Top Ten Worst Things About Alabama Football Fans

Alabama football fans are the worst of the worst. Their stadium is an insane asylum. Some Alabama fans are cool but most of them are evil and terrifying.

The Top Ten Worst Things About Alabama Football Fans

1 They Are Mostly Bandwagon

This is true all of probably go for patriots in NFL games.

16 titles and winning all the time will bring bandwagons - DoroExploro13


You must be an auburn fan. Well news flash not all alabama fans fit this description. Most of us don't think Saban is Jesus, we aren't phsyco, not all of us drink, and we care about the team as well as trophies. Sooo I got three words for you: rol tide roll.

2 They're Psycho

But… I know someone that is a Crimson Tide fan that actually has a brain. - railfan99

Oh, are we? I'm actually pretty stable minded most of the time.

Crimson Tide is retarded. Deal with it.

Have you seen Bama fans in stadiums? You won't last a day without a beer bottle being slammed on your head if you're an Auburn or Georgia fan. - DoroExploro13

3 They Care More About Trophies

I think Alabama fans care WAY more about winning and trophies than they do their team. - DoroExploro13

4 They Can't Accept One Loss

I'll accept two losses.

If you think Vancouver's Stanley Cup riot was bad, wait until you see Bama fans after a little regular season loss. - DoroExploro13

I remember that Ole Miss game, the Butthurt Bama fans were chasing after me. - SmashBall

This is how I feel the 2016 season for Alabama will go. Only the important games that haven't been done yet will be on here.

Ole Miss - W 51-18
Tennessee - W 32-20
Texas A&M - W 43-10
LSU - W 37-13

And in the National Championship Game Playoffs will go like 1 Alabama vs 4 Houston, and 2 Florida State vs 3 Michigan. Florida State will beat Michigan in a close game, and Alabama will beat Houston 55-0. And finally, when playing Florida State in the final championship game.

Alabama 31 - Florida State 32 with 1 overtime.

The Florida State fans cheered, and the Alabama fans got so mad, and they all started crying for their mommies.

5 They Drink, Drink, Drink

Beer bottles, beer bottles everywhere. They can't stop drinking. - DoroExploro13

*cough* my dad *cough* - SmashBall

I don't know a single Bama fan who drinks, and I know tons of Bama fans.

6 They Think They Are Kings of the World

If you're a fan of the best college team, that makes you more important than everyone? Pathetic. - DoroExploro13

These apply to other teams' fans, too.

And apparently, their nickname is Crimson tide, so that makes them think they're the Crimson Kings of the world. Last time I checked, Hansi Kursch, singer of Blind Guardian, has said that the Crimson King is supposed to be Satan. Looks like the Alabama Crimson Tide are of the devil.

A lot of people think they're popular just because they go for Bama. Now that's just downright sad! - SmashBall

7 They'll Beat You If They Don't Get Their Way

Well, they only go by their way or no way. They can easily beat you up if they don't get their way. - DoroExploro13

Really? Are you sure you aren't talking Notre Dame or Ole Miss?

8 They Are a Gang

They are so psycho and bad that they could easily be a gang. - DoroExploro13

We are? I've never ganged with a Bama Fan before.

9 They Cyber-Bully If Bama is Winning

They constantly want to put down other schools. I would hate to be Auburn because these Bama idiots are addicted to them. I don't think they go one day without having Auburn in their mouth.

Have you seen what they do on Instagram? If Bama is winning, they storm other college football pages. - DoroExploro13

Have you seen them storming and talking trash on other college football Instagram pages? - DoroExploro13

The Bama fans I know just say things like "Woot woot," or, "YEAH! " if they're winning.

10 They Think Nick Saban is Jesus

I think they worship Saban and think he is the messiah. That is messed up! - DoroExploro13

Being a Christian myself, I know this isn't true. I know of plenty of Atheist Bama fans.

Ok... First of all we don't think Nick Saban is Jesus... We think Bear Bryant is, get your facts strait, lol

I think they worship him and think he's the messiah. Newsflash, he is NOT Jesus! - DoroExploro13

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11 90% of Them Barely Graduated High School Yet Act as If They Went to Alabama.
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