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41 He says The Matrix is overrated, Independence Day is bad, District 9 sucks and Jurassic World is bad

I like these movies in ways, but why are we disrespecting Doug Walker's opinion on this page?

42 He is a Star Wars Prequel hater

The original trilogy is flawed too! ALL the Star Wars movies are flawed in different ways!

Him Hating the first Shrek and Over The Hedge Is Unforgivable
But Him Hating The Star Wars Prequels Are Understandable

The Nostalgia Crtic said that he does not hate Shrek. In fact, he gave it a very mixed review. Also, I think Over the Hedge is a mixed bag.

I discovered him in late 2013 and he gave me some of the funniest moments I have ever experienced...this will always be true, it was easy to predict because of my nostalgia for the 80's and 90's even in their most silly moments. But month after month I started to change a little my opinion about him and I think he's not any more at top of this game, for something like clipless reviews, repetitive over the top happiness for Christmas, and obviously... Star Wars Prequels. When it comes to those three movies, Doug (even out of character) especially after recent Disneycembers seems to go against some of his biggest statements like "if you like movies I hate, fine, it doesn't mean you're stupid" and like Screen Junkies look really pretentious, like they're the voice of the reason (or maybe... the bandwagon, yes, I went there) and prequel likers should be ashamed for who they are. He may have made a video about Top 11 Positive Things, but I'm still watching all of his reviews ...more

43 He Hates Cars (2006)

Thanks Doug
You Ruined My Childhood

Please put it as the whole Cars duology (or should I say trilogy/franchise)?! HOW COULD THESE REVIEWS OF CARS GET HEAVILY FAVORABLE RECEPTION?! >:(

44 Putting Sailor Moon in the Top 11 Hottest Animated Women List

She's not 16 years old yet. She has a body a little too scrawny as well.

Sailor Moon is 14. Luckily NC found out about that mistake and fixed it.

45 He Almost Always Hates On CGI

I thought Ben T. Looney used to do that instead of Nostalgia Critic. - The Ultimate Daredevil

46 The Ending Of The Swan Princess Review
47 He Hates Every Single Blue Sky Studios Film (With The Exception Of The Peanuts Movie)


It is the only Blue Sky movie that I hate. Ice Age: Continental Drift is a mixed bag. Everything else is strong, especially Ice Age, The Peanuts Movie and Ferdinand.

48 He's a Hypocrite
49 He Doesn't Really Like Big Hero 6

Whoa. That was quick. - The Ultimate Daredevil, thankful even though he kinda sees why Nostalgia Critic finds Big Hero 6 to be a very average movie, but not with the visuals

50 The Lorax Review

Whoever put this on the list must die.

51 He Never Acknowledges or Apologizes for Any Mistake He Makes

Well he USED to acknowledge or apologize for mistakes he would make before, however after his return he sadly doesn't anymore.

52 He Hates The Flintstones Cartoon

Thanks to Doug Walker, The Flintstones got a lot of hate. The jokes were clever, the stories were imaginative, the characters are okay and the animation was unique albeit dull. The household appliances used for prehistoric animals is not the only great thing about The Flintstones. - The Ultimate Daredevil

53 He Hates Ice Age

We have more than one item that is about hating Ice Age being a flaw Nostalgia Critic has. I ask for no Ice Age at all. I'll always take a Rio/Robots/The Peanuts Movie sequel over an Ice Age sequel.

54 He Went Downhill Sometime After He Returned
55 He Hates White People

REALLY?! In "Disneycember - Dumbo", Nostalgia Critic said that he might as well be a dumb white guy. Despite my love towards Dumbo, I do think that the portrayal of the crow group from Dumbo is racially insensitive, albeit very convincing to be around. - The Ultimate Daredevil

56 His Obsession With Disney And Dreamworks

For anyone who had Disneycember/Dreamworks-uary exist, Nostalgia Critic is a little too obsessed with some of the strongest animation studios ever. But seriously, most Blue Sky movies are worthy. Screw Sony Pictures Animation.

57 He Thinks That Ghostbusters (2016) Is An Average Movie When It's Actually Really Bad

Hey, it's an opinion. Obviously, it's not a positive opinion. But either way, we all have opinions. I can't believe people are defending Ghostbusters (2016) aka Ghostbusters III and Sony in general. - The Ultimate Daredevil

58 He's an Annoying Liberal

Conservatives are a lot worse, but he’s obnoxious about his political views. - CostcoHotDogs

59 His Liberal Pandering, Anti Trump Joke In His Adventures of Pluto Nash Review

That "joke" he made in his review let's just say I didn't find it very funny because it is extremely leftist, it panders to liberals and was just extremely stupid and forced, (Comparing Trump to Hitler I mean come on, for goodness sake people you don't have to like Trump but please stop comparing him to Hitler) because it proves that Nostalgia Critic is one of those annoying liberals who (as already said) will go as far to pander to them with so called "jokes" like this. It really, really infuriates me and makes me glad I stopped watching him when I did because it just shows how he isn't any good anymore.

I Hate most conservatives and I loathe Donald Trump more than almost any person alive, but the joke was extremely unfunny and annoying and it went on for way too long. - CostcoHotDogs

60 He Hates Matthew Broderick
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