Top 10 Worst Things About Puberty

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1 Periods

Periods suck. It's the worst thing to happen to a female. its what makes being a female suck. its annoying, hurts and overall sucks. you an feel the blood sometimes and one time my abdomen felt like it was busting open.

I got mine when I was 10, and my mom wore white jeans in front of me, I wanted to wear white jeans, but I knew it was bad... I hate when my mom does this. Periods are painful, stomach pain, blood, and farting.

Worst things about puberty(at least with a female body)
1. Periods
2. Acne
3. Looking bad
4. Weight gain
5. Adults talking about how much you've changed ALL THE TIME.
6. Feeling tired all the time.
7. Bras

K I haven't started it and I don't know what to choose when I do. Cups or pads? I already don't like tampons so yeah

2 Acne

I didn't actually look that bad before this. Acne literally happened for me OVERNIGHT. There was no way to see it coming. It just appeared in the morning.

The reason I vote for this is because Periods and Random erections only happen to one gender. Acne can happen to both genders and it is AWFUL.

Skin breakouts. The bane of my dermatological health.

One second my face is pretty, the next I'm breaking out.

3 Random Erections

Actually, I know a way you can stop an erection. Point your penis downwards once you get an erection and it goes away within seconds. I know it sounds weird but it works.

"Boner" from Straight Outta Junior High School's 2007 album "Here's a Ray of Hope..." AKA, this item in a nutshell.

This can sometimes happen at the worst times

Finally, a relatable list!

4 Body Hair

This is uncontrollable.

It is not bad exept for armpits cos verybody judges it and I feel embarrassed about it and when I need to start shaving it

5 Voice Cracks

And you are at home and you are scared and nervous to share your manly voice to the class in school

When you try to hit a high note but instead you hit puberty.

This started when I was twelve.

6 Body Odor

This is controllable.

7 Sex Education

Its not that bad

8 Hormones

And when you tell you’re very depressed, but no one believes you, BECAUSE OF PUBERTY!

9 Having to Shave
10 Getting Caught Masturbating

I have never get caught and I put all kind's of thing's up there and it feel so good but what I really want inside of me is a big hard man tool

Not me, I'm careful

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11 Breasts

Got these in fourth grade, not fun, they hurt, but at least people are like "ooh, you look so old for your age! "

Oh man people go insane about it

I know I have to where shirt's three size's biger so my dad will not look at them he like's to look at them and I don't want him to

12 Switching Emotions
13 Growing Out of All Your Clothes

This always happens and then I can’t find something I fit into and then I’m late for school and it is so annoying - DrayTopTens

14 Body Hair
15 Being Sexually Attracted to Everything

I want to have sex so bad I have never had sex. does it really feel as good as people say it does

You mean everyone, right?

We can relate

*Looking at Submarine Man*

16 Bras
17 Anger Issues
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