Top 10 Worst Things About Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game sucks! Too many Nintendo Fanboys play it! Why?

The Top Ten

1 Terrible Graphics

N64 has terrible graphics! But PS1 is worst!

2 Rip Off of Final Fantasy VII
3 Linear Gameplay
4 Lots of Waiting
5 Terrible Story

It sucks. Twilight Princess is way better!

6 Bad Story
7 It has Too Many Stupid Fanboys
8 Repetitive Bosses
9 Impossible for Some Gamers to Beat

I can't beat the Great Tree!

10 Too Few Ocarina Songs

The Contenders

11 Ugly Character Designs

Come on! The N64 had good graphics for its time, but not anymore compared to modern consoles. But, still, cut the designs some slack troll! - Skullkid755

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12 Annoying Enemies
13 Takes Too Long to Switch Between Young and Adult
14 A Few Long Boring Temples

Inside the deku tree challenged me and made me happy but the other temples are too damn much

15 Boring Music

I didn't enjoy the music. It boring for me.

16 It's Overrated

It really is. Come on guys just because this game "revolutionized" the entire Zelda franchise doesn't mean it still holds up today.

Still not as overrated as Call of Duty. - Skullkid755

Definitely - ToadF1

Yes it does

17 Terrible Gameplay
18 Terrible Enemies

The enemies rip off Mario enemies!

19 The Water Temple

Water ain't got nothing on the fire temple - Retroman64

Hardest. Level. Ever. Enough Said - Lord28

How is this only at 20th place when "Ripoff of FFVII is at 2nd" - MrLoser

20 No One Stays Dead
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