Top 10 Worst Things About the Nostalgia Critic

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81 He Never Answers In the Comments Section
82 He Hates Over The Hedge

Are you kidding me? Over the Hedge was fing hilarious!

I Quit Watching Him Because He Hates Over The Hedge! 👿
Shame On You Doug! 👿
I Love Over The Hedge!

83 The Doves In His Face/Off Review

That line "that movie no one remembers" really angered me, really
Nostalgia Critic? "that movie no one remembers!? " I'm afraid you are mistaken, there are a decent amount of fans of the movie even to this day you known, plus this film has more fans than one might think (not to the the point of Frozen or Star Wars or something like that but I'm sure people can understand what I mean by it just look it up on deviantart for example there is plenty of fan art of the movie, not to the point of other popular movies like Zootopia but still) Seriously Critic you should not talk $&@! about Rio, you clearly don't understand why that movie is arguably one of the best animated movies ever. So shut your mouth about that movie because no one wants to hear it anymore.

They Offended Rio(A Movie I Really Enjoy And That Most Do Too)

I Got So Angry With These 2 That I Want To Get The Duck Hunt Dog To Strange Them

84 Him Rooting For The Pokemon in The Bus To Be Killed in Conquest Of The Commercials
85 Some of the Films He Says are Bad Aren't as Bad as He Makes Them Out to Be
86 He Hates All of the Cars Movies
87 He is Very Biased
88 Most of the Time He Never Does Any Research on What He's Reviewing
89 Some of the Films He Has Reviewed are Classics
90 His Taste in Movies is Very Strange
91 He Has a Problem with What People Like

He never used to have a problem with what people like however in some newer reviews this doesn't appear to be the case anymore. A notable example would be how he views people who enjoy Happy Madison's movies in his Eight Crazy Nights review. I understand that Happy Madison's films aren't well liked but no one should be made to look like a less of a person for enjoying them.

92 He Somehow Mistook A Forklift For A Bulldozer In His Barb Wire Review
93 He's A Fan Hater To Movies/Video Games He Doesn't Like
94 He Broke One Of His Main Rules, "Not Reviewing Something That Is Still In Theaters" By Reviewing Jurassic World When It Was Still In Theaters
95 Mean Spirited Jokes
96 Forced Jokes
97 His Constant, Repetitive And Annoying Comparisons Of Inside Out To Osmosis Jones

Yes! I don’t remember either movies well, but his constant need to empty his anus on osmosis Jones and praise Inside Out like it’s The Godfather is annoying and immature. - CostcoHotDogs

98 He Ruined At Least Several Reputations Of Movies/Tv Shows That Either Weren't All That Bad Or Were Actually Good

Please list me the ones you are referring to. :) - The Ultimate Daredevil

99 His Suicide Squad Review
100 He Hates Matthew Broderick
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