAYS THAT WHEN SOMEONE IS SUFFERING ...more

Who hired the writers responsible for stupid, ugly and unfunny episodes like this one? Bring the old writers back! A stupid moral (I guess crying does solve your problems after all), an ironic but bad scene involving the townspeople blaming SpongeBob for yelling at Patrick (who is the actual culprit) and telling him that he deserves the abuse he is being put through and no comeuppance for Patrick make this one of the ugliest, nastiest and worst SpongeBob episodes ever. BRING BACK THE WRITERS OF THE ORIGINAL EPISODES!

I hate about Patrick's actions leading SpongeBob tortured. I wish the ending was Patrick stuck in the wringer as to how it feels when SpongeBob was stuck it. However, the part the I ACTUALLY liked was when SpongeBob stand up to Patrick about his stupidity which caused him to get angered (even though he said this indirectly), thank you for not being blinded from this. When the people at the carnaval should be empathy to SpongeBob, not to Patrick, he did shout but it was Patrick's fault for the wringer. But they were oblivious by the fact. Oh fishes.

I loathe this episode Patrick acts like a butthead and puts forever glue on the wringer when he wants to get out of the wringer. Then he takes him to the carnival and have ice cream and the situation gets worse. I thought the fish part was so stupid, were those fish went to retard school cause they get mad at SpongeBob just cause he yelled at Patrick. The lesson of this was the worse lesson and the most pointless lesson ever. Crying doesn't solve your problems at all. These writers are stupid and the show must get cancelled now.

MY GOD, this episode has so many problems. First off, he takes a shower, he washes his brain. Gross. And then he gets stuck in the wringer. Patrick comes over to look for his duck, and realizes SpongeBob is stuck. So Patrick puts forever glue on him. WHAT THE ?!?! And now he's stuck forever. Near the end, SpongeBob argues with Patrick then he runs off crying. It's not funny, it's sick. And when they leave Weenie... like cafe, Patrick quicks up and eats SpongeBob's ice cream. THIEF!

To me, this was one of the very first episodes where you start to see the other side of Patrick, the one replicated so often in later episodes. Not the charming, lack of common sense idiot we all know and love, but a seemingly spiteful person whose own ignorance permanently harms others. I mean, come on. Forever glue? This is beyond an idiot. The only possible way to understand what Patrick was doing was to understand in full his actions, making him selfish and unlovable. All in all, I hate this episode, especially the scene with the carnival argument.

Forget Demolition Doofus. At least SpongeBob deserved to get killed for what he did to Mrs. Puff. SpongeBob did NOTHING to deserve the treatment he received in this horrible SpongeBob torture porn. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I saw some lovely fan art where Patrick gets stuck in the wringer as SpongeBob's revenge on him. A gigantic masculine Sandy is shown with the Forever Glue, so SpongeBob probably got her (or him) to glue Patrick to the wringer. If only the episode ended with just Patrick getting stuck in the wringer instead of both him and SpongeBob. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It would've been better if the fish who called out Spongebob were also in wringers. - alphadan12

That scene when Patrick busts into SpongeBob's house and he's staring blankly at the static screen with the creepy music, I don't get it, is it supposed to be satirizing something from a movie? What exactly were they going for? Was it supposed to be a poltergeist reference? SpongeBob gets stuck in the wringer and he becomes a psychopath...again, I don't get it! Writers, if you're going to satirize something have it make sense and make sure we know what the hell it is!

The plot is horrible all it is is that SpongeBob is is in the shower witch is already really dumb and then he gets stuck in his wringer. Then Patrick comes along as a total idiot and glues him to the wringer. Thanks to Patrick SpongeBob can't eat, make krabby patties, aim or use his arms without messing up in the end Patrick starts crying and somehow it "melts" the glue trust me that doesn't work.

I loathe this episode almost the way I loathe a pal for Gary. I really felt sorry the spongebob after the citizens of bikini bottom called him out for yelling at Patrick for being the reason why he was stuck in the wringer( which he had every right to) and said his problem is his heart. Patrick was a huge idiot in the episode, a karma houdini and someone I want to punch in the face. - Addsmumba

I will kill this pink loser... Not to mention, Patrick is the dumbest thing ever in the world. - 05yusuf09

When I think of terrible SpongeBob episodes, I think of Stuck in the Wringer. SpongeBob takes a shower, and becomes stuck in a wringer. Patrick, with all his stupidity, glues SpongeBob to it, and HE Doesn't EVEN REALIZE IT! Oh, and if SpongeBob had a very good continuity, Patrick would be deliberately doing this. And to add insult to injury, SpongeBob spends the whole day unable to do anything. Fine. But what this episode DOESN'T do to make this perfectly fine is have Patrick apologize for it. He doesn't feel any sympathy...yet. When SpongeBob actually calls Patrick out on his stupidity, we hear this quote, "Ya know kid, your body isn't the problem. You deserved what you've gotten." That line made me quit watching SpongeBob. This episode made me quit SpongeBob for a while. But it gets better! SpongeBob is depressed and he and Patrick cry to melt the glue, along with an insulting an out-of-place moral.

"I guess crying does solve your problems after all! " - ...more

If you're wondering, there is actually fan art of this episode where Sandy helps SpongeBob get back at Patrick by getting Patrick stuck in the wringer with the Forever Glue. Just Google it! You'll be happy!

"You deserve what you got." How. Dare. You. You say that to a guy who is stuck in the Wringer PERMANENTLY thanks to his barnacle of a friend, who also rubs the prizes he won at the carnival in his face, and also makes light that he can't eat anything thanks to the wringer. The one moment when SpongeBob was right to yell at his barnacle of a friend for being a bully and a jerk, you say That. ! LIIINE!

Hate it because the whole thing he is mad at the world and he says crying does solve your problems after all but it really doesn't Patrick is even dumber than ever by putting glue on sponge bob and then they both get stuck in the wringer in the end. It is clearly the worst episode of all shows put together

I really don't like the part where the fish says SpongeBob's heart is the problem. That fish was mean to SpongeBob an I want to protect SpongeBob from the fish.

I think this and Atlantis Squarepantis should switch places (Probably because I forgot about that episode.) This episode is TERRIBLE! So Spongebob gets stuck in the wringer, and when he asks Patrick for help, he just makes it worse! He used FOREVER GLUE! I absolutely loathed Patrick after this episode. - Magicmac11