Top 10 Worst Things About Pop Elitists

Their far worse then metal elitists let's get started.
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1 They think they know enough about metal to judge it when they probably haven't listened to it all

This whole comment feud has to be the most pettiest thing I've ever seen going on here, and I'm not getting involved in this any further. - Swellow

The most popular metal song is probably Metallica's Enter Sandman, which maybe few pop fans have listened to. Most of those people haven't listened to anything else yet they think they can judge metal because they think it's gay because of screaming and it's unpopular.

I've listened to Drowning Pool before and then did not hear of another metal song until just recently - Neonco31

All of these are true but this is my number 1 - jrodz

2 They claim metalheads don't know anything about pop music
3 They bash metal music over stupid reasons
4 They claim that metalheads are hypocrites when they themselves are hypocrites
5 They get very argumentative if you disagree with them or if you criticize them

Well, if you had just moved on with your interests without bashing another, then I'm sure this war wouldn't have occurred. And this site is built on opinions moreover. So, respect them. - FieryKnightFloyd

WonkeyDude98 actually has a point - Neonco31

6 They claim metalheads disrespect opinions when they themselves disrespect opinions
7 They don't respect opinions

Wonkeydude98 is the prime example

8 They use awful reasoning to defend pop and even worse reasoning to bash metal

That's their daily work...

9 They say metal is Satanic

This is barely even true to begin with. If you seriously think that all pop elitists think that metal is satanic, yet it's not even true to begin with, you probably have a hard time dealing with criticism. - SwagFlicks

I honestly haven't heard anyone say metal is satanic in YEARS - Mcgillacuddy

My stupid mom thinks that the music I listen to is Satanic when clearly you never listened to it before. All you ever listen to is rap music and don't you think that is satanic at all?

Black Metal is Satanic! - Neonco31

10 They think metalheads judge them for their opinions or music taste

Not all metalheads do that. In fact, most of thdm don't.

The 2016 TTT Music Awards Post does have something to say with two metalhead elitists. - Neonco31

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11 They make up false information about metalheads to make them look bad
12 They claim metalheads hate pop when that's not the case
13 They troll on the internet

Wonkey Dude98 always saying nonsense about metal music, I'm not a metal fan but I hate those who can't respect each other.

14 They don't know rhythmic beats of music

This item is cracking me up for some reason - ProPanda

15 They are immature

@WonkeyDude98 Metalheads are actually mature.

16 They are naive sissies
17 They are blockheads

Lol.. Who even uses that term anymore? Blockhead... Lmao this list is so funny in my opinion, I don't know why.

Exactly my point. Even by the standards of elitism, you're pretty bottom-tier. - WonkeyDude98

18 They Are Stupid
19 They don't know about music
20 They wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the aft end

Wonkeydude98 aka the narcissistic Justin Bieber fanboy who thinks everything that comes out of his mouth is a fact

I like how you think liking pop translates to Justin Bieber. It shows how little you know about pop music. - DCfnaf

21 They enjoy fake music
22 They only will listen to pop

Top 10 Genres Pop Elitists Hate:
1. Metal
2. Rap
3. Industrial
4. Punk Rock
5. Trap
6. The Blues
7. Jazz
8. Alternative
9. Ambient
10. Rock

They hate, punk, metal, rap, industrial, classical. They even think classic rock is out dated and inferior. I've once had someone tell me to turn off my speaker (I was playing "paint it black" by The Rolling Stones) only to have them put on Katy Perry.

23 They are childish
24 They listen To Justin Bieber
25 They are always fighting with metal fans
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