Don't say that his hits are because of director anyone can say that for any actor...! He is our thala...

He is very smart guy and coat suites are well suited to him than any other actor..

He is best actor and also a stylish actor. He is aero modeller. He got 14 place of best actor in world who knows a perfect driving. He is a man without any publicity. He is the only one Tamil actor who stunt risks in forthcoming films.

Ajith is very stylish actor in India because no Bollywood actors or south Indian heroes can match his style and looks. He looks stylish even in grey hairs.

Thala always rocks.. I never see such a genuine man in Tamil industry like ajith.. All the best

"outer beauty fades in time"... Ajith... you can't fool audience anymore by using shameless self appreciative words regarding your white skin beauty. The beauty of a man lies in the good deeds he does and not in the outer appearance on which you heavily rely. Try to be a bit humble towards the people who has given you this state that you don't deserve. If you can't come down from the sky where people have set you by giving wings then at least try respecting their love by learning proper Tamil and pronouncing it perfectly. You are not a Bombay heroine who can get away showing her skin and talking in "kochai Tamil". Respect Tamil, man!

And anyway, if even we go by your strategy of relying on "outer beauty", then what about your "developed" heavy arms, disgusting paunch and thunder thighs? You earn so much... can't you even afford for gym or exercise regime to look good and fit?

It's high time you try to be a good and professional actor rather than relying on your diehard ...more

Worst actor ever! He can only walk like blind man who always wears one black sun glass.
Never seen any kind of expression in his face.
His dialogue delivery is the worst part because he can't even speak tamil properly.
His physique is the next worst part. Fatty! May be just to hide his tummy he wore coat all the time. That's what people think!
Worst dancer in kollywood. Can't do any steps below knee level.

When compare to his vijay is far more 10000000 times better than this FAT GUY!

Ajith is going very bad in Billa2

He is a Excellent actor in Tamil film industry and very one knows how hard he entered in the Tamil film industry without any support from anyone. He is a Gentleman in Tamil film industry and he will spend more money for poor pepole's and he is a good race in formula 3 and formula 2 campion. Without any film industry background he entered in the film industry this is a great achievement done by Ajith in his career and what a person he is always camp in film industry. He given a life to many actors and directors in film industry. He is good human being campare to other actors. He is real hero in life. He won many national and film ware awards by his acting skills. Everyone should follow and learn acting from him.

Vijay fans silently follows in vijay line, but ajith fans always fighting and irritating to vijay fans. That's bad name should go to ajith.

All of them say Ajith comes to this level without help and publicity. I can't accept this. For the current vishnuvardan film... How much of publicity he make? Gym stills... And also he got an little accident... The direct release all the things for Ajith's publicity... Don't say Ajith don't like publicity... Waste man... Waste Dance... Waste fight Movements... And worst story in his film

He is a good person, but he is not a good actor

He never acted in movies and even Rajini and Kamal act as young heroes, but this guy never wants to put a Hair color and he still wants to act with a actress. he might not want to lose his actual personality but he is no more fit for a hero role. His fans say that he is very good actor, and I do not know which movie is really hit for last 10 years. His fans also does not have manners and they comment of vijay's acting.

A lot of actors these days can sing, and he can't. Those people who say Ajith is better than Vijay, please make note of this fact. Even though he's a biker and is athletic, he can't dance to save his life. I feel like in acting he has potential, but his script choosing is very bad. I think Mankatha was the last good Ajith film I saw. If he wants to improve, he should stop accepting scripts from Siruthai Siva, because just like Ajith needs to improve in acting, Siva needs to improve in writing scripts.

He can't do stunt, dance, sing! He is unfit for variety roles... Only things he do is walking with coat&suit :P

We need to respect all the actors might be a comedian nor a hero, performance is performance, their way of style make them to go on top if it really looks awosome, the same way AJITH sir has his own stylish walk and the behavior with public. Whats my question is why he need to interfere in political activities when he is a mass hero and he gets salary only for his own struggle. He is a humble man and brave talker.

Only Walk Man no comments simply waste not comes with any new kind of performance. Always keep on copying English movies... ! His fan base is keep on reducing! As a human Only we have sympathy on him for his health condition

Very worst actor in Tamil film because no dialogues, no sentiment, no comedy, no dance. but full of film only walking, ajith knows only good walking. best walking hero in Tamil cinema..

Comes out with many flops and poor dancer moreover he has the attitude of teasing vijay and also praising himself as thalaa should avoid it!

I don't like him not for his looks but for his poor and pathetic acting skills

Good human being! Very worst actor ever seen! Ajith sorry don't act anymore!

Thala is self confidence king of box office. I love ajith

Thala is best because of his fan he spoiling his image

He should learn hw to act.. And improve is physique... A hero fighting with a number of villais with a big fat tummy... Is that logical? His dance is walking from left to right and his acting is actually the same walking but with a gun... that's it? His voice is so rough that ones can get irritated easily.. He should learn how to do humours from surya and vijay as his movies are so boring without comedy track.. The only thing good in ajith is, his courage and self confident..

He does not maintain his body accordingly