Worst Things About Puberty


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1 Periods

It sucks, especially because of the cramps - Myuuu

Man, I hate periods (Yes, I'm a girl). All the body cramps, tiredness, etc. is killing me! If you're a girl and you get your period... THERE IS LITERALLY BLOOD SPILLING OUT OF YOU! IT SUUCKKS! - Stazemar000


2 Random Erections

"Boner" from Straight Outta Junior High School's 2007 album "Here's a Ray of Hope..." AKA, this item in a nutshell. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This can sometimes happen at the worst times - Mcgillacuddy

Finally, a relatable list! - judo8alex

This list... - Worksponge

3 Acne

Skin breakouts. The bane of my dermatological health. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I have started going trough puberty almost 1 year ago(I'm almost 12) so I know this feel.-LitSavage

4 Voice Cracks

And you are at home and you are scared and nervous to share your manly voice to the class in school

This started when I was twelve. - MaxAurelius

5 Body Hair

This is uncontrollable. - MaxAurelius

6 Body Odor

This is controllable. - MaxAurelius

7 Sex Education

Its not that bad - judo8alex

8 Hormones
9 Getting Caught Masturbating

Not me, I'm careful - judo8alex

10 Having to Shave

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11 Switching Emotions
12 Unwanted hair
13 Being Sexually Attracted to Everything

You mean everyone, right? - AliciaMae

We can relate

14 Growing out of all your clothes

This always happens and then I can’t find something I fit into and then I’m late for school and it is so annoying - DrayTopTens

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